Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Doctors Quarters

A new Nigerian show with great reviews just started on the one and only monopoly known as DStv on the M-net Channel. Doctors Quarters features Kate Henshaw-Nuttall, Kayode Ogunyemi, Kiru, Peter Aziza and Preere Yibowei. The script is like a typical ER script with an emergency due to a 'danfo' accident as well as stories surrounding the lives of the students, but trust me a long way off. I loved it though; Nigerian series can only get better. We didn't get the typical screams of MODARAN OH or MO FE PAMIIII or CHINEKE OHHHH when a woman's son passed away, for example. I’m glad I didn’t have to cover my face in shame since the whole of Africa was watching. It’s filmed by South Africans’ but the scenes are very Nigerian. Lets see what the next one, Fuji house of commotion, with Chief, his three wives and uncountable children, has to offer!

I miss my baby sisterrrrrr. I really hope she is coping because according to my mother sending her to that school was a real baptism by fire....No visiting days, no 'provisions', nothing! Suddenly the house is quite quiet, there’s no whining here or tantrums there or threatening or frustrating the house help; just peace and quiet. Kinda boring if I must say so myself.

This weird dude who works in my building asked me for a favor today..''Since you are in procurement, I have a favor to ask''. Pray tell me what this favor is, I thought to myself but said, ''Sure, go ahead'',...and he said, wait for it....''You said you are in procurement right?'', ''I need you to please procure our babies''!!! I was dumbfounded and flabbergasted! What are chat-up lines coming to these days? This young man really thought I would whoop with joy at the thought of having babies for him. Why do Nigerian guys think the promise of marriage and babies is enticing? It’s no more enticing than being asked to jump in a smelly pond full of leeches and frogs. Not that I don’t want to get married someday but asking me to, especially when I only met you once, will not make me fall for you niccu.

I went for a Yoruba baby naming ceremony. Trust them to have a serious party for every occasion. I had a baby, come parry, my old dad died, come parry, I won the lottery, OWAMBEEEEE. Lolll. You just have to love the party spirit cos I have the bug as well. Anyways the baby was named Precious (and they say eastern people give their kids funny names), and at the end you are apparently supposed to drop a token fee for the mother. You learn something new every day huh?

My older baby sis is 19 today! Wow she is growing up so fast. She’s one beautiful ebony lass. I have to get my bat ready to beat those horny guys down.

Thursday, September 15, 2005


I thought there would be a lot of looting, destruction and bad news in general during the rally held yesterday over the hike in fuel prices..again. I think its happened twice already since I got back and 9, that’s NINE times since Obasanjo became president. BUT it was quite a peaceful procession, I’m proud of my Nigerians. I didn't get to see any of it as I am keeping boomylicious company as she house-sits for the week. Let’s hope the remaining rallies in other cities are just as peaceful AND that it makes a little difference.

Work is really slow today, not because there isn't anything to do though. I’m having a 'don't feel like being here' day. I have that maybe once a week but the thought that tomorrow is Friday is keeping me going. I'm taking my baby sis to see Wedding Crashers. It's consolation for the fact that she has to cut her hair for her new boarding school. She doesn't want to cut her hair and she doesn't want to go to boarding school so she has been feeling quite sorry for herself. I’m sure she'll be okay once she gets there though.

I had a lot of junk to eat at my aunts birthday yesterday, cakes, puff puff, spring rolls, samosa's (small chops as they call them), rice, shrimps, all sorts of meat..I just kept picking and picking and picking and that’s the worst way to eat. So I thought I'd be good today and eat sparsely but f*%$ it! I’M HUNGRY. Going to the canteen....

Friday, September 09, 2005

Just a moment of silence because my blondey is leaving me here and going back to obudu oyinbo............She was so sweet, even brought me pressies. I'll miss you pookie!

SO this week went by quite eventfully. As I have no direct boss in Nigeria, I can stroll in anytime before 9.30 without so much as a bat of an eyelash. I just waltz in and sit at my desk..u need to enjoy these things while they last. Lo and Behold my boss from the Uk ( I have to distinguish because there are quite a few) flies in for a meeting and I have to pretend like a good employee and show up at 8.00am everyday. So much for my beauty sleep.

My mama is back and I have all these goodies from family and friends. My sis sent me these shiny gold wedgy open toe shoes...I think they belong in the 20ies. I can hardly walk in them!

Wednesday night, went to see the longest yard at silverbird with pookie and it was hilarious. I caught the naija fever and even clapped once..I was shy.

Well im looking forward to an exciting week, Lagos throws all sorts at you each day but I guess that keeps me on my toes. Its also turning me into a mad woman, screaming curses at danfo and okada drivers and a million and 1 other people trying to cheat you silly. It gets quite frustrating , how it takes forever to get things done, the indiscipline, the inequality, the HEAT!!! but I stick to my decision to move home cos there's no place like home!

Monday, September 05, 2005

So I was introduced to this by a fellow blogging mate. This might prove to be a way of letting out some STEAMMM and recording my most interesting, frustrating, embarrassing moments so I can laugh at myself later on.