Thursday, May 29, 2008

Detox Master Cleanse- Day 6!

Today is a smooooooth sailing day! Lol. I have energy and its positive energy. I feel like I can go on for daysss but then I might just fade into the air lol.

My side pain though is still there, and I usually have a scale for the pain 1-10. Sometimes its 1 sometimes its 10. Since yesterday morning its been maybe a 6/7. I'm used to having even a 9 on and off, but I would like for this cleanse to benefit me in that area so I'm praying its like what I've read on some peoples blog where the issues intensify for a few days because the toxins are being cleaned. Please God let that be it. AAlso I don't think I drank enough water so I have been doing that and this morning its not so sore so I'm hoping for things to get better from this point on.

Everything else is great..still no allergies, my skin is smoother than a babie's bombom.

The salt water flush probably did the main job yesterday, today it just went through and out! Nothing to report.

My tongues is pinker to, not completely pink but pinker and its sweet tasting also something reported when the toxins are out.

I've lost weight but I don't know how much although I can see it.

Yesterday evening my concerned colleague called me. His mother had made delicious pasta (they are Italian) and he wanted me to come over to have some. This might have been tempting if I really was craving food but I'm not. I do at certain times of the during lunch when I saw this guy eating this delicious looking Fajita. It looked delicious and I imagined myslef eating it and sighing. But it wasn't because I was hungry, its just because I miss eating. Also at this point I can't be tempted to eat because there are rules to breaking the detox and some people get sick because they go straight to solid foods too fast after not eating for so long. That put the fear of God in me. I'm sicking with the rules. I'm not really a rebel.

So yay for day six! And yay for tomorrow being the last day of the week. I can laze about saturday and sunday.

I'm taking myself to go see Sex and the City on saturday if its out here.


LondonBuki said...

How much smoother can your skin get?!?!?!?!

Well... I am glad it's almost over and I hope you notice a huge positive difference with your pain...


TaureanMinx said...

Thanks boo

Ms zee said...

yipeee you are getting there... I love that I didnt crave bad foods anymore.. like i said in my mail.. when u are done, you wont be able or at least I wasnt able to eat my regular food for a while , i think it was 2 months and my sister noticed i was becoming a vegetarian. LOL it is as if your "new" body rejects the BAD food... ALCOHOL IS A BITCH. dont drink for at least a month. you will regret it, I did and it wasnt funny, I could do the occassional glass of red before bed but no more, I puked like crazy and my tummy was acting messed up, it felts like my intestines were knotted up....

As per your side pain, have u considered acupuncture? I tried it for my lower back pain, I have been back pain free for a yr... Sorry I only know licenced practitioners in canada... but somthing to think about :-)

Mail me if need be.. have a fab fab fab weekend

bisous bisous xxooxx

chioma said...

i was wondering about the detox and I am gld to read it on your girlfriend is undergoing one and i am watching to see how good it works for her then maybe I will join the band wagon...haha and good luck. keep us posted though

bumight said...

this babe you are strong! i almost tried this one time, I dont think I got past the first day!
I will be cheering you on so I can know if it works. 4 more days to go!!

NigerianDramaQueen said...

Gosh I tried the master cleanse and could only last 2days!! GOOD JOB!!!!!! Oh and definately see the sex and the city movie: it lives up to the hype

Engee said...

WoW!!! This sounds like a lot of suffering but at d same time it sounds good. i WOULD LOVE to give t a try.

It cant be that bad...'or is it?' Tminx?

Am in naija and dont know wer i can get maple syrup. guess i'l have to ask around.....does anyone have any clues bout wer to get some of that?

wont mind the baby bum skin and beyonce belly at

can i send u a mail? i need moral support...hehehe...

Patrice said...

I feel sorry for the person living in the apartment/flat directly below yours.

It could be that your allergy or intolerance is to certain foods (or their additives, if they have any). If you systematically reintroduce food into your diet at the end of the detoxification program, you might be able to identify those that you have an adverse reaction to.

How many Calories are you eating a day?

TaureanMinx said...

@Mz Zee, yes acupuncture, chiropractor, yoga, massages ( my younger ones hate me)everything! I don't plan on eating anything bad for a few weeks as recommended by the homeopath.
@Chioma, I sure will.
@bumight, thanks, I have my personal cheerleader! Woohoo!
@ndq, cool, I will go and see it this weekend. Looking forward to giggling with myself lol.
@engee, you could try the palms, there are a few health shops and shoprite I guess. Maybe you will find it there but make sure its not maple flavoured sugar syrup oh and make sure its preferably grade B. Also do your research on the net well.
@Parice, lol, I don't hear the person above me move around that much (only heavy feet) so i'm hoping the person below me doesnt hear me either! I never have allergies till the summer comes and I don't figure I change my diet drastically when the sun comes out but you may be right. Some foods might make me more sensitive during the summer months. Although I never have/had allergies in Nigeria and its summer all year round.

james blake said...

Firstly i appreciate ur Optimistic character and concentrate on any excercises to get rid of the pain.
james blake