Sunday, July 29, 2007

BLOGSVILLE GIST- Bumper Monthly Edition, July 2007

Yes, Blogsville Gist is back guys. Lets jump right into it! Several people have celebrated anniversaries this month.

It was Bellanaija's birthday on Thursday the 26th. Here's wishing you many more years of blogging for our entertainment Bella lol, and of course of good health and Gods blessings!

It was also Mari's birthday a few weeks ago and she had fun but had a bout of depression. You are 25 girl! Its a blessing that we are alive. God bless you and hope your doing much better now. Ohhh and you saw my husband Pharrell in South Beach?? with another woman too? He should just wait till I get home. Nonsense.

Several others have reached their one year mark in Blogsville including Nyemoni and Zaiprincessa. Congratulation girls!

The Second Thisday Concert in Nigeria was fun but not as fun as the first. I don't have any pictures but Mona has all this gist and everyone who blogged about the event.

Our darling Temmy is engaged! This was her new years resolution and it came to pass. Gosh Temmy I remember us encouraging you through the drama with your ex and see where you are now!!! Congratulations and don't be stressed oh.

Hear ye, hear ye. Those of you in the New York area. There is a hot guy who wants to get hooked up in 30 days. If you are interested please direct yourself to 9jamommys blog. But 9jamommy, we need those stats oh.

On a dating tip, Ms Overwhelmed has been dating like whattt!! Girl......only you oh lol. Where do you find all these men? Tall, Young, Well as long as you know we have to approve and give you our blessings first.

Tutsy has been overworking herself. Take it easy ok? Life is too short.
LondonNaijaChic was down with measles...hope you don't have too many scars.
Ababoy and Onada and Pilgrimagetoself the new mummy and BELLE are also blogging again.

Vera my best blog friend lol, is also back after a very long hiatus and is preparing for her friends wedding.

Idemili's Dark Man Series.... just too hot to handle. Strictly 18! lol. Read at work at your own risk. Kpakpando has thought provoking post up.

Calabargal is thinking of joining a group for the London marathon next year, so if you want to run the marathon with others in April, get in touch.

What ever happened to F & N and Babaalaye? Update Guys!

Wedding Galore

Favored Girl tells us about her moments of being Bridezilla! Quite funny. Nonesuch is documenting a Northern wedding. It takes about a week! Talk about exhausting. Must be fun though.

I found some wedding websites on Thoughts blog
Chioma and Olisa
Thembe and Eno
Teni and Ade
Biola and Deji
You can find several others on Naijagals page

Also check out these wedding blogs.
Nigerian Weddings

New Blogs

Passion of a Writer
Oseyi's world
Tokotaya - Happy Birthday too!


Our dear BoorishMale has decided to stop blogging. According to anonymous sources and also from his last post, some people accused him of hurting another blogger, Waffarian. I wonder who the actual male blogger that did that is though and I hope you are okay now Waffarian. Mr Boor, please come back and don't let a bunch of ignorant people stop you from blogging.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Back in Sweden

Can I just say I had a blast in Nigeria! The song playing is the silliest, catchyessst song that was playing in Lagos. If anyone knows what the dude is on about, please let me know, YAHOOZEEEEE. lol!!!! You guys don't know how much I love Nigeria!!!!! LOVE IT, although the crime rate is getting even worse.

I don't have any pics as usual, but there's good news! I'm getting my brand new camera at the end of this month AND my uncle who is a Lawyer, assisted me in suing Emirates airline. Lets see the outcome for the trauma they put me through.

I'll give a more detailed account once I settle in. I'm going to get my dvd's from Lekki market starting with the complete season of Ugly Betty! Astalavista

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Thisday Music Festival

I hadn't planned to go to the concert, there were too many unkowns..and we were not sure about the security. To top it off, the first day was cancelled. A friend of mine called while JL was performing on the second day and said things were quite organised and safe so I decided to join them. I arrived late, after Shakira, and JL had performed and walked in just as Dbanj told the audience the REAL koko. A whole host of dancers in colourful traditional attire burst unto the stage and did an excellent job of entertaining us. It was very good. I surveyed the set up of Thisday events center. It's a huge white tent, well airconditioned and was divided into,regular, at the back, VIP, in the middle which was a great view and presidential sitting which was right in front of the stage. It was so unfair once again that they didn't think it was necessary to somehow elevate the regular section, I don't know how they saw the stage especially if the folks in the VIP section stood on their chairs. Each section was divided by a wire fence. ...the hitch was that the fence dividing VIP from Presidential was not long enough so all I had to do was walk to the where the fence stopped and voila, I was a presidential girl. Hey what can I say, the hall was not filled to capacity so there were a few free places in both the VIP and presidential sections.

The place was swarming with really young, too cool for school, kids. It made me feel quite old, then quite annoyed seeing as most were extremely rude. There were long intermissions between each act and they would get restless and get up from their seats more than a dozen times a minute, squeeze by you without an 'excuse me', pass things over your head, hit you, discuss loudly over you, eye you for telling them to say 'excuse me please', lol. I felt like an old woman there seriously. My friend said she wasn't going to get into argument with them in case the asked her if she knew how much their school fees cost or who their fathers were lol.

Anyway days after Dbanj, Kelly Rowland sashayed on stage with her dancers and they were really rocking the crowd until she stylishly slumped. She was singing say my name at the time and my friends decided that some Juju people must have said her name in a bid to distract and get into the concert. Immediately people surrounded her..she needed air not a hundred people choking her air supply! One of her dancers was such an alarmist, she put her hand on her head and was wailing. We seriously thought she had died or something. She was carried off the stage with a standing AC and someone fanning her.

The mood of the audience kind of mellowed after that, and after a few minutes we were told Kelly was okay and that the doctor was on the way. I would have thought they would have one on standby.

Days after once again, Sasha came on stage in a red trench coat looking outfit and with Naeto C and tried her best to get us back to where we were but there were a lot of snotty kids sitting and sulking and making faces like WTF. Its a pity that we can't support our own homegrown artists. She did really well and had a bunch of really young dancers giving us some serious steps to her song... A da ra....

Years after,(we think they call them from thier hotel rooms) Diddy came on and did his thing. He kept on saying he was home and even gave us advise.....'The most important thing is God'. Did somebody tell him how Nigerians love God? He invited about 6 people from the audience to dance with him on stage and they had so much fun! Lucky you Bubu!!!!!!! He really got us dancing again with all the classic hits, Mo money, Missing you etc.

When he was done, it was 12 am and people started filing out..either they were done or they thought it was over. The organisers had to announce that it was not over and Neyo was yet to perform.
For me Neyo was the best. He can really singgggg!!!!!! And dance too. He did this little section where the Dj played some of the songs he had written for other artists. (i'm trying to type and my mum is trying to gist...she says im ignoring guys should help me beg her nowww). You should have heard us the left to the lefttt, and I don't wannaaa beee a murderer, and a few others before he started with So sexy...he also sang a few new songs and danced all over the stage with his sexy self. (I think my mum got fed up, shes gone to take a shower).

By the time Neyo was done, my friends and I were beat. UB40 and several Nigerian artists had not performed and it was nearly 2am. They seriously took the piss with the timing. Each artist took no less than 30 minutes to come on stage. We are a patient people..that's all I can say. Even the host Kate Henshaw went home cos all of a sudden Dan Foster took over. I can't even imagine how people who got there at 11am were able to cope. That's way too long

Friday, July 13, 2007



Not all of us are engaged but the real question i want u & yr fellow females to respond to is: if u meet a normal guy, he says the right things, gentleman, agrees no wed no bed & all...would u believe him & give him an opportunity to be?...cause it seems y'all made up your minds that normal blokes r extinct!

I got this as a comment in my last post. Girls what do you have to say in response to Bijimi?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Home sweet home

I'm back in Lagos, it feels like I have been away so much longer than two months. Theres never electricity during the day but PHCN (Power Holding Company of Nigeria) decides not to hold on to the power during the evenng and the nights so I can't complain, at least the diesel consumption is reduced.

Olawunmi's party was fun...and I met bloggers who didn't introduce themselves as sneeeaakkkyyy lol. It was nice to meet you guys regardless :). Next time I'll know though. You know who you are! It was nice to meet you too Ronti.

This weekend is the Thisday show, I will try to give you guys a blow by blow account if I go. Let me go before PHCN decides they don't want to be so generous this morning..our UPS has seen better days.

My question for today is....why are all the men engaged lol? This trend is worrying.

Friday, July 06, 2007


Click to see a larger picture

Designed by- Jeremy Weate, a blogger in Nigeria too. Wouldn't you just love it if this existed? Great job Jeremy! Saw this on his blog a while back and again on Monas blog.

I have begun my journey home! Right now I'm in London and it took me about 5 hours to get home from the time we landed in Heathrow airport ...someone under the train ...train derailment...and  to top it off, the weather was miserable and it rained all over my newly done hair. Oh well, life goes on. 

I didn't realise that you were only allowed to carry one piece of luggage when travelling from London to any other destination (just one, no hand luggage..nothing), although you can have 2 pieces and hand luggage when coming to London. How does that make sense? I have all this 'load' from people sending stuff from Sweden to Nigeria and more than one piece of luggage...Now I have to try and sort out what to do with it. Dilemma....why do I always say yes!

One suitcase is at left baggage in heathrow, I can't be hauling load around the place. I'll think about that on the day I have to travel, I can't worry myself right now. I'm even scared to shop so I don't have too many more things to carry...but its tempting. The sales here are crazy! Maybe I'll indulge in one or two items :).

There's this guy renting one of the rooms here and I don't quite get his accent. It's a mixture of South London and Nigerian Yoruba and Igbo. "You grew up in NAgeria YE?..Its NAT eezzy blad"...Say what? Lol. I say something to him just so he can respond and chat some more so I can laugh later YE.

Yuwee, thanks for singing True Love for me lol, you are a clown, I promise I wil call. Thanks to everyone who left comments about the True Love spread, especially the irate anonymous person on bellas blog, there always has to be one right? Saying bitchy stuff doesn't bother me, the saying goes; what cant kill you.....

Okay I'm off to hit the West end, I will not buy anything, I will not buy anything, I will not buy anything........

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

True Love

So I can't be structured right now lol. But you will have Blogsville Gist at the end of the month. I finally found a salon where they 'do' black hair. I have an appointment in one hour and I can't believe how excited I am. I have not been to the Salon in the past two months. I tell you its a disaster.

I finally got to see the article on true love! For those of you interested, Bella has it on her page. I'm not very happy with the way some things I said were twisted but its all love True Love. 3 things though

1. I have not met Babaalaye, never said I did.
2. I didn't say where I worked.
3. I didn't boast about the hits. I was asked how many hits I got and my response was: that's not the point of blogging and so I don't have a counter on my main blog but my photoblog does have a default counter and has roughly 150 hits a day. I hate it when people brag and don't like to be potrayed in the same manner.

There ,I have aired my views. Now I'm fine.

In all my 'excitement' I forgot to thank Ebun Olatoye for doing a spread on Nigerian bloggers and giving us some recognition. It was truly a great idea and thanks for being so nice and making me comfortable when I met you. My subscription to True Love proves my undying loyalty as a reader but I just needed to clear that up :).

If you have time on your hands checkout this new blog Phantomwriter. Also Doctor Blogger

Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy new month

Its July already! May God bless you abundantly this month. I have only a few months left here in Sweden, before I move again. The next move won't be so scary because now I know (or remember) what to expect in a strange place without friends or family but I won't be with any of my colleagues or friends so that's a bit more daunting.

I'm trying to give my blog some sort of structure. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays will be for three different kinds of posts and the last Friday of the month will be a bumper monthly edition of Blogsville Gist. Yes...No? I know I have been slacking. So starting next Monday my new regime begins. Also I intend to get a new camera in August, so watch out for the revival of my photoblog and I pray my camera lasts longer this time.

London has experienced some attempted terror attacks over the weekend, thank God it hasn't been a disaster or as bad as it could have been. Blogsville Idol is over. Congratulations to Dscribe!! Congratulations to Calabargirl on her first race!! Check out London Buki's Mummy mondays. Happy Birthday Cheetera thunder cat!

I was bored yesterday so I decided to take a walk to the waterfront not far from my house. I sat on a bench and just watched the world go by, picked up my pen and a pad and tried to write about it

Pass me by

The bridge on the water, to my left
Sunbathers on the grass, to my right
Traffic blocked by trees, a stones throw behind
The river, calm, grey, a stones throw ahead of me

Green shorts jogging...short shorts
Pink sleeve and blue sleeve...lovers intertwined
Grey Jacket sleeve around black Pancho....elderly
Red sexy heels and black classy shoes...brisk, must be late
Squeaky trainers...must be wet
Green buggy pushed by hairy arms in brown sleeves...
Shaggy black dog...growling
Blonde, blonde and blonde...giggling
Baggy pants, skinny jeans
Yellow bicycle...medium speed
Sailing boat...yellow cross on a blue flag

Gentle breeze, with a slight chill
Water breaking on the rocks at the bank
Peace, calm, serenity.

Song playing: Sam bori bobo by Saucekid. IT'S NAIJAAAAAAAA! For you...Samboribobo ;)