Friday, February 23, 2007


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I call to you

My soul is weary
Searching without finding
Crying without ceasing
Longing for a second of sheer happiness

My soul is weary
Thirsty for refreshing water
Hungry for divine food
Longing for a time when I will be complete

Are you the one who will?
Splash me with your cool water
Then bathe me in your warmth
Come and make me whole

Come and save this weary soul.

© Taureanminx

I need to rejuvenate guys. I’ve decided to focus this Lenten season so I have to give up my distractions. Blogging is one of them. Don’t miss me much. I’ll be back with a bang.

Bisous. xoxo

Blogville Gist- Edition 7

You came here for gist abi? Hong Si Fai Choi!!!! (It really sounds like Sege Banza!). See your eye like gist. Aproko united. What’s so great about gist that you have to come running here on a Friday. The last person that told me one gist like this, guess what happened to her? She got divorced, yes, and then she jumped from one big hotel in Ajegunle into the swamp at the back and kolo’d. Yes kolo, you don’t know what that is? Come back to Nigeria and I will tell you…in fact, I will show you. All we have to do is cross from the island to the mainland late when there is traffic, and then you will learn what kolo is. And a guy that gave me gist? He dropped the soap in kirikiri prison. It ws not a pretty sight.

Well let me give you my gist. I dreamt that I was stuck in traffic one blessed day. All of a sudden it was dark and the next thing glass started shattering everywhere. The dude came up to my window, raised his shirt and showed me his gun, then proceeded to break my windows. Guess what? I VEX….no be small, I snatched the gun from under his shirt while he was trying to grab my bag and shot him square in his nether regions. He started howling in pain while I wiped my mouth with my sleeve and said I’m Tminx Montana Nigga!

You want blogville gist abi? I will pity you and give you small gist because I don’t understand this work that I carried on my head. It won’t be easy sha. Sebi you be aproko. Guess the people that are concerned. Lemme give you gist. One blogger big girl that hails from the southern part of North America and recently moved back for the sake of NYSC has contacted me. She is well prepared for the days of waking up at 5am and jogging under the hot son, meeting people who will call you AXEHOLE, or officials who will send you to buy food from the mama put close by or buy credit before they sign your paper work, or worse still make you buy whatever they are selling. Rumour has it that she will be here for a few weeks enjoying the sights and sounds of Las gidi.

Another newbie blogger big girl who’s page is pink is making waves in blogville. Her page is delightfully yummy and she seems like such a fun person. Rumour has it that she is getting hitched to her fiancé (pronounced without the e, just fianssss) and has not even started planning yet. Her mother calls her constantly and drops the phone in anger. She will soon be in big trouble. Blogville please assist all you can in planning this wedding. Suggestions are welcome.

A certain very scandalous big girl has been caught red lipped (get it?) by her mother. She is dating a foreigner who dotes on her but hails from the land of Bob Marley. Her mother thought her little girl was pure and innocent, but has now listened in on a certain phone call which was explicit and involved the word p*$$^. She now has to confront her. Is there a storm a brewing?

An entertaining blogville big boy is going on a little break and will be coming back soon. Rumour has it that the newly engaged big boy did not even inform his fianssea of his impending plans. She plans to go to the babalawo to find out what is happening and will update us when she gets back. A soulful blogville big boy who writes poems foresaw this sometime ago but there is nothing a few cockerels and a goat cannot do. Look out for the update.

One big boy who hails from a mixed number of cities but has settled in Lagos has written about another of his sexcapades. Apparently she was a medusa. The same one from Amaaa akubaaaa anthonyyyyyyy? Or was that another movie. Chicks are falling left right and centre for this experienced big boy.

According to sources, a big girl has been leaving several comments at one time on a certain bow legged big girls blog. Rumour has it that she is a retired ‘big if you know what I mean girl’ and is now engaged. The gist is that she has gone stark raving MAD. Like the lunatics you see on the bridge with their dingalings on display for the world. She needs medication but may not be able to afford it due to the various shoes in her closet, any doctors or pharmacists in the house?

Another hot babe is about to make her selection from a number of Blogville big boys. Who shall she pick? We will all find out on the D-day which is Monday. Trot along to her blog for the big reveal. The big boys will also be laid bare on a certain shiny, maybe conflict stones blog on the D-day as well.

According to sources, our residential Blogville foreigner was attacked by hoodlums but managed to give them a run for their money. The operation was unsuccessful to say the least and their plans were soiled. Yay!

See all of you next week, and remember to email me any news. Ciao.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ash Wednesday

Today is the beginning of Lent. For those of you who don't understand Ash Wednesday and what it signifies, here is a little explanation

At Masses and services of worship on this day, worshippers are blessed with ashes by the celebrating priest or minister. The priest or minister marks the forehead of each participant with black ashes, in the shape of a cross, which the worshipper traditionally retains until washing it off after sundown. In many Christian churches, the minister of ashes may also be a layperson or non-clergyman. The symbolism echoes the ancient Near Eastern tradition of throwing ash over one's head signifying repentance before God (as related in the Bible). The priest or minister offers the worshipper an instruction while applying the ashes. These are three examples:

"Remember, man, that you are dust
And unto dust you shall return."
(Latin: Memento homo, quia pulvis es, et in pulverem reverteris.)
This wording comes from Genesis 3:19.

"Turn away from sin and be faithful to the Gospel."

"Repent, and hear the good news."

The lent period is a time for sober reflection, self-examination and spiritual direction. I guess its a good thing that I did the self analysis.

So anyway I got to work today and one of my colleagues came up to me, looked at my forehead curiously and proceeded to use her hand to wipe my forehead. Nigerians don't understand the concept of what I call my space your space and inappropriate behaviour. I mean, she could have just asked me to clean it myself if she thought it was dirt or something. Oh well, there goes my ashes.

Nigerian Idols is hilarious! There are some really good singers but the bad ones are baaaaaaaaad. Most of the guys choose terrible songs. Can you imagine auditioning with Dafo Drivers 'Swo' and doing the dance steps or Galala? Are they freaking kidding me? One Snoop look-alike introduced himslef as SCMOKE the TUG (thug). Righhhttt.

The funniest so far for me was a girl who decided she would perform Beyonces Irrepleacable

To the left to the lerft
hmm hmmmm hmmmm
To the left to the lerft

Dats my subject
Please dont stop now
Please don't leave me, please don't leave
and keep walking don't leave this time
could please go and dont come baccccck
it my name so you should stay
lemme call you away
standing in the borner
talking hmmm hmm talkingg bout ill never find no one lie you
got me insteaddd...........

I wish I had a shot of the judges. There is a Simon Cowell wannabe who is so annoying with his grammar and Daniel Foster is a surprisingly nice jugde.

There's a whole channel dedicated to Idols where they show the auditions one by one. And its quite addictive. I was up till 12 am on Monday night. Lord help me.

Checkout my photoblog :)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Self Analysis

Every year we make decisions to change certain aspects of ourselves....bad habits, certain behaviours and when I make these decisions I usually stick to them for a few weeks and revert back to my old behaviour in no time. Some are easier than others because some of these habits or patterns of behaviours are deeply rooted in us. We have been exhibiting them for years and it’s not so easy to just turn around and change it even though you may know better. Who remembers the phrase "It’s my NATURE" lol.

I did a personality type test for work and the results touched on a few bahavioural patterns I used to think were all bad. I remember always wishing I had a different personality type. Why am I not more this and that like this and that! But after reading my assessment, I have accepted that not everyone can be the same. There are various types of personalities and being a certain way doesn't make you worse or better than the next person but how you work with your personality to your best advantage is what matters.

I'll share a little bit of what I need to be careful of regarding interpersonal relationships when it comes to my personality type. These are the things that stood out the most for me and that I acknowledge I need to work on or to continue to work on:

1) In CONFLICT SITUATIONS, Taureanminx, you may find communicating and interpersonal exchange difficult to handle. You have a tendency to move away or avoid conflict so you can think about the issues and concerns of others. As a way of coping, you may accommodate the needs of others at the expense of your own to alleviate the stress you feel. You may try to reduce the conflict by trying to minimize the risks, slow the action down, and stick to familiar routines, details, and things you know. Under pressure you might “just wait ’til it’s over.”

I know conflict can be a good thing but I absolutely hate it. I remember quarrelling with a good friend of mine years ago and thinking it was the end of the world. She was shocked at my reaction and how upset I was as she thought it was just a normal argument that would eventually be resolved. I say yes when I mean no or beat around the bush if I feel there will be a potential conflict. It makes me look bad even though I have the best intentions. I've improved a lot on this, now I accept that there will always be some sort of conflict and that theres really is no pleasing some people but it still upsets me. I like the advice to just wait till its over. Works tres well for me.

2) When COMMUNICATING with others you will prefer to support others and accommodate their needs, but do so by limiting the requirements you are willing to address to take on. You will tend to be indirect and qualifying in your statements to others, yet want to show that you care about them.

Same as above. I like to do things for people even if I have to put my own needs aside. It makes me feel good but I don't like to make hard commitments to do these things. I'd rather they let me get back to them in my own time because I don't like to feel pressured or like I'm being forced to do things. My family knows me well, threats and direct orders never work. The funny thing is that I’m more productive under pressure but I just like to think that its me pressuring myself not others.

The problem with doing nice things is that I end up feeling resentful when I feel like I’m not appreciated, when no one asked me to do those things in the first place. And since I hate conflict I'd rather keep my feelings to myself which compounds the issue. I've started towards making a change in this regard by saying NO to doing things for people when I don't feel like it or my gut feeling tells me its a bad idea or if it affects the things I should be doing for ME.

3) You will prefer face-to-face interactions. Email or voicemail are chores that you have to get to. You will put distant, non-face-to-face communications aside when you are with others. Being people-oriented, tasks will always be second.

A terrible thing that I do. I find it hard to keep in touch. My closest friends are those around me at that period in time. Once they move far away, I think of them all the time but I don't get the chance to effectively keep up with them. This I have tried to change by setting several reminders and responding to emails as soon as I get them because once I don't reply its hard to go back to respond. I love both my blogs, at least my friends can keep up with me.

4) Although as a Specialist you are strong in the people domain, You tend to be guarded or secretive with people. As an indirect, introvert-acting person, you often do not reveal much about yourself. You are more comfortable dealing with what you know, understand, and prefer—including in your interpersonal relationships! This may lead to perceptions of aloofness from others and lead to interpersonal relationships that are often infrequent and short-lived. You tend to shy away from extensive, indepth involvement with people. You often do not express your feelings or thoughts straightforwardly because you feel you may hurt the other person or weaken your position with them. Instead you may tell the other person what you think they want to hear.

If I'm not comfortable with you, its really hard for me not to be guarded. I find it strange some things strangers share with themselves. I guess blogging has helped in this aspect. I have heard all these words used to describe me, mostly from guys. I seem to be a bit more open with girls. I am trying to express myself better and to be open and direct. Sometimes I really worry that the truth is a bit too much truth and might make the person angry and this has undermined some of my relationships because I don't say what I really want to say but now even if the truth kills me, I’ll stand by it.


Be more open with people and less guarded. You will appear less secretive and less withdrawn. You must remember that trust is earned through disclosures, which make you understandable. Next time you are with someone you feel is a person with whom you want to develop a long-term, personal relationship, begin to notice what you say and what you are really saying to yourself. Notice what you are not saying. It could be that what you are not saying is the key to what you really need from this person. Ask, “If you were to be honest with this person, what would you say?” “If you were to say what you were thinking, what do you think the other person would do?” “Say?” “What is at risk if you were to be honest?” “What do you think is at risk for you if you are not honest with your own needs?” Try to be honest with yourself.

5) You need to develop a better balance between pleasing others and pleasing yourself. You are so often focused on your care-taking activities that you forget to acknowledge and affirm yourself beyond the good works you do for others. You can know yourself through skills, hobbies, and experiences, which have little to do with people. The challenge is to find those things and allot time to them.

I have- my photography....and my blog :)

My question is...why do I care about people so much!!!!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Blogville Gist- Edition 6

Hi everyone,

Wow I got carried away with the whole DJ fiasco. Boorish male requested for a song for the boys and you know I can't turn down my friends so here you go.... ps I wish you had made a request....

This week was lovers week. Lets take a quick tour round blogville to see how some peoples week went.

The final Episode of Blogger Bachelorette is coming your was soon so watch out. The Bachelorette is Uzo for those that haven't heard. See the latest on Diamond Hawks blog

Some people HATED valentines day

Omohemi spent it in the hospital. Hope you are feeling better.

I think this guy explains it better

Some people spent it with their hubbys
Favoured Girl

Some poeple spent it alone

Some people got a suprise or planned a surprise
London Naija Chick
Simply gorgeous

Some dedicated that day to their loved ones
Daddys Girls - Can you guess who?
Yankee Naija Chick

Dipo has an excellent write up on what valentines day should be. Another Valentine

Suzy Peaches has a new post out on Monas Blog

Vicki has written this poem for a crush?

Confused Naija Girl has been discovered by T!

Excessive Diva was tricked into cooking amala for a blind date LOL!

Kunle is back after a long break from blogging. Hope she is here to stay.
Overwhelmed can't decided which avatar to use as her picture.

Biodun Confesses

Jeremy has a poster up for an event this weekend in London. Check it out Spread Love

Yellow Ibo Girl tells us what she wants from a man

As if you don't know enough by the Mistress

Dami and Toyin
Banke and Lanre


FROZEN PINK will be shutting down her blog tomorrow. If you haven't read her story, you should. She has used this medium to sort out some of the things she has been thinking and I pray that this is the beginning of her complete healing. We love you Ms Pink. (You aren't frozen :))

Seeing as I can't go through all the numerous blogs on blogville, if there is any news you'd like to share please email me at

Lovers Week- DJ Valentine on Moving on!

This is dedicated to K who cried yesterday. Hope this playlist makes you feel better.x

Mary J. Blige- Enough Cryin

Mary J. Blige- Not gon' cry

Gloria Gaynor-I will survive

Lauryn Hill- I used to Love Him

Boyz II Men- Doing just fine

Pink- There you go

Britney Spears- Stronger

Mariah Carey- Someday

Whitney Houston- Greatest Love of all (Its inside of you people)

Whitney Houston- Shoop

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


To my blog hubby. I wasn't sure what to get you so I decided to let you feast your eyes on this baby right here and its all for you. Maybe we will elope on the Lear together. Have a lovely day! I have more treats for you when we get home.


Hello Blogville, DJ Valentine coming at you with a few choice songs for the ladiessssssss and the guys if you are so inclined lol. Is there a song you love on the list, tell us what memories come up as you listen. Any requests for DJ Valentine?

3T- Anything

Boyz II Men- I'll make Love to you

Jagged edge- Promise

Tyrese- Sweet Lady

Donell Jones- I Wanna Luv U

Lil'Mo- Time after time (Originally Cindy Lauper)

Bob Marely- Turn your lights down low

Lauryn Hill- Can't take my eyes off you

Kevon Edmonds- 24/7

Joe- No one else comes close

Donell Jones- Knocks me off my feet

And for the requests.

This is for that special someone in Bioduns life. Hope you appreciate her as much as she does you.

Boyz II Men- Can you stand the rain

This is for you Funmi, wishing you a love filled day.

Mariah Carey- Thank God I found you

This is going out to Jaycee. Who are you saying I do to?

Boyz II Men- I do


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Lovers Week Day 2

Another Card

Hello all. Day two of vals week coming your way. This card is hilarious.

There is a cupid fair at fantasy land today and tomorrow for those interested.Daddys girl has some more 'eligible' bachelors (to be disputed) on her blog so check that out. Here is my song list for today. I've fixed the autoplay problem. Some more songs for you guys. Do you rememeber? Some of them are so mushy lol. 'I believe in Love', although corny lol, is for those who don't want to give up on love even though they have been hurt before. I just love Dwele's voice....

Dwele- Without You

Syleena- I believe in Love

Shai- Come with me

Keith Sweat- Twisted

SWV- Weak

Listen to tracks on

Monday, February 12, 2007

Lovers Week Day 1

In the spirit of things, I'd like to share some crazy cards prepared soley for valentines day.

This brings Jennifer Hudson to mind he hee.

So I attended the History of Love concert and met Uzo the blogger bachelorette. It was really nice to meet you Uzo. Together we sang along with Donnell Jones and endured Dbanj's rude performance of a song called ANACONDA in which he encouraged guy to make fists to represent their ANACONDAS and sang a line about a girl sucking his nether regions...Idiot. His other performances *almost* made up for it. Chante and Kenny are the sweetest couple I've seen in a while and that man has serious game oh. He knows just what we ladies need to hear. As for 112, Slim isn't so slim anymore lol. But they were okay too and performed the usual ballads including Only you. The capacity was less than expected, which was expected really at 30,000 for singles and 60,000 for a couple. I'll upload pics later in the week.

This week there are several things planned for the D day. On Wednesday, there is going to be an exhibition at XQZ moi with 2Face performing. I guess it’s an exhibition of love or something cos I don't get it.

Transcorp shares have been extended till Wednesday too so lovers can buy shares for their significant others on vals day.

Dan Foster is hooking people up on blind dates on his show. The last one was a flop. The guy lied about his height. He was 5" 6 and the girl was 5" 11. She said he was dressed like a rapper with bling all over and his chest open. She thought it was a joke. Dan please hook her up again.

This week, I'm going to feature some sexy songs I love. You know when you meet someone for the first time and there’s something about that person that piques your interest. You want to get to know the person better. Well this song embodies those feelings. Enjoy

Friday, February 09, 2007

Blogville Gist- Edition 5

So obviously the juciest juicy jist is that I got serenaded by two blogger men. No my head isn't swelling, I'm just giving you the goss. So see the lovely poems here...Babaalaye and Boorish Male.

I accepted both their proposals, Baba's hand in blog marriage and Boorishes hand in offline friendship. Here is my engagement ring. Don't go blind now. Shield YA eyes.

Babaalaye and I plan to elope soon. We feel it is oh so much more romantic. We will have a party for you guys when we get back.

More juicy stuff. If you haven't been to Diamond Hawks page then you truly are not down with the 419 sorry 411. Blogger Bacholorette is going on. Who are the Bachelors. I have my guesses. Lol. I think I'm mostly right too.

It truly baffles me how cold it is abroad! Maybe I just forgot how long the winter lasts. Here are some bloggers who have documented the weather.Boso, Calabar Gal and Chxta

Aramide's guest discusses all the crazy things girls have done for guys. I personally haven't done anything crazy. Well going to a phonebooth at 2am in the morning to make a long distance call could count as crazy. LOLLLL!! I reminisce.

NaijaVixen tells us about whats going on this Val week.

Vicki makes up with her friend. So sweet!

Kulutempa had a hilarious video of two drivers quarelling in Nigeria. Especially for those who have missed the Nigerian accent.

Buki reveals her sexy eyes. They see 50% more than I can lollll. Love you Buki.

Biodun is coming home for NYSC. You are going to have a blast and meet loads of new people. It will make up for the frustrations you will face lol.

Confused Naija Girl is facing some serious opression. Good luck with that girl. I'm sure you are hot and confident enough not to be opressed this year.


Daddy girl has a three tag on her blog. Looks interesting.


Babs. Please attend his housewarming. This blog template is very creative.
Bunmi Perfect Photography
Frozen Pink I can't even express how I feel about 'the' post. I'm sorry you went through that.
Naija Jinx
Wildcat Temmys best friend. And you know they say birds of a feathe..hmm Temmy you have been hiding stuff from us lol.
Einner. Who is Einner?


Excessive Diva


Goodbye Belle. Its sad to see you go. You didn't even leave your blog for a while. Hope you saved it though. It could be good to reflect back on the person you were a few years down the line. Take care and stop by every now and then! You will be missed.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Thanks guys for all the love you showed me on the day I was proposed to. Now that I am so happy, I want to hook all the single girls up. I have received a confidential email with pics of the very last bachelors. For all we know they could be the ones on Diamonds page. Be very careful who you vote for. Without further they are



He loves you so much, he will even try to make his mouth FRESH





I love you girls which is why I'm letting you know. Don't fight now, choose carefully okay. Let me know and I will hook you up with whichever one you prefer.

Monday, February 05, 2007

The proposal

Introducing Introducing Introduciiiiiiiiing


Sunday, February 04, 2007

These are my confessions

So I got this idea from London Naija Chick, Cherub, and Diamond.

I confess that its sunday and I haven't been to church. I have an hour to decide if I will go for the evening service

I confess that I'm not very happy today and haven't really been all week.

I confess that I think the fact that its lovey dovey month has something to do with it.

I confess that I'm scared and worried about what the future holds for me.

I confess that I have been struggling with my faith.

I confess that I have asked God for help.

I confess that I wish my siblings weren't so self absorbed.

I confess that Babaalaye's funk is contagious

I confess that I have nothing but love for Vera even though I'm hotter than her.

I confess that I'm curious about where boorish male met me and if I know him.

I confess that I wish 'we' would just get along but I don't think we ever can.

I confess that I wish I could make a difference but I'm not sure how or if I can.

I confess that I will not give up trying.

I confess that I'm done with confessing.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Blogville Gist Edition 4

First of all, happy February people! Wow it’s the second month of 2007 already!!

Lets start with the breaking headlines.......

Wonders shall never cease. This girl called Vera is seriously making waves in blogville. It’s the classic kpom to superstar c-list celebrity status story. This week she has had two proposals. See them for from Boorish Male who has disgraced me by dumping me publicly and letting me know by this open declaration. I told our kids that their daddy is in Jail and is never coming back . The other from Guy Horny. Naijabloke is currently slacking. Dude you need to do something about your wife. Handle her! Maybe he is tired of her and her promiscuous ways.

UPDATE..Please see THIS. Boorish Male is offcially the Vera of the male species of blogville. If Vera can do it, so can he. Don't be upset dear, be open minded. LOL! Meanwhile Mr Boor, what are you playing at?...Ashewo kobo kobo. lol.

There is great anticipation for Blogger Bachelorette as promised by Diamond. Tell us more. What is it about? I'm curious.

Valentines day is not so far away. Well Remi- the versatile shopper gives us tips on what to buy for the men in our *cough* lives. Vera don't go broke shopping for three men oh.

Why is this Diva complaining about her guy liking her too much? Women lol. Its all love girl. Congrats on the marathon.

The much loved ICY is coming back to blogspot! We are waiting dear.

Mona has updated her blog and has lots of interesting topics for you to digest. I'm sure Bella will have her usual weekend blog up also so troop down there and I wonder who will be first to leave a comment.

Daddys Girl gives us a summary of what her January was like.

Mosaic gives us the low down on her party.

Belle has been transferred to the city. Congrats girl!

Ms Minx discovered her friends' boyfriends cheating ways!

9ja Mummys baby is crawling and walking with a stroller! How cute.

Dilichi talks about a new word..being Jaded... thanks to Jade Goody.

Buki has hilarious stories about her grandma and getting hit by an Okada

You think you are a seasoned blogger? Check out the oldest blogger DON

Lets break the silence.

Being sexually abused is not the victims fault; let’s not sweep it under the carpet. Let’s make it easy for them to speak. Many bloggers have written about this issue. Among them are

Confused Naija Girl
Boorish Male
Engineer Ayo
Omohemi Benson
Azuka writes a short story on domestic abuse which is also prevalent and silenced.


Eminie that your real name?
Confession Diary
Vokes Blog
Queenzy aka Queen Ebong


Beautifully Human
Favoured Girl