Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy new month

Its July already! May God bless you abundantly this month. I have only a few months left here in Sweden, before I move again. The next move won't be so scary because now I know (or remember) what to expect in a strange place without friends or family but I won't be with any of my colleagues or friends so that's a bit more daunting.

I'm trying to give my blog some sort of structure. Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays will be for three different kinds of posts and the last Friday of the month will be a bumper monthly edition of Blogsville Gist. Yes...No? I know I have been slacking. So starting next Monday my new regime begins. Also I intend to get a new camera in August, so watch out for the revival of my photoblog and I pray my camera lasts longer this time.

London has experienced some attempted terror attacks over the weekend, thank God it hasn't been a disaster or as bad as it could have been. Blogsville Idol is over. Congratulations to Dscribe!! Congratulations to Calabargirl on her first race!! Check out London Buki's Mummy mondays. Happy Birthday Cheetera thunder cat!

I was bored yesterday so I decided to take a walk to the waterfront not far from my house. I sat on a bench and just watched the world go by, picked up my pen and a pad and tried to write about it

Pass me by

The bridge on the water, to my left
Sunbathers on the grass, to my right
Traffic blocked by trees, a stones throw behind
The river, calm, grey, a stones throw ahead of me

Green shorts jogging...short shorts
Pink sleeve and blue sleeve...lovers intertwined
Grey Jacket sleeve around black Pancho....elderly
Red sexy heels and black classy shoes...brisk, must be late
Squeaky trainers...must be wet
Green buggy pushed by hairy arms in brown sleeves...
Shaggy black dog...growling
Blonde, blonde and blonde...giggling
Baggy pants, skinny jeans
Yellow bicycle...medium speed
Sailing boat...yellow cross on a blue flag

Gentle breeze, with a slight chill
Water breaking on the rocks at the bank
Peace, calm, serenity.

Song playing: Sam bori bobo by Saucekid. IT'S NAIJAAAAAAAA! For you...Samboribobo ;)


Nyemoni said...

Happy new month girl! God bless you! Mwah!

LondonBuki said...

I better be first o! LOL!

LondonBuki said...

It's so funny... someone mentioned the Samboribobo song to me yesterday, I'll listen to it.

Yeah you gorra have some structure to your blog... now that you are famous! :-)

I read about what happened in the UK over the weekend and it's scary!

Well done CG!!!!!

NikkiSab said...

It's always nice to sit and watch d world in pass in slow motion. You can actually see the beauty in little tins u walk by everyday and also feel the love in nature's gift we often let slip our eyes. Goodluck as u prepare for ur new location.

TaureanMinx said...

@Nyemoni, Same you and your family 'Moni!
@LB, er not this time, lol
@LB, don't let me wosee (how is it spelt) you! I tried to make you listen to it two months ago but you would rather listen to King Sunny Ade. As for being famous, you are just so silly :).
@nikkisab, its not for a few months yet but thanks :). It was nice to just be an observer.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

I need to try that sometime, slow down, not always in a rush. Im pretty amazed how you were able to convey what you saw with what you felt about it. And yes I am talking about the same poem you wrote. I wonder where the next stop is, I hope its closer to my The end is indeed in sight, give or take many but Im glad you are definately making the best of it. I need to take a leaf out of your book.

I too need to go get me a camera. But since Im quite rubbish at taking picture, I wonder what I will take. Whenever I vist Places I only take pictures of roof and buildings, can u imagine. You would think Im an architect. I remember my trip to Gausau, I ended up with like 200 pictures of different building and

anyhows, happy new monthe too. And stay blessed.

boorish male said...

Happy new month to you too

azuka said...

Goodluck with the camera.

Mr.Fineboy said...

Nice poem....and yebabriba samboribobo! ;) im be fineboy? E no be fineboy!! LOL

Cheetarah said...

Thank you girl, minwhile heard ur famous now o! weres the piece from tru love? headed towards Bella to see if its up.
Lala just told me bout this song plus tried to play it over the fone,now I can hea it for real,tanx again.
Have a good july and goodluck with ur next move!

princess said...

O gal, i use my fuel money go buy True Love last week because of you o! Oya u gat to refund now, kia kia(lol).
Enjoy the remainder of ur stay there.

TaureanMinx said...

@LOASCM, thanks, you should get one and take anything you find interesting. And if its a digicam, you can just delete!
@Boorishmale, thanks kind sir
@Azuka, thanks, I need it
@Mr fineboy, ah no be fineboy
@You too Cheeterah, its really nice when its loud in a club :)

Anonymous said...

that song is funny!samboribobo..LAWL

deilah said...

Track Title: 3x5 (three by five)
Artist: John Mayer
Album: Room for squares
Track No.: 8

This song totally encapsulates what realy transpires within the human mind while being transfixed by enchanting sights of nature and her miniature offsprings. It explains why this unknown beauty can only be experienced physically, with the EYES, but hardly with words, illustrations, pictorials, or even a thousand pixel snap shots.
Its a brilliant brillant one, so please please give it a listen, Everyone!

2ndCorin5:17 said...

Thats a beautiful piece tminx!!! Have a greta month!

Omodudu said...

good luck, just dont desert blogville thats all we ask for.

spinfinder said...

well got ur addy from the july editon of trulove, i think u look real chic... will be trackin ur blog from now on , promise to leave a comment from time to time and generali get involved, like ur wat u got to offer, and if iget to be ur friend its all good..b4 a leave a i guess a word of prayer... IN THIS NEW MONTH MAY GOD REMOVE D FRONT TEETH OF ALL UR ENEMIES SO THAT BY THIER SMILE YOU WILL KNOW THEM... ONE LUV..HOLLA!!!

Boso said...

Happy new month !!

TaureanMinx said...

@pink satin, lol, I wonder what they mean
@deilah, will look out for it
@Dscribe, thanks :)
@Omodudu, I'm here oh, as long as I have inspiration :)
@spinfinder, thanks for coming to visit :) I will check out your blog
@Same to you and your family Boso

disgodkidd said...

move again? what r u up to? round the world in 80 days? hiya!

Im A Babe said...

hmm i see ola aka sauce kid is blowing up.
that guy and his disciples piss pple off all d damn tym. always bragging abt what he doesnot have.
i like his songs sha but that goes 2 show u...u shouldnot believe evrythng u hear or read.
y brag abt driving mercedez and stuff when u push a honda??..LIKE WHO CARES??
i wish him more success sha cos he can really rap.

Nice poem by d way gurl

Mocha said...

Lol..thats my ringtone..
That song is just so razz its

Happy New Month & all of God's Favour and blessings everybody xx

deilah said...

@ im a babe..

That's what Hiphop is all about. Its the Culture. The trend is almost identical with that of the american hip-hopers as well. They come fresh with dirt from their slumbs in the burbs straight to the mic, and all you can hear is how they have thousand dollar diamonds for breakfast, sleep in ruthlessly priced mobils, and command respect everywhere else they may find their sorry asses, its the lifestyle, one which mostly thrives on Fantacies, cloudy dreams, mirage ideologies and illuminated illusions, its always been that way.
So sweets, if you thirst for truths, take a spin on inspirational/gospel stuff, i bet they come in rap genres these days.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

My cuz a doctor in UK has started a blog titled blogging her some luv...

Calabar Gal said...

Thanks girl!! Cant wait to see ur newly restructured blog as well as Blogville gist. LOL!!

Confused Naija Girl said...

that song is hilarious!
happy new month girl!
can i download the song or you send it to me?

Ms zee said...

Hum...... I like the song.... Happy new month to you.....

Take care

Miss Opeke said...

So you have sacked Uncle Sege from your blog abi? And hire Yaradua to handle instead? Well, I am sooo looking forward to readin' d juicy gist that will cum forth ur blog...
As per, BlogVille Idols don finis I have nuthin' else to do amebo!!!

NaijaBloke said...

Nice mixed of words.. happy new month to you to ..and have a nice rest of the week.

Anonymous said...

oh i love the little poem.. its beautiful... happy new month to you as well.. sambarirobo.. wat the hell is that.. and who is sauce kid? jesus i really need to learn more about my naija artists dont i?

zaiprincesa said...

I like the poem..:)

Have a blessed July....

Linany Couture said...


You just made my day! I have been yahoozeing to "hee bariba samboribobo" Thanks I had to hear this to affirm how much I miss naija.

"Na u be fine girl, I no be fine girl.. Genius y'all.

BiMbyLaDs** said...

i cant beleieve i havent commented yet! wonderful poem. oya structure ur blog so that i can follow suit..

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

eerm what happened to structurig your blog..its all this trip to nigeria in your mind that is keeping ya from us.. hey how have you been??

LonelierThanAkon said...

Nice poem. like d way u slice it.


Always pack naija cds when I can. Just discovered that I got Sauce kid cd. d thing rocks.

What does Samboribobo mean? Is it like Poporompo that Naijafineboy introduced us to not long ago?

1things4sure Naija rocks, totally.

temmy tayo said...

Happy new month girl. I read about the terror attack in the UK.

Well cant wait for u to start blogville gist jare.