Monday, October 17, 2005


A few fridays ago, I went to Accra for my cousin's matriculation into the University of Ghana, Legon. I had an extremely fun weekend. I wonder how a country not as rich in all sorts of resources as Nigeria can be more refined, prettier and more organised as Ghana is. They still have respect for nature, there were no beggars and best of all no Okada (Commercial Motorbikes). No blaring of horns, no exhaust fumes, no pot holes, no traffic...its endless really.

The university itself was beautiful with pristine halls and a lovely guest house for visitors to stay. We could walk around the massive campus at anytime of the day or night with no fear of getting mugged. The Nigerian students (there is quite a number of them) that had moved on from other Nigerian universities explained that they could go for their late lectures without any thoughts for their safety unlike in Universities like Igbenedion.

The people in Ghana were quite friendly and polite, calling their cab drivers 'MASTER' was something I couldn't understand. Also the exchange rate was quite huge with 1 naira to 70 cedi making the amount of money one spent sound outrageous, like 50,000 from the Airport to the university. I loved Osu, the town centre where we walked around and had dinner at Nando's..A treat! And Icecream from a little shop on the corner. I also made sure I tried the Ghanaian dishes, Kelewele and other stuff I can't exactly remember now. The fruit there is absolutely delicious, even the veges. I also got my hair done at Black Beauty hair salon and went clubbing at a beautiful club where I got chatted up by the Kwesi's and such. Quite a packed weekend if I say so myself.

I loved it and will definitely go back for a relaxing holiday at one of the beautiful hotels when I have sufficiently saved enough money!