Friday, May 30, 2008

Detox Day 7- The abrupt end (blame Salome)

'Tminx, Tminx!' Someone was pushing me awake. 'Get up!'. It was Salome, she looked very disgruntled. 'Look I have been taking this rubbish detox for too long! I am hungry,' she said, anger flashing in her eyes. I rolled over. Damn her, I was really enjoying the dream I was having. I was swimming in a pool full of Fajitas and Orange juice. Pancakes were flying in the air and the birds were smoothies and butterflies where peeing maple syrup. If I didn't know better I would have thought I was in heaven.

I forced myself up from the bed like I had been pre-programmed to do for the past six days and started to prepare my Salt water for the flush.

'Don't let me slap you oh!' It was Salome again. Pour that thing away. I ignored her as I chugged the water down. Maybe she was right. The morning before, I was feeling great, like I could do the detox forever but later that day, my spirits came crashing down. I lost all the energy I had and had no desire to drink anymore lemonande. I gagged a little on the salt water but finished it off and went back to bed.

'Look, you are only to stay on the detox as long as your body feels good. I'm telling you, it doesn't feel good right about now. Besides your tongue is pink and do you still feel the pain in your side this morning?'

I shook my head in response realising it felt suprisingly free of pain but who knows. I have been free of pain once or twice before and it came back.

'The recommended minimum is ten days.' I said as the Salt water took effect. 'Sharrap my friend!', 'You won't have any energy today talk of Sunday. Ten days my foot.'

So people of blogworld. I am drinking orange juice today as recommended by the book when breaking the detox fast and have taken Probiotics to reestablish my gut flora. I was quite weak last night. I don't know if its because I reduced the sugar in my lemonade or not but the energy I had in the morning came cascading down. Luckily I had gone shopping with my colleague the night before and bought stuff to break the detox on sunday and a juicer too!

Orange juice feels so good! Who knew.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Detox Master Cleanse- Day 6!

Today is a smooooooth sailing day! Lol. I have energy and its positive energy. I feel like I can go on for daysss but then I might just fade into the air lol.

My side pain though is still there, and I usually have a scale for the pain 1-10. Sometimes its 1 sometimes its 10. Since yesterday morning its been maybe a 6/7. I'm used to having even a 9 on and off, but I would like for this cleanse to benefit me in that area so I'm praying its like what I've read on some peoples blog where the issues intensify for a few days because the toxins are being cleaned. Please God let that be it. AAlso I don't think I drank enough water so I have been doing that and this morning its not so sore so I'm hoping for things to get better from this point on.

Everything else is great..still no allergies, my skin is smoother than a babie's bombom.

The salt water flush probably did the main job yesterday, today it just went through and out! Nothing to report.

My tongues is pinker to, not completely pink but pinker and its sweet tasting also something reported when the toxins are out.

I've lost weight but I don't know how much although I can see it.

Yesterday evening my concerned colleague called me. His mother had made delicious pasta (they are Italian) and he wanted me to come over to have some. This might have been tempting if I really was craving food but I'm not. I do at certain times of the during lunch when I saw this guy eating this delicious looking Fajita. It looked delicious and I imagined myslef eating it and sighing. But it wasn't because I was hungry, its just because I miss eating. Also at this point I can't be tempted to eat because there are rules to breaking the detox and some people get sick because they go straight to solid foods too fast after not eating for so long. That put the fear of God in me. I'm sicking with the rules. I'm not really a rebel.

So yay for day six! And yay for tomorrow being the last day of the week. I can laze about saturday and sunday.

I'm taking myself to go see Sex and the City on saturday if its out here.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Detox Master Cleanse- Day 5

I cannot really believe I have made it 5 days without eating. Today I'm not as buzzed as I was yesterday but I'm stil good to go. Yesterday I reduced the amount of sugar as well as the amount of cups of Lemonade I was drinking from 6 down to 4 cups and increased my intake of water. By evening I was feeling a little hungry so you know what I did? I took a spoon, measured out some maple syrup and drank it lol!! Cheating, yes but I needed the enery.

I found maple syrup by the way. I went to a health food shop because its important to come off the detox in a certain way. More about it on Sunday. Basically I needed good bacteria because the salt water washes away good and bad bacteria from your system and so you need to populate your digestive track with Probiotics. It took me ages to explain what I wanted at the health shop but we were finally able to find 7 Bacterii Lactise. Basically, Romanias version of Probiotic tablets. While searching anyway, I found maple syrup which was a bonus so I have gone back to the original recipe.

I also went grocery shopping. I love grocery shopping even if I have nothing to buy lol. Its so weird, I even prefer it to clothes shopping. Anyway you can take a wild guess at what I bought at the grocery store....LEMONS. Yum! Lol.

Still no allergies, my right eye was a bit itchy for a little while yesterday but is fine today.

My right side was a little more tender last night than the previous day so I was kind of dissapointed but its fine this morning. Lets see what tonight brings.

I'm cold! My body is not doing much work internally so not generating heat..

My tongue is not as white as yesterday..apparently it becomes pink once all the toxins are out, indicating the end of the detox period. Some people don't get a pink tongue though.

The salt water flush this morning was still eventful...after 5 days! Thats crazy!

I'm am happy there are only two more days left in the week because I am not sure how long I will have all this energy for. I am trying not to do too much so I don't get too tired.

Oh another thing is that I am sleeping less and not waking up groggy at all. Infact I wake up at 4.30 to do the Salt water flush becuase you need to give yourself a few hours after the flush before you go to work or you might just regret it. Google it, and u'll know why. Sometimes I go back to 'sleep', well I lay on the bed and read and other times I tidy up the flat or surf online.

One thing with this detox is that a lot of people will convince you to get off it.I haven't told many people here but the one or two people that know are now showing concern because they do not believe one can survive without food and really dont get why the detox lasts 10 days. On your weak days, you need to aviod these people like the plague lol. One of the guys came to me today to tell me he really thinks that I should eat today because it cannot be healthy to be starving. Well I'm not starving, if I was I would be eating. I think he thought I'd have given up by now. But I started it..I will finish it!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Detox Master Cleanse- Day 4

My tongue is white! And tastes pretty yucky. I brushed it like twice this morning to make sure people weren't going to pass out while having conversations with me although my breath doesn't seem smelly...but who knows. I'm avoiding going close to people to have a conversation just incase. I know what I think when people with smelly breath try to talk to me, its all I focus on. The unbelievable BOOM. Lol, so I hope mines not the same.

I'm still not hungry. My tummy growls once in a while but then I take the Lemon crack and I feel fine. I started taking more water as well. I was only drinking the juice but then I'm reading in some places that the sugar can feed yeast infection and I'm not about to endure any bloody yeast infection. So I'm drinking lots of water and less glasses of the Lemonade.

As for the salt water flush this don't want to see what came out of me! I'll spare you intimate details but I'll just say, we have a lot of shit in us..Pun intended.

Anyway today is a good day, I have a lot of energy and I'm not moody like yesterday. I have lost weight but hope to gain it back well at least most some of it, I like the way my stomach is looking like Beyonce's, but something has go to give. If I have a flat stomach it means that a lot of other things are kinda small..if you know what I mean. So I have to make do with a not so flat stomach because any fat I eat definitely loves the stomach first. I would rather it went somewhere else on my body but hey, I can't change my genes.

The allergies are well and truly gone.

Oh most importantly the pain on my side is less and concentrated to a smaller section so lets see how it goes. I pray it works out fine and that I stay on this thing till Sunday.

Back to my Lemon crack..

Monday, May 26, 2008

Wedding Websites/ Master Cleanse Detox day 3 update


Day three is not a very good day. I'm not hungry, but i'm empty and a little grumpy. Also the journey to work was very tiring because the walk to the Metro is a little long and then the metro journey itself is about 45 minutes, I have to change twice AND I hardly got seats. I was tempted to take a taxi but the taxi driver didn't get where I wanted to in if someone pronounced an english word wrongly, I'm sure i'd still know what he was talking about...the guy didn't have a clue and I didn't feel like burning up more energy so I continued walking. But I got into work and had my Lemon crack and now I feel much better. My tongue is getting whiter too and you don't want to know about the salt water flush. I have no allergies...and my side is still a little sore, probably on the same level as yesterday.

So as a pick me up I went wedding webbie browsing. I love them, I don't know why! I think its part of my nosey nature. Anyway, I found these on Nigerian Village Square posted by a girl who adores these sites lol. If you get bored at work or need a distraction here are some lovely sites I surfed (he hee) upon...If you have seen them already...keep moving :)!

Mollie and Nemu

Ayo and Oyinda

Sanmi and Tosin

Timi and Alero

Nky and Endy- Cuyute couple!

Grace and Jimmy

Brenda and Emmanuel

Nicola and Ayo

Dami and Lolade

Evana and Chinedu- Can we say awww

Anehita and Rowland

This  lady wanted a life size model of herself as her cake and she got what she wanted....which brings me to question..why don't Nigerians eat the actual wedding cake? Why is it just a prop? And why is it saved for year or more? This won't be happening.

Wedding webbies are fun and can be tastefully done but some are just so funny and some have too much personal info and others are just..blah. Also the proposals these days are getting very creative. This year there was a banner on Eko bridge asking for a girls hand in marriage on Valentines day.

I wonder if guys are you feeling pressured into planning the perfect, elaborate proposal?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Watch out for 14th and Serenity starting Monday the 26th

Stories from 12 bloggers. See HERE

Detox Day 2- Mo Gbono Feli Feli

Basically a detox is a dietary regimen involving a change in consumption habits in an attempt to detoxify the body, by removal of toxins or other contaminants. Proponents claim it improves health, energy, resistance to disease, mental state, digestion, as well as aiding in weight loss - Wiki

The author of the Lemonade diet goes on to further state that it can cure all diseases (even allergies which I have as well) because diseases are caused mainly by our diet and improper elimination of toxins. It also gives the digestive system a rest since its not processing any food and in turn the body can focus on healing itself.

There's a lot of controversy surrounding the Lemonade diet but I'm going to give it a go to see what the hullabaloo is all about. The only problem I see is that I'm definitely going to lose weight which I can't avoid since I'm not eating. Hopefully I'll gain it all back when I return to normal eating. I hope I don't look like a scare crow. I don't have a scale so I can't measure the weight loss and that doesn't matter to me anyway.

What I want from this diet
1) A healthy digestive system
2) A healthy Liver (no more right side pains)
3) No allergies

All I needed were Organic Lemons, Spring Water ( I got Bottled water. I can't read Romanian). Maple Syrup (I got raw Cane Sugar, I can also use Molasses but they don't have that or maple syrup in any of the stores I've been to), Cayenne Pepper, Sea salt and a senna tea.

The recipe

2 Tablespoons lemon or lime juice (approx. ½ lemon)
2 Tablespoons genuine maple syrup (Cane Sugar in this case)
1/10 Teaspoon cayenne pepper (red pepper) or to taste

Combine the juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper in a 10 oz glass (2 Litres) and fill with medium - hot water. (Cold water may be used if preferred.)


And then proceed to drink it alllllll day lol. Yesterday was fine, I didn't feel hungry and if I thought about food, I would just have a glass of lemonade. I was still feeling the pain in my side a little and I didn't take my allergy pills so sneezed a few times but all in all it was a relatively easy day. The Lemonade tastes pretty nice, I can't really taste the Cayenne pepper but I won't add more. I drank about seven to eight glasses the whole day and went about my normal activities. I started on a weekend so I wouldn't get too tired on the first few days since I wasn't actually working.

There's another yucky yucky aspect to the Master cleanse- The salt water flush meant to actually flush out the toxins. Last night I drank the Senna tea which has mild laxative effects and then this morning I drank the salt water. For a little while, I thought nothing was going to happen for a little while but it worked which was a relief. There are more details here- Salt Water Flush or on google. Be warned, nastiness at its best lol.

I woke early and refreshed with a lot of energy, so I cleaned the whole flat up, spoke to my sister and aunts and did my laundry all before 8am. Trust me its not been done too many Saturday mornings lol. Right now its midday and I'm still on my Lemon crack and not feeling hungry. I didn't wake up with allergic swollen eyes and I haven't sneezed, also my side is less sore, I guess because I haven't eaten anything to upset my insides. Oh and Wiki says the cures may be due to a placebo far as I'm okay its all good!

My only issue now is how I'm going to explain to my colleagues at work, that I'm not doing lunch the whole of next week!

Going to the supermarket for more water and lemons. Lets see if the pollen attacks.

Oh, Dbanj is hotter than youuuuu.

I would like to point out that from my reading, a lot of Medical Doctors do not agree that there are any benefits in Detoxing, or that they are temporary. There is a bit of controversy about the diet so be warned before you may decided whether or not its for you.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Homeopath Visit- 10 Day Detox

So from my last post you can tell I have a sluggish stomach. Its lazy I tell you. Anyway for years now, I have had this pain in my side. This annoying niggling pain. Its only on my right side, like i'm bruised, around the ribs in the middle and radiates all the way round and sometimes to my shoulder blah blah, I can't really explain it even though I have tried several times.

When I moved to England to study, I started a love affair with the hospital. I would constantly go in complaining about this pain until one year in uni when my doctor, who had tried everything including an MRI scan, recommended Prozac...I mean I was a happy child, I only had this one complaint. Thank God I knew what Prozac was. Oloriburuku! (Is that how its spelled?). I turned down his nice offer and so he sent me off with a pat on the back to a Physio who I saw once a week and didn't really help much. I pretty much learnt to deal with the pain by ignoring it.

I have diagnosed myself with several 'diseases' and at one point I was even thinking I might have cancer. God forbid it! The point is that medical doctors were unable to help.

Last month my friend suggested I see a homeopath. I made an appointment with one and went down to see her as soon as I could. It was a rather interesting visit. My homeopath was like a shrink lol, we discussed my life and at what point I felt the pain started...which I really can't remember now. Its been a part of me for so long. Then she decided that I see the resident homeopath who can sense things by touching the body. It all started getting a little bit eerie. Imagine if it were Nigeria and a friend took you to a 'doctor' and he started touching all parts of your body to 'feel' the problem???

Anyway so I walked into his office, spoke with him for a few minutes before I was instructed to lie on my back. I was felt up for about 20 minutes. He checked the parts I said were hurting until he was certain he knew what the problem was. Apparently my liver is not a very happy bunny. From my explanations he thought maybe it could have been my ribs but they are fine. He reckoned I must have had a heavy dose of antibiotics or maybe the malaria pills which I take ever so often if I feel the slightest fever! Oh and I found out from my mum that I was given heavy antibiotics at one point when I developed an maybe he was right. He also said it might be the reason for my sluggish stomach.

Anyhoo I was prescribed some homeopathic drugs and given a very strict diet including...

No Dairy

No Meat

No Fat

No alcohol
And a whole lot of veggies, fruits, brown rice, brown everything and all that good stuff! Yuck!

So anyway I have been putting it off and when I returned to Romania I had a huge bowl of cereal with peak milk! I'm really a sucker for punishment. If only I didn't like milk so much. So to frree myself from further distress, I have decided to do a 10 day detox starting today before I go on this strict diet. I'll be drinking only a Diluted organic lemon juice concoction. I'll let you know how it goes and more on the detox tomorrow.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Deos one alawys hvae to hvae a wtity tilte- Sccheewwww!

I had an excellent birthday and thanks to those that left me birthday comments on the blog :). It was great being back home and I'm glad it coincided with my birthday so I was around a lot of friends and family. *Round of applause for fabulous friends*

I'm back in Romania and its growing on me. It helps that my new apartment is gorgeous and opposite one of the biggest parks so I can stroll around and find some good shots because I have been neglecting my photography recently.

Its funny, I used to really enjoy travelling and being on my own but recently things have changed and I would love to be closer to a certain somebody but I guess I'll just have to see how life plays out. I met two giggly Romanian girls in the bathroom the other day and they have promised to show me around a little more. Thank God they didn't say clubbing, I think I'm getting really tired of the whole night scene although its a lot of fun to go once in a while.

Meanwhile my stomach is blocked! Yes blocked! I don't know where the food is going. I have tried everything possible to unblock it but its being stubborn. I need help! Jesus Lord, free me!

I have turned into Miss cupid oh. I intend to hook two people up whether they like it or not. I'll let you know how it turns out lol. This is hook up by force, even if I have to say that I had a revelation about them lol, I wil. They are both such great people but who knows if they will get along? That's up to them I guess. Oya send in your CV to my dating service lol....Tminx Mixer!

We had an all employee meeting and if you see the way Nigeria is always being praised and blasted in the same sentence. At this point I don't even try and defend us anymore. ..but the way the security situation is blown out of proportion...its like Nigeria is Iraq and Lebanon combined! Sometimes I even wonder if its the same Lagos I'm living in that they are talking about!

Anyway back to work, I need to deliver something to the boss so he doesn't add S T U P I D to his list of what he thinks Nigeria and Nigerians are. I leave you with my fav Asa song....Bibanke. Love it!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

May 8th

Its my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm Old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!