Thursday, February 01, 2007

Blogville Gist Edition 4

First of all, happy February people! Wow it’s the second month of 2007 already!!

Lets start with the breaking headlines.......

Wonders shall never cease. This girl called Vera is seriously making waves in blogville. It’s the classic kpom to superstar c-list celebrity status story. This week she has had two proposals. See them for from Boorish Male who has disgraced me by dumping me publicly and letting me know by this open declaration. I told our kids that their daddy is in Jail and is never coming back . The other from Guy Horny. Naijabloke is currently slacking. Dude you need to do something about your wife. Handle her! Maybe he is tired of her and her promiscuous ways.

UPDATE..Please see THIS. Boorish Male is offcially the Vera of the male species of blogville. If Vera can do it, so can he. Don't be upset dear, be open minded. LOL! Meanwhile Mr Boor, what are you playing at?...Ashewo kobo kobo. lol.

There is great anticipation for Blogger Bachelorette as promised by Diamond. Tell us more. What is it about? I'm curious.

Valentines day is not so far away. Well Remi- the versatile shopper gives us tips on what to buy for the men in our *cough* lives. Vera don't go broke shopping for three men oh.

Why is this Diva complaining about her guy liking her too much? Women lol. Its all love girl. Congrats on the marathon.

The much loved ICY is coming back to blogspot! We are waiting dear.

Mona has updated her blog and has lots of interesting topics for you to digest. I'm sure Bella will have her usual weekend blog up also so troop down there and I wonder who will be first to leave a comment.

Daddys Girl gives us a summary of what her January was like.

Mosaic gives us the low down on her party.

Belle has been transferred to the city. Congrats girl!

Ms Minx discovered her friends' boyfriends cheating ways!

9ja Mummys baby is crawling and walking with a stroller! How cute.

Dilichi talks about a new word..being Jaded... thanks to Jade Goody.

Buki has hilarious stories about her grandma and getting hit by an Okada

You think you are a seasoned blogger? Check out the oldest blogger DON

Lets break the silence.

Being sexually abused is not the victims fault; let’s not sweep it under the carpet. Let’s make it easy for them to speak. Many bloggers have written about this issue. Among them are

Confused Naija Girl
Boorish Male
Engineer Ayo
Omohemi Benson
Azuka writes a short story on domestic abuse which is also prevalent and silenced.


Eminie that your real name?
Confession Diary
Vokes Blog
Queenzy aka Queen Ebong


Beautifully Human
Favoured Girl


LondonBuki said...

I am FIRST!!!

VERA should be jealous!!!

LondonBuki said...

TMinx, Very nice write-up again.
Don't mind that yeye Vera girl! U r too good for BM anyway!

Let's see the magic she will have to perform to 'love' THREE men on Valentine's day!

Hmmm... maybe you should go get NaijaBloke!!!! ;-)

em said...

lsit not complete. what of overwhelmed. chxta nad azuka?

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Great summary as usual - I am also looking forwrd to Diamond bachlorette thingy and that vera - she makes finding a man look too easy. Im sure NB has picked up pace.

boorish male said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
boorish male said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
boorish male said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
boorish male said...

May the truth be told:

Daddy's Girl said...

No worries TMinx, you have not been dumped. Thanks for the interesting round-up. Have a great weekend!

Mona said...

awww this is so nice! Well done for our weekly gist

Vera Ezimora said...

Once again, she has talked about me first.

TMINX, whenever I come 2 Naija, we have 2 meet because this kin luff you get 4 me, e too much o! But I luff u too sha. Yes, our man might have publicly proposed 2 me... but hey, things happen. If it makes you feel any better, I have accepted Guy Horny's proposal because the unBoorish Male is not quite sure if he wants the green eyed one or the bow legged one. So until he decides sha...

@ Buki, did you say she's too good 4 Boorish Male? birds of the same feather flock together o. Why r u syking her, ehn? better indeed! You're only saying that cause I gat a proposal *HISS*

@ Boorish Male: no comments 4 u!

Dimples said...

Thanks for the gist...and I can wait to see how this love triangle is going to unfold...
Have a FAB weekend all!!!

Uzo said...

I have slacking on my blogs lately so a lot of this is really new to me..Off to catch up on a few

Meme said...

Cuz, I've been seeing this Eminie girl in blogville too and i honestly thought it was YOU!!! Until you just asked if that was her real name!!! lol

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

But Miss T - Mr Boor has dedicated a whole post for you and your bow legs. It appears that he chose you afterall over our vera - Angel eyes.

Bella Naija said...

I cant wait till Vals day because this whole Vera, Boorish, TMinx triangle will heat up even more!
London Buki..y r u always 1st...ah ah!

I'll go and check out those new blogs...
Hope Boorish takes u for the oceanview vals day event..i know he has ur number!

Vera - this babe - does ur bf mind all ur blog lad would have a fit

Anonymous said...

hey girl... you have to include Tutsy on the next update. her current post is HILARIOUS!

Queen Ebong said...

Thanks for the gist and the link too. Though my blog isnt new. I have been blogging since 2005 but I became serious with my present blog in April 2006.

Nice blog u have here too.

Anonymous said...

lol.. blogsville drama is hilarious...

mimi said...

hey tminx, i'm new, where's my name, okay so this babe is unpopular but now u know me, mmn

Favoured Girl said...

Hi TMinx, thanks for the gist round-up! I see I've been slacking with the drama going on in Blogsville kai! Thanks for providing links to keep me updated. I was missing for a while - busy busy - but I've updated my blogs now.

beautyinbaltimore said...

TaureenMix- How do you keep up wiyh all of the different blogs.

Eminie said...

TMinx you have lovely eyez oooo , thanks for stopping over at my blog !
Of cuz that’s not my name! like I said in my profile I am anonymous!
But I can I can locate you , we work in the same industry !!!
I need to make some confessions too!

Bluntremi said...

Thanks for the notable mention on your page Mamaalaye :)

And congrats on your upcoming nuptials...

I will update soon- I am running very low on sleep from running all over NYC after work for shows... its not easy , and updating is very low on my list of priorities...sleep is HIGH!!

No vex, I will catch up soon, I promise!