Saturday, April 26, 2008

We are going on a summer holiday

Well really its not really a summer holiday, more like a pre-summer, perhaps late spring holiday? And 'we' is Salome and alter ego (you remember Salo salo?). Salome is the one

1) you see dancing like a maniac in the club, disgracing me and killing my rep
2) who curses at danfo drivers and tells security guards to shoot her
3) who had the liver to escape through the bushes during NYSC
4) who attempts to run down LASTMA
4) who does Amebo work on FB
5) and if I had let her have her way, her fine would have been so much higher.

Basically she's too excitable, too daring, too fiesty and the perfect balance for Tminx. She's good company in all my travels. Anyway we are going on a holiday, getting a little break from being on our own here in Romania and she's very excited because she's hooking up with her alter ego friend who she asks you guys to refer to as Slim, in only a few hours. Her excitement is contagious! Have a great weekend all :).

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How Adverts/Commercials can be deceiving!

When I got to Romania, this was the first Ad I saw on TV. I was so excited...people danced on the streets! And for no apparent reason! You know I'm a great dancer so I was ready to go out there to booogy down. I put on my dancing shoes and ran out to the center and was suprised by the silence. There happened to be hundreds of policemen all satring at my lovely shoes. Alas Bush had also just arrived for the Nato conference so I think he ordered to Romanians to stop dancing on the streets. That is the only conclusion I can draw.

Then I saw this next ad and knowing Romanians are hospitable, seeing as this guy came allll the way to welcome his new neighbours, I waited and waited for my neighbour to bring me delicious pie. I waited till I was on the brink of death.....

Lol, this is another ad that haunts me in the middle of the night. WTH is this child singing like that in the background. It reminds me of all those horror movie sound tracks from when we were young. Very eerie.

All failed, I couldn't dance, was hungry and scared but this ad made me chuckle.

I can't wait to go on my break on saturday! Have a great week all.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Shopping in Romania

Finally I left my house. It almost felt like I was abandoning her...because we had been alone together for so long. Its sad but my daily routine is as follows. When I am done with work, I come straight home with the subway, make dinner, watch my super sweet 16 on MTV...Pause....are those girls really really kidding me? What are sixteen year olds doing with BMW's and Jaguars? I'm sure they return it right after MTV packs up their camera's. In fact its on right now, Tianna has just come to give out her invites in an ice cream truck, her voice is sexy though. Oh my she got her dress custom made and it looks like a poofy lollipop. The show is perplexing but fun to watch for want of something to watch that I can actually understand the language....Unpause....After that I watch Medium, I have truly fallen in love with this show and then I may choose to watch CNN or other CSI-like shows that follow while I chat, facebook, and/or write. SAD. I know.

So anyway, this week I finally made friends with this Romanian girl and I think she thinks I am a weirdo because she asked what I have been doing for three weeks and I said...nothing really. I don't think she really understood what I meant. 'NATHINGGG?? What do you mean nothing??'
Yeah her very words. So she has taken pity on me, a sad African child who only goes out to buy groceries. This weekend, I have been taken to a bar, gone swimming, eaten out and gone shopping. Nothing of which I have done in three whole weeks apart from a short break last weekend outside Romania. But leaving my flat wasn't funny. I felt serious withdrawal symptoms and I know she felt abandoned. Poor thing.

Apparently I have free membership to the gym where we went swimming..who knew, at least I can entertain myself with that. Shopping was fun, I broke all my promises to myself and had to purchase something. Its just the right thing to do. Anyway I saw this dress and wanted to know what you guys thought...A Yes or a No

I didn't buy it because I hate buying on impulse and I had already done that before getting to this store. I love the yellow though. Wait in really this Tainnas party is fun oh, I wouldn't mind shaking my tail feather with them.

Its back to work tomorrow...blahhhhhhhh.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sign the BA petition

Heres the link to SIGN THE BA PETITION regarding my earlier post about the treatment of Nigerians. Please post in your blogs too.


So two young men used the N word today as I passed them on my way to work...but I understand that Black in Romanian is Negru....still they were smirking. I'll just ignore.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Random Ramblings and a meme

I'm at a wierd stage in my life. I don't exactly know where I'm headed and its kind of strange not to know exactly what steps I will be taking in the next few months. I guess its all part of letting God order my steps. Why can't we all see the blueprints so we can work with it?

Its funny how we and especially my Nigerians 'Judge'. Why does anyone feel better than anyone else? Its a mystery to me.

Its a pity we don't support our own. Try doing something for a change rather than criticising those who try. You'll feel much better.

A small word of encouragement goes a long way... so does a smile. Try a few each day.

Infact I challenge Londonbuki, Bellanaija, 36inches, Pinksatin and Vera to compliment everyone they meet for 24 hours after reading this and report back on their next posts. You can tag anyone you like after that! There haven't beeen many memes going around.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Letter from Tminx to Oga Heathrow

Dear Oga Heathrow,

Terminal 5…

…Is a nightmare!

Thank you.

That’s the letter I would like to send to them oh. How can a flight be delayed for so long? And why do I need to take a train to my boarding gate only for it to be changed? Why are people scared to check in their luggage which results in a rush to get on the plane (like it’s a danfo) so they can claim the space above MY seat which then results in there being absolutely no space to put away my hand luggage, which by the way should go back to being one piece per person…I now know why that makes a lot of sense.

If any of you know Oga Heathrow (Chameleon, you might be able to help me here…because I know you have connexxions), please let him/her know that I have questions or just warn him/her.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Facebook aka Amebo Central

Facebook came into my life very randomly. I received an email from my sister inviting me to join and when I asked her, she said 'Its like hi5 with a lot of young people in uni and stuff.' I think she was trying to say I was old. Silly Billy. But then I got more and more invites so I decided to see what it was all about. First off, It was better than Hi5, only because I could control who viewed my profile . I joined, didn't think anything about it then one day, I poked a few people, wrote on a few walls, uploaded a few pictures, added a few applications etc etc. That was it. But as with all online communities I started to get sucked in slowly but surely. What's a work day without FB? It keeps me entertained.

But now I'm starting to notice a trend. Facebook isn't just a place to connect with friends, its AMEBO CENTRAL. As in, imagine little old me in my own world, working very hard trying to earn my keep. I get a little tired of being serious and decide to check my FB account. Maybe someone loves me and has sent me a message. Innocently I sign on and Woaaaaahhhh, different kinds of info start hitting me from every direction.

Fancyfeet added new photos "My Gucci World"

Okay so I haven't seen such an album, but I have seen close. LOL. And the comments amuse me so!

'Looking good girl' - It doesn't matter if its true or not.

'I like your Gucci bag, mine doesn't look so good on me'

'I'm not really a Gucci person, all my bags are Ferragamo'


Kekere went from 'being in a relationship' to 'single'

No way!! This is just raises all sorts of questions. It really shouldn't be anyone's business but then its on FB for all to see. What can one do?

Lepa wrote on Shandy's wall "Congratulatioooonnssss"

Congrats for what? This facebook! How can I be left hanging... I can't resist..I have to check...

Its like a puzzle, check this wall out, then the response on the other wall. I tell you facebook uses quite a lot of brain cells. Its not as easy as you think.

And tagged pictures are just the worst. I mean, how else would I have been able to view pictures that I wouldn't have necessarily known existed. All the various weddings, random vacations, and momentous occasions and those who even wish to put detailed info like pictures of giving birth and brand new rides with the owner looking chuffed in the car...Sigh. I don't ask for it but FB freely gives it to me.

Now I would like to conclude with a disclaimer: I am not jobless...but in this country, I have a lot of time on my a lot.

So facebook, thanks. Many thanks for turning me into an Amebo!

Can I sue??

Monday, April 07, 2008

I'm in East Europe

As in.....who sent me message?? I had no idea what to expect on my way here so I wasn't really disappointed when I got here. I wasn't too impressed either.

It’s very European looking but like it hasn't been refurbished in years. I hear that the outskirts and smaller cities are more scenic so I plan to eventually do some sightseeing but not right now.

I have to say I'm an open person but what I wasn't expecting was that there would not be another single soul like me to be seen like....anywhere. Not only that, I don't think most people have seen a black girl face to face. The staring is really daunting. Preparing to leave the house is a long self motivation process and the language barrier doesn’t really help matters. The day after I arrived, I ventured out to look for a grocery store. Now I never make this mistake, I always stock up on Dano powdered milk, Indomie Noodles, Milo and Cereal but between the time I got the Visa and had to leave was so short that I didn't have time to buy anything. Biggest mistake!

Anyway I walked up to the main street and started asking...'Do you know where I could find a grocery store...supermarket..blah blah'. The first few people I met couldn't really understand me so I started looking for someone who could speak English. I found one guy who said he couldn't speak English in okayy. Finally before the tears started falling ( I cry when I'm frustrated, I could be a Nollywood actress) I found a young girl who could speak a little English and she walked me all the way to the supermarket. I thought that was really nice of her. I guess it was easier than giving directions.

So I'm settling down a little. I know where to get food, there’s a gym around the corner and I can find my way to work and back on the subway and most importantly, I am learning to blank out the staring. I don't think they are doing it to be mean, just think what you would do if you saw an alien walking amongst you. I just get on with it really. I can't wait for my friends to visit so we can act a fool in public so some people can really have something to stare at!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

A new Adventure!

Blogworld changes so quickly when one isn't watching. It was so great to go through some of my favourite blogs again, I must commend you guys for your consistency. I have the urge to write once again, hopefully I will have much to write about.

LB, your mum was truly amazing and because of your writing, we will forever have memories of her. I pray God comforts you and your family and showers you continually with blessings for being so loving and devoted to her.

Mummy K, we will miss you.