Monday, December 12, 2005


My ways are not your ways
My understanding spreads far beyond this world
My plans have been laid out for you since time began

Fear not for I am with you
Share your burden with me
For now is the time to draw closer to me.

You grieve and I will comfort you
You pray and I will hear you
You sleep and I will watch over you

Some of you have three
Some of you have two
Some of you have one more angels, watching over you.

May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. AMEN

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Highlights from a copy of the criminal information obtained yesterday by Vanguard reads in part:

• Maintained and operated foreign personal bank account number 10659347 with Barclays Bank Plc, United Kingdom with a balance of GPB 203,753.34
• Maintained and presently maintaining and operating a foreign personal bank account number 3239940 with UBS Warburg AG 1 Curzon Street, London WIJ5HB with a balance of $2.5 million
• Maintained and presently maintaining and operating foreign personal account number 338931 in the name of Falcon Incorporation as your nominee or agent with UBS Warburg AG, 1 Curzon Street, London, WiJ5
• Maintaining and operating foreign personal account numbers 7341553\734159 for US dollars and 7341588 for GB ponds sterling and 7341561 and 7341618 for Euros with Barclays Bank Plc at International Banking unit; 88 Dighemis Akntas Avenue 1644, Nicosia Cyprus Country
• Maintained and presently maintaining and operating foreign personal account numbers 5005220454-7 in Denmark with JYSKE Bank at Bseterbrogate, 9, DK-1780 Coopenhagen V with a balance of 500,000 ponds sterling as at November 17, 2005
• Maintained and presently maintaining and operating foreign personal account numbers 005482562491 with Bank of America US in the name of Peter Alameyeseigha with a balance of $160,000.00
• Failed to declare your assets known as Water Gardens, London W2 2DG bought at 1.75 million pounds sterling in the name of a nominee Solomon and Peters Limited and which is not fairly attributable to your income
• Failed to declare your property at 14 Mapesbury Road, London NW24JB bought at 1.4 million pounds sterling which is not attributable to your income
• Failed to declare property at 14 Jubilee Heights, Shoot Uphil, London NW2 2UQ bought at 241,000 pounds sterling
• Failed to declare property at number 68-70 Regents Road, London, N3 bought at 3 million pounds sterling
• Acquired property known as Chelsea Hotels Abuja at the cost of N26 million for which N1.56 million has been paid
• Acquired 2 blocks of luxury flats at Plot 26 Bashir Dalhatu Close, Abacha Estate, Ikoyi worth N450 million

Quite Disgusting isn't it. How many houses can one live in at one time? One account could do so much for the poor, could fix a number of major roads, could refurbish public schools and provide basic educational materials, could refurbish orphanages, motherless babies’ homes, could pay teachers.... Like my mum say's there are five fingers on one hand and all have different lengths.

This shows how greedy Nigerian politicians have become and how corruption has secured its roots deeply in Nigeria. Yes he is not the only one doing it, but there needs to be a scapegoat and I say...IMPEACH!!!!!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Through the rush of the day I sometimes forget to take a breather and thank my creator for blessing me with so much and for answering my prayers. A happy family, crazy friends whom I can turn to anytime, a job, the list is endless. So here's my own way of thanking him today.

So the past weeks have been a bit tedious, I went to Benin City two weekends in a row when usually I have to be dragged or enticed to go. My cousins came around from the land of the Scots for their dad's remembrance. He passed away last year after an illness. May his lovely soul rest in peace. I left on Sunday morning right after Dude's barbecue which was THE party of the year (I mean she’s my dawg and I wuv her, what else can I say). I flew with Aero contractors with my heart at the tip of my tongue..Those who know me know I hate flying although I've been places. I have the power to control the phobia especially if the person next to me is cool. The guy next to me was a commissioner of Edo State with his gold wedding band smack bang on his finger but still felt the need to toast me. He was funny though and made me forget I was in the air once in a while until the plane would dip or the engines would go silent making it seem like the plane had stopped and would fall out of the sky. I said a quick prayer of thanks as we landed.

The ceremony was short and sweet and I spent the rest of Sunday and Monday trying to ignore my mum and her sisters as they went into the "They are not hooked up or married and be careful you don't end up on the shelf" mode. They were taking it really seriously. My cousin who is a year older, a younger cousin and I had to endure this torture every time they gathered together. Sheesh! Besides that, I had so much fun chilling with the family and exploring the city that I went back the next weekend. This time, we went with the car. Phew! Both weekends were fun but I have missed my girls although I’m not so sure they did, not even a phone call mayuunn. I guess out of sight....

Today is my baby sister's bday. She turned 14, you should see her she looks 16 while I could pass for 12. It sucks. Happy Birthday my love. The whole family will be coming down this Christmas looking forward to it and then again I'm not and then again I am......