Sunday, October 29, 2006


I have internet access, yay!

So sorry for the lack of postings last week. I was a bit apprehensive and didn't have it in me to post till I got a result, positive or negative. Well I thank God for bringing me through on a positive note.

I have been out of it but I just saw on the news that there has been another plane crash! What is happening!! This is the same time of the year the previous crashes happened. Can't the pilots control the planes during bad weather? I mean, other planes took of around the same time too i'm sure. Or are these planes just too old? Why hasn't something be done to prevent further crashes after a whole year. Lets watch all the hoo haaa end again and we will go right back to being passive about it all. I'm really sorry for our country oh. This is just too much. When is enough going to be enough?

Anyways I'm off to bed, I have a big day tomorrow. Have a lovely day.


To see that Abdurahaman name four times is heartbreaking. What is a mother to do?

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Insight To My Life

Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. They finally came through.

I don't even have time for a breather, the orientation/induction starts on Monday and goes on for a week so I have to leave today. I'll let you know it all when I get back. Have a great week!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

I got the job

...God willing.

So I got a call from the Agency Dude

'Hi Tminx, sorry it's taken so long for us to decide, please bring your passport and 2 passport photographs and drop by my office tomorrow'

See rejoicing.

'I got the job, praise God! I knew he would do it. Thank you Lord. '

I proceeded to inform my family and friends. All were happy. I called my mother who went to see my youngest sister for midterm (in a boarding school in cool is that. The girl has had it good), and she nearly burst my eardrum with her shouts of praise. You would think I was suffering at my current job.

So the next day, I pack up my passport and the pics and proceed to the agency that the recruiting was outsourced to.

'Hi K'
'Hello Tminx'

I sit waiting to hear the full details of the contract as I hand over the paspport.

'Theres just a little problem'
'You see, H was actually selected with you as the follow-up incase she refused or we had problems with her being able to join etc'

Background info: Its a global program and they wanted only one person from Nigeria. Three of us were selected for the final interview.

'We would have informed you since but then a problem came up. She hasn't done NYSC and the policy is for Nigerians to have the certificate before they are employed. I have tried everything but the company is adamant. They don't want to break any rules '

I'm thinking to myslef, 'I know several peeps who did NYSC with them, WTF?'

'She is trying one last get an exempt certificate since she is older than 30. I'm not sure if she will get it because there is a technicality seeing as she was younger when she gradated but only just moved back.

'Oh I see' this point i'm thinking 'but it supposed to be a GRADUATE management trainee program. GRADUATE'. Besides I kept calling her to see if she got any update and she kept on saying she hadn't heard a word from them. Liar Liar, pants on fire. Half of me wants her to get it and half of me doesn't. The half that does is the half that hates flying and the half thats really nice and thinks she deserves it since she was chosen fair and square. The other half says 'SHIT HAPPENS'.

'We gave her till tomorrow to make sure. Its not looking so good for her and so I've been asked to take your passport and apply for the Visa so you can join the course at the headquarters at the end of the month'

Oh well YABADABADOOOOO. I've been chosen because you can't get who you really want and you have the audacity to tell me she may even still be chosen but im STANDBY. Sorry if I don't jump unto the table a do a strip tease...Sorry if I don't perform DUMB DOG, WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING MEEEEE, Sorry if I don't off pant and tear braaaaaa

Men this working thingy shreads your dignity into bits and pieces.

So I guess I'll know pretty soon but men my ego don take some knacking.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Im rich!

My blog is worth $15,242.58.
How much is your blog worth?

On my way to work today, I looked at the river or is it sea under Eko bridge and there were a million seaweeds which freaked me out. I had goosebumps all over. Its just nasty, even talking about it is making me feel weird. I remember trying to avoid looking at it on my way to my primary school when I was younger...its just so irritating. Now why this irritates me, I have noooo idea. Just that the pattern it makes freaks me out. Same as when you pour milk out of the old milk glass bottles and it leaves that cobweby pattern of bubbles inside the bottle...DISGUSTING. Also when you put something thats tied in a nylon bag inside the microwave to warm and the bag swells up....DISGUSSSSTING. And don't get me started on pigeons or birds that make themselves look bloated...EWWWWWWWWWW. Its weird but these things really irritate me.

I don't mind a lot of can talk about gore and nasty stuff when I'm eating and it won't phase me. You can drink from my bottle as long as you dont have mouth full of sores etc etc but some weird reacion happens when I see certain patterns. WEIRDDDD lol

Theres public holiday on Monday and Tuesday for Ramadan.. wohooo. Times like these, I really love Nigeria for being so cosmopolitan.

May Joe Geeling, an 11 year old murdered by a 15 year old in Britain rest in peace now that justice has been served.

Friday, October 13, 2006

The Fours Meme

1. Procurement Specialist
2. Business Consultant
3. Technical Helpdesk Advisor
4. Website Developer

1. Jean from X-men
2. Soothsayer
3. Fairy God-Mother
4. Sugar Mummy

1. Annie
2. All Disney Classics
3. Moulan Rouge
4. The Phantom of the Opera

1. Lagos, Nigeria
2. Paris, France
3. Philadelphia, US
4. Tokyo, Japan

1. Greys Anatomy...whats happening in the third season peopleeeeee??
2. Friends
3. Desperate Housewives
4. All those Nanny Shows on how to bring up kids

1. Barcelona, Spain
2. Accra, Ghana
3. South Beach Florida, US
4. Irrua, Edo, Nigeria (a yearly xmas family ritual till we rebelled)


1. Steak
2. Pouded Yam and Egusi (y'all don't front now)
3. Flavours Shawarma
4. Ceaser Salad

1. Snake
2. Dog
3. Mustard
4. Cus cus (how is that spelt?)

1. Shawarma
2. Cotton Candy
3. Orange juice (not the concentrate)
4. Red Grapes

1. A couch
2. Blue Carpet
3. A standing mirror
4. Loads of books

1. More Space
2. A bathroom with a jacuzzi
3. Cream and brown decor
4. A bigger wardrobe

1. Pink Shirt
2. Grey pants
3. Black flat pointy shoes
4. Silver Earrings

1. Bermuda
2. At home
3. A lunch with a sexy guy
4. At lunch...period

1. La la land
2. Land of Nod
3. The witches' house from Hansel and Gretel
4. Thats it :)

1. Nelson Mandela
2. Oprah
3. Pharrell
4. Bill Gates

1. I'm hungry
2. When is that company going to get back to me?
3. Are left handed people left footed too?
4. Where is everybody? The office is empty

1. My family
2. My camera
3. My gets on my nerves though
4. Books

1. Don Chichi
2. London Buki
3. Bella Naija (You better do it :))
4. Pilgrimage to Self

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


In the morning it rained! We knew this was bad news but the VIP section had some sort of grey mat which made waking easy so we figured it would be okay. I went about my usual Sunday activities, church etc. Now I had to take off that bright green band for church cos it was so, well, bright. I had no idea that we were meant to sport it for two whole days, even in the house of the Lord. So I had to patch it back when I got home cos it explicitly stated that the bands were not to be tampered with. The band came with the 2 day tickets which were only sold at GTB until the day of the concert when the price was slashed to N10,000 for ‘students’ and was also available at Silver Bird Galleria.

Again we got ready to get there for about 6, because we thought that the organisers were sane and would understand that people had to go to work Monday morning and so would start the show much earlier. Guess what? We were very wrong.

We arrived at 7 and it was already getting dark. From the gate we could hear
“2, HEY. HEY, HEY, 2”. If it was a Nigerian concert we would be hearing “Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3”. They were only still testing the equipment!!!. That was not the biggest problem though…the ground was soaking wet. We had to walk through the grass to the VIP section which we thought would be better but we were unpleasantly surprised. The ‘carpet’ was soaking. Once you stepped on it, it would squeeze all the water out and your feet would be in like 3 inches to 10 inches of water depending on which part you stepped on. It was a manoeuvring exercise.

Anyway we were greeted once again by the bouncers…‘Enjoy the show ladies’. And then accosted by this day photographers who were taking close ups. You can really feel like a Celeb in this Naija oh. After taking pics and saying hi to friends and well wishers lol just kidding, we proceeded to the front of the stage. That stage itself was a work of art. There were tables already set up…those white plastic tables and chairs to match, so we sat down. Now you would think they would have fed us and given us drinks…A guy came around carrying ‘small chops’, we asked for a plate and he said N1000! What! This was a small white plastic plate with a few Buns, one spring roll, one samosa and one chicken. Go figure. Same went for the drinks…only you had to walk through the mud back to the bar, queue, buy a ticket then get a drink.

The show did not start till about 9pm. By then we were calculating how much sleep we needed and when we would have to leave and getting more impatient.

Basket mouth came out to ease the tension with his jokes which were not half bad. I’m not a joke teller so I can’t give a rendition but he kept us amused till the first act.


Dare Art Alade

He came on to sing the National Anthem which paled in comparison to Beyonce’s version. We humoured them and sang along but really we just wanted the American artists to come on and do their thing. Our hopes were dashed; Basket Mouth informed us that all the Nigerian artists were going to perform first.



This lady performs Yoruba songs the way Jill Scott sings. Her voice is so soulful and soothing. I enjoyed the performance.


Dare Art Alade

He came out again to perform his usual songs. “Don’t drive an escalade……”, “Young man, now tell me where did you get your skills from….”. Ikechukwu also featured in the song.


Weird MC

This crazy lady performed “Allen Avenue, Allen Avenue, Allen WHAT” and of course IJOYA. The crowd started coming to life at this point but most people were sitting down.



He made the girls swoon and also performed the usual songs. He didn’t sing “For Instance, Say I be the bale of Nigeria….Holla Oiyeeeeeee”. That’s the only song I really wanted to hear. I think he was rushed off stage.



Guaranteed to rock any party, D’banj gave the crowd some energy. He performed ‘Why me’, and ‘Tongolo’.


Seun Kuti

All I can ask is WHY? Anyways he came on stage and performed just as his father would have. He was so flexible, like a worm. Of course the female dancers were quite entertaining as usual.



About 12.15am the man himself finally showed up and it was worth the wait. Busta came on stage and no one was left sitting. His energy was transferred to the crowd. We forgot that we had work in a few hours. He brought along his side kick...Splif and performed “Flipmode, what it is right now’, ‘Dangerous’, ‘Light that Ass on fire’, ‘Yooo yoooo yooooo yoo yooo’, ‘Make it clap’, ‘Gimme some more’….it went on and on. He didn’t even give us a break. We were rocking for about an hour and a half. He was so excited that we knew his lyrics….he was also quite on the chubby side with a small pot belly which was cute lol. He said he wanted to have about 14 Nigerian babies..little bustas running aroung all over the place cos Nigerian girls were so ffoiiiineee. He also weeded up on stage saying ‘Nigerian weed is GOOOOOOODDDDDD’.



I didn’t give a hoot about seeing snoop. I was upset they saved Missy for last. It was now about 1.30am and Snoop went on to perform...half of the songs I didn’t know but I enjoyed ‘Beautiful’, “Gin and Juice’, and ‘Snoop Doggyyy ddooowwwwwooogg’. He had his uncle who must have weeded up dancing old school to Rap. It was hilarious.

He also lit up and smoked some weed and sang along to a song that sounded like weed.

Funny enough he also played other artists songs like Neyo’s So sick and a few others. We didn’t get it.

During the performance, rumours were being spread that Missy was not backstage and apparently her manager were having problems because of some breach in the contract. Something she had asked for had not been provided. By then it was 2.30am and so my friends and I did the mature, sensible thing….we left. I was pained but I had to catch some zzzzzzz’s before work or I’d be a wreck and it would have been more annoying if she didn’t show. Also the Basket mouth had said something about Majek Fashek and Sunny Ade coming up next….HELLL NAWWWW.

30 minutes later Miss Steph called me to say she was about to exit the gate when she heard Missy come on stage but she was too tired to go back. Oh well, I’ll see her another time.

News is that she rocked the crowd and even came down from the stage. Go Missy.

So there you have it!!!!!!!! Those that were not there…You Missed. Soweeeee, I couldn't help it.

OHHH...There was also eye candy girls....

Tuesday, October 10, 2006


My country people make una no vex oh. Yesterday the sleep wey dey my eye plenty well well. There was also no internet service at work so my plans to blog PAFUKERED.note the R, I’m a posh razz person.

Anyways unto the gist….Bad news first, I only have good photos from day 2 of the event as I was told by a buff huge bodyguard with dogs not to take my camera in the first day. A BIG MISTAKE cos like everyone there had a cam. Pity mine was so huge but I’ll hustle for those pics for you, mark my word. Watch out for day 2 pics in my post tomorrow.

DAY 1 (this is going to be brief cos Don Chi has such a detailed account)

We were told that the event was from 2 – 9pm. So my friends and I started getting ready at two seeing as there’s always Nigerian time when it comes to these kind of events. At about 4 we drove by Polo Club and it was DEAD. We were a bit confused, as in…isn’t this going down tonight or what? We had only heard that Ciara had arrived. No other word so we were still sceptical about the whole thing.

The entrance was through the back gate for any of you that love Polo Club Chicken Suya…you know exactly where I’m talking about. There were huge security dudes with white tshirts and dogs patrolling the street which was comforting because of all the horror stories about area boys and such. We were told to come back around 6 because they were still setting up the place, so we went of to a café to chill for a little while.

This thing did not start till about 8 o clock!!! Anyways so we had green bands seeing as we were VIP, you can check out the red band on Don Chichis blog. But guess what, those red, orange and no bands were all over the VIP…only in Nigeria. I wasn’t mad though seeing as I didn’t pay for the ticket AND as we walked through, my heart went out to those in the 25,000 section. They were so far back! And there was equipment blocking half of it. They had large screens for compensation but still, they could have as well have paid N500 to watch the screens at the viewing centres.

We were directed to the front of the club where there was a different entrance for those in VIP. We even got a ‘Welcome to the show ladies’ from the bouncers. Unbelievable! We walked in and the stage was just amazing. It was large with lovely lights shining blue, purple, red…. and large speakers suspended from the top and at the bottom. For a moment you would have thought you were abroad. The only niggle was that they had those stupid plastic chairs and some older peeps where claiming territory saying people shouln’t stand in front of them cos they couldn’t see. My reply? Survival of the fittest men. Besides those old and pregnant peeps needed to be in their house not at a concert like that.

Anyway the show started at about 8 o clock. Apparently all the Nigerian acts were cancelled because it started so late. The MC was the Nigerian dude from the Ellen Degeneres least that was his claim to fame. He couldn’t even pronounce his surname properly.. Okun booooo waa. Okay to the opening act


What they wore
Black tops with sequins in front and jeans.

What they performed

These three sisters were looking FABULOUS. I hope I look as good when I’m their age. They belted those songs out so well. They performed those good old songs like ‘Freeee your minnnddddd’, and ‘What a man’. They really got the whole thing rolling.


What she wore

WHITE. Lol. Top and trousers with her middle open as usual.

Her performance.

I have to say that I love this girl. She really did her homework. She kept on saying ‘Nigeria, mo ferrrooon..’ or however its said lol. And she said ‘how are you’ in Yoruba as well. The crowd loved it. When she first came on, we thought, hmm these peeps are trying to pull one on us. It didn’t look like her for a hot minute. She had on wayyy to much makeup but as the performance came off. She had a lot of energy and gave a good performance...songs like ‘So what’, ‘1 2 step’, ‘Goodies’, and
She was genuinely excited to be in Nigeria and you could see that. At the end of the performance she even took a shot of the crowd and threw out shirts which I caught by the way lol. I tell you, all decorum was pushed aside during that concert. We were all singing along like banshees especially during the next segment….


What he wore

Oversize t-shirt, oversize jeans, and shades. But then, u yankee peeps like that. He looked tres sexy though…even with the big lips.

His Performance.

I have to give it to Jay, this guy was not here to play. I lost my voice! He was so entertaining. Please read Don Chi’s blog for a blow by blow account of the performance. Some guys there were going crazy ‘JAY-Z IS THE GREATEST RAPPER ALIVE’, “CAN YOU BELIEVE HE IS HERE? I CANT BELIEVE IT’. They knew the lyrics to every song bar NONE. Don Chi was one of the people going crazy at this point by the way. It was amazing to watch. Apparently some people jumped over the barriers to the VIP section at this point but we were not aware of what was going on because we were way in front. Jay-z oooozees sex appeal especially when he does that thing with his voice where he goes low as he is rapping. Too mad.

He also winked at me a few times and told me to meet him back stage but the stupid bouncers did not believe.


What she wore

One red A-line short dress like this. Oh and she changed into one long dress that looked like bird feathers. This day must put this in the ‘what not to wear section’ unless…. I’ll know its partiality.

Her Performance

This girls skin is just too bad. All we could do was stare really. She was glowing, im sure the people at the back could see her. She came on and performed the National Anthem…we could have died and come back from heaven. The crowd went wild. Our Anthem NEVER sounded so good. Guys moths were agape the whole performance. Apart from that, it was a bit boring….also we were very tired from screaming during Jays performance. It was also getting to about 1 am. She performed songs from her new album and the highlight apart from the fact that shes burriful and performed the anthem, was when she did one crazy Ciara like move during the performance of ‘Ring the alarm’. She and her dancers bent backwards really low and kept on going down one step to the sound of a gunshot or something like that. Mad. She also had the fan thing going on and was using style to catch small breeze whenever any small sweat started. She also did some destinys child songs (Say my name) and ‘Dangerously in Love’

All in all it was a great night and we were tired. Leaving the venue was easy and we went home to prepare for DAY 2.

Watch out for it tomorrow!

How brief was that??

Friday, October 06, 2006

I'm Going

Hova here I come!!!!!!!

So God sent me a ticket, a VIP ticket. I think he knew what I'd be up to if I didn't go and he picked the lesser of the two evils. Thank you Lord for removing me from the path of temptation.

I wish Pharrell was coming, he would have proposed to me by the time he was leaving! I tell you this.

I'll let y'all know how it went. Have a greaaat weekend.


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Long Weekend

I've made up my mind and am sorry to disappoint some of you guys who would love to go but can't but on principle, I just can't go. Can you believe that I can buy a return ticket to Accra and buy a VIP ticket and it would still be cheaper and safer than going in Lagos? Granted not all the stars will be going to Accra as well but the important ones will be there.

The venue is Polo club where Usher was manhandled and I'm sure, for that reason, will never return to Nigeria. The horses would have crapped all over the floor and area boys will be waiting for you when you come out. Hopefully they'll beef up security. Being anywhere other than VIP is pointless because I won’t be able to take pictures seeing as I don’t have a powerful zoom lens yet.

Good news is that I have a friend who is going... so Nosa, I'll get those pics for you! By hook or by crook.

Happy Independence day in arrears Nigerians. How did you celebrate in your part of town? There were two weddings and one birthday on the same day and then we went clubbing. Seems like an Independence Day party was held at the boat club and we saw the fireworks from Swe bar at the city mall at 12am.

There was also an independence day beach party at a private beach which I didn’t go to. I spent Sunday evening having drinks for a friend’s birthday at Lacasa which is so different on a Sunday eve...much nicer and calmer. I had to go...couldn't disappoint my friend.

Monday was a public holiday so I took a holiday from writing too. Looks like our prayers worked for Adaure. He never fails. Now let’s keep praying for Buki’s mum.

Happy birthday in arrears to Miss Y in Atlanta, Kappa, Benita and Nigeria!!

Oh yeah, this weekend Nigeria beat the Guiness book of record champions for the dancethon category, where a lot of people danced for over 52 hour with only 5 min breaks every hour. The show was featured live on Silverbird TV the whole time. Quite interseting..some ppl have stamina sha. I would have dropped after like 6 hours of non stop dancing. Congrats to the dancers. See THISDAY