Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Unnakeds Meme

So its about time I did the meme. I can't blog during the day cos I'm currently on a training. I miss browsing through all your blogs but trust me to catch up at the end of the day. The atmosphere around the office is still weird but work must go on. The incident is still on everyones mind and its kinda scary when going home but life goes on.

Question 1:Imagine you are in a desert (are you there?);Now imagine a ladder (are you seeing it?);Now what is the position of the ladder?

Its slanting upwards at an angle.

Question2:Image a horse in that same desert (are you there?);What is the colour of the horse?

Black with a white forehead

What is the horse doing?

We are both running towards the oasis.

Question 3:Come back to reality...Give three reasons why you like water.

Its cool

Its refreshing

It cleanses

Question 4:What is your favourite colour?

It changes but right now its Green

Give the three reasons why you like that colour.

Its sexy

Its rich

It makes me look good.

Question 5:What is your favourite animal (Even if you don't like, what would it be if you do?)

A dolphin.

Give three reasons why you like/would like that animal.

They are friendly nad approachable

There have been studies done about their healing capabilities

They are cute

Question 6:Imagine you wake up in a white room with no door, and no window.What will be your first reaction?

Where am I?

What will be your reaction afterwards?

I'll look for any way out then sit on the floor in a corner with my knees drawn in and arms crossed and devise a plan.

Question 7:Without thinking, name two opposite sex names that are not your family member.


Question 8:Without thinking, name someone from your family member.

1? Oseyi

Question 9:Name anyone, same sex or otherwise, that is not a family member.

1? Buki

Question 10: List four of your favourite music title

1) If I could change the world by Eric clapton
2) A womans worth by Alicia Keys
2) Stuck on you by Lionel Ritchie
4) Believe in me by Lenny Kravitz

Question 11:List four of your favourite location/city.

1) Paris
2) Lagos (bittersweet love lol)
3) Accra
4) London

Last One:Arrange these animals according to your preference:Tiger, Sheep, Cow, Monkey, Eagle



Bella Naija said...

I'm first!!!!!!! wooot! lol
Very interesting meme...
Unnaked should come and decipher it for us asap!

azuka said...

Why isn't monkey the best animal you love? :-D

My Dad once bought a whole lot of exotic meat and monkey was one of the animals represented. The entire family was grossed out...

Queen Ebong said...

Nice meme, nice blog.
am loving it.

ur dad bought a monkey?
How weird is that

TaureanMinx said...

@bella, $dollars, PNC Bank, 5 o clock. Yah where is that unnaked dude?
@azuka, I dunno they r strange, I think its bush meat sometimes lol
@queen ebong, Thanks! I'll check yours out.

UnNaked Soul said...

The Response... Trust me this is like 90% true... If TMinx denies it, we should all not buy her chocolate for Valentine or Gift Certificate for her birthday...

Anyways, here it goes
The ladder slanting upward at an angle (I assume it is standing alone) depicts that you are set in your ways, and you will achieve your goals on your own terms...

A black horse with a white forehead (uhm) You have a deep secret sexual desire. A secret you're afraid of letting people know. And the white forehead means that regardless of your deep sexual secret - You're a V or not experienced, but wish to through someone who can mentally stimulate you to release your inner most dark sexual desires...

Both of you running towards the oasis: You want a lover you can cater to as much as he can cater to you (Emotionally/Financially). And running to the oasis means that you'll want a man whom both of you can pursue the same goals...

For you, sex is cool, refreshing, and it cleanses you... Well, your ideals in that area...

Your personality changes... You get mood swing... but at the moment, you feel sexy... And for you having money is a must (not having is not an option - you hate the idea of being broke). If you're broke, its not fun at all... and right now, you feel good... This is not the best time to have sex... Trust me! and don't ask why... LOL

Your idea lover is someone who is friendly and approachable, since your ego matters to you alot...
And you can only date a man whom you have studied well enough, and you can see that his good sides out weighs his bad side, and that he conforms to your ideal way of life (I once saw a man like this in A.I.)
Above all, he must be CCCUUUUTTTEE! (babaalaye hope you dey hear) LOL

Death for you is something you wonder about... and you're seeking a medium that will at least give you a way out (Religion, blah blah blah, etc)

B you have a crush on (Babaalaye?)
L you're dating or about to date

Oseyi is your lucky star...

You and Buki will share a fruitful relationship...

If you could change the world, you'll make it a home for you and B (babaalaye?)

I hope L knows your woman's worth

You're stuck on Oseyi... how cute

And you're telling her to believe in you... how sexy...

Paris is where you heart belongs (So you are not so plastic after all - there's romance in you *wink*)

Accra is where the MAGIC is going to happen...

London you'll be if you reach 50...

Your order of priority:

- Freedom
- Ego
- Friends
- Family
- Finance (Funny enough I agree with this... Taureans are known to be financially conscious people... but a Taurean in love places finance as last priority in return for sanity in their love life... I have seen over 37 Taurean women done this... But I can't say for the men though how long they can stay in that state... but when she brokes she did... quite a fixed sign) Hey, am giving out too much info...

Well, It's Done!

LondonBuki said...

@Unnaked, I was about to put up this post BUT now I am scared! LOL!!!

@TM Enjoy your training :-)

UnNaked Soul said...

@londonbuki: LOL... don't be scared... I won't tell...

Mari said...

I don't get this meme. Is Soul the only one who can interpret?

NaijaBloke said...

Na wah o ..so unnaked soul dan become Madam Cleo finish and Tminx where r u to answer to this o ..

Na Turuuuuuuu?

Guess I need to do this meme

TaureanMinx said...

@unnaked lol! You are right. 90% is true, infact 95%. I won't tell you which 5% is wrong though.
Two questions
Whats A.I
What do you mean its not the best time?
@Lb, do it jo
@Mari, I think so. He has crowned himself Mr psychologist
@Naijabloke, Ameboooo, go and do yours!

naijagal said...

taureanminx dear where exactly do you work? Was this part of the training material?

my response would have been "whatever" to most of the questions ! for real!

NaijaBloke said...

Ese o aunty na me be amebo abi ... I go do my own later 2day ...so come back when u wake up to check ..

Am still waiting for the number sha ..LOL

Nice to know u r feeling better

Vera Ezimora said...

So white forehead means Tminx has a hidden sexual desire? LOL

I wonder what that could be!

Belle said...

You have a deep secret sexual desire. A secret you're afraid of letting people know.

Do i smell a FREAK? lol

hmmm so the results are 95% accurate ehn? perhaps i should put mine up. lol

Tutsy said...

Okay......this sure is a wierd one. Don't get it at all......Does that make me shallow or stupid? Perhaps both....lol.
@Unaked Soul....you be shrink?....think i need to hire you to interpret the crazy thoughts in my head....lol

angie said...

So, it is confirmed that u have a crush on Baba-alaye????....lol.
Hmmm wat is this deep secret sexual desire, spill the beans girl. Or mayb only someone knows(* mischievious grin*)

UnNaked Soul said...

@TMinx: A.I. is a movie by Steven Speilberg... There's this AI dude played by Jude Law...

"This is not the best time to..." I said don't ask... but you did... instructions my dear... (as a Taurean, it is only natural you get really really really curious now - see this as a reverse psychology)

@tutsy: drama queen...LOL... your ego (pride, control-freak-ism) is your friend and your enemy...

OmoIbadan said...

I will come back and understand the astrology behind this post...when i grow up.