Friday, November 25, 2005


"Once a month, the lining of the uterus, acting on signals from estrogen and progesterone hormones, thickens with spongy, blood-filled nutrients. If the woman has had sex and an egg and a sperm join, this uterine lining (endometruim) will be used to sustain the developing embryo. If fertilization doesn't take place, the egg travels down the fallopian tube, through the uterus, past the cervix, and out the vagina. Approximately twelve days later, when the levels of estrogen and progesterone have dropped and the uterus has gotten the message that no pregnancy has occurred, the uterine lining - blood and mucus - simply flows out. In total, each period consists of four to six tablespoons of blood."

"The Curse: Confronting the Last Unmentionable Taboo: Menstruation By Karen Houppert"

I can't touch you! That’s what he said!

My coach refused to put me through the usual exercise routine yesterday and today. I didn't know whether to be mad or just accept the fact that ignorance kills.

So I goggled and there it was right in front of me. In those days people believed menstruation could spoil meat!! Even medical practitioners did not want females admitted in the Medical Institution because with sound minds, these men reasoned that if women could spoil meat, they could spoil FLESH! Earlier than that male hunters thought a menstruating lady cursed them with bad luck. Gimme a freaking break.

In 1981 the authour conducted a survey in America

  • More than one-quarter thought that women could not function normally at work while menstruating, with 8 per cent (that would have been 14 million Americans!) saying that women should make an effort to stay away from others when they're having their periods.
  • 35 per cent said they thought menstruation affected a woman's ability to think
  • 30 per cent thought women should cut down on their physical activities while menstruating
  • 49 per cent said that women had a different scent at that time
  • 27 per cent said menstruating women looked different.
  • Half thought women shouldn't have sexual intercourse during their periods, and
  • 22 per cent believed that swimming while menstruating was harmful.
  • Two-thirds of those surveyed said that women should not mention their periods in the office or in social situations - that included veiled references to stomach pains or headaches - and more than one-third thought women should conceal the fact that they were menstruating from their families (for example, by hiding sanitary products).
  • Interestingly, men were more likely than women to think it was OK to talk openly about periods (38 per cent, as opposed to 27 per cent).
  • 31 per cent of the women surveyed reported not knowing what menstruation was the first time they had their period, and
  • 43 per cent of the women had had negative responses to their first period, saying that they felt scared, confused, terrible, panicky or ill."

SO this was over 2 decades ago and I would like to think that people's ideas and beliefs have evolved concerning this particular issue. But alas I was taken aback by my coach who I had to inform that I was having cramps when one really bad wave seized me, to easy up on the stomach crunches. 360 degrees turnaround. This is the first time I have ever felt slighted for being a woman. He got up and went on to explain or more like blurb about spiritual realms and menstruating women stealing men’s powers and the blood being able to nullify the effects of protective shields to bring down the most powerful man. In my mind I’m like 'warrefarrrk'? If a menstruating woman is able to bring down a man with powers obviously not from God..More Power To You My Sista!

Anyway I really was annoyed by his reaction like I at that point in time I was unclean. There are even references in the first testament in the book of Hebrew about women being unclean and unholy at the time of their periods, another example of cultural beliefs evolving into religious beliefs. I refuse to believe that periods are evil and women suck the life out of men. A man does that to himslef by giving into his LUST for a woman....Man's age old weakness. Trust a man to look for a reason for the woman to have such power over him..A lightbulb pops up and he decides that the reason must be her period. She bleeds and she doesn't dieeee. God cursed a woman with pains of childbirth not Periods and PMS.

So ladies, lets not be ashamed or feel inferior. Lets walk up to those counters and buy scented pearly tampons (they are oh so convenient. We survive through the CYCLE, and still can do what a guy can and even better!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Can I say that I had a BLAST last weekend! It was tres fun. What was meant to be a meeting of 6 like minded girls turned out to be a CHORUS of about 12! We sang our little wannabe Whitney Houston vocal chords away, during an impromptu Karaoke Session. We had originally planned to try out the New koreana Restaurant as a part of a bi-monthly girly meeting the girls normally organise or should I say III organise. I've become event planner extraordinaire. Anyways so we get there and baby decides we should move to the Karaoke room as she's been there before..She promptly exercises her customer rights and gets the room for free (I think the guy just wanted to get rid of the young assertive lady loll. Baby you can fight for me ANYTIME). That’s when everything got interesting, soprano, alto, bass, squeak, scratch loll, we had it all. Sting, Natalie Imbruiglia, Spice girls, Boyz II Men and even an unknown Korean musician GAT nothing on us! We got so into the spirit of things that we put Omotola Jalade's Cd in and 'karaoke'd' to GBAAA, Naija lo wa…... She is dude's protégée. I must say I never imagined that a little evening out would turn out to be so much fun; all I can say is, girls we have a tough one now trying to beat that.

The week so far has been okay. The office is exceedingly excruciatingly HOT. Apparently the AC had problems and will be fixed by the end of the day. We have received an email to that effect since the beginning of last week. Trust me no one can work in this heat. Even updating my blog seems like hard work. The facilities department is on fire from the Management though. Lets hope tomorrow is much cooler.

So preparations for Dude's bbcue are on the way. I'm on the search for delicious ice-cream as my contribution. Where do I gooo? I asked this lady for a quote to come and serve a 100 people at a bbcue and guess what she quoted? 18k! After my last blog, I don't think I have the heart to be so frivolous in my spending, so I'm looking for alternative means to get ice-cream on Saturday.

Well seeing how hot it is and how I really cant do any productive work, I am going to see The Man at silverbird with my aunt who just got back and hasn't seen the galleria. We are going to paint the town a mild light red.

Friday, November 18, 2005


In my quest to improve my knowledge of current affairs, I have begun to read more than just the headlines of newspapers and instead delve into the too tiny, too long, too worded text and orientate my self with the happenings, no matter how obscure, around the world. I have fast begun to appreciate the lengths journalists and photojournalists have to go to obtain scintillating, thought provoking, moving or/and eye-catching stories to maintain their jobs. There is also inherent danger and in some cases psychological trauma that comes with the job.

The picture seen was taken by Kevin Carter during the famine in Sudan in 1994. It shows a young girl desperately crawling towards a United Nations food camp about a kilometer away. The vulture is obviously waiting for its prey to die from exhaustion before it descends on the child. This picture really spoke volumes yet there were no words. It sure brings one down to earth as fast as a rocket launching into space. The first thing you immediately think of is..'What happened to the girl?'. There are no records as to what happened to the girl, all that was ever said was that Kevin left immediately after taking the picture. Whether he left the girl or he left Sudan and what happened to the child is left to one's imagination and what horrible alternative scenarios I have come up with. My trusted Google gave me a little insight into Kevin's life though. A few months later, Kevin Carter committed suicide using carbon monoxide to suffocate himself in his car.

This is definitely a reminder that things could always be worse and that I must always give thanks for whatever blessings come my way. I hope I remember this the next time I grumble over inconsequential things or for example, when Nepa decides to act up and cut the Power although we r in the 20th Century!

Currently donations are being collected at Zenith bank in a fund set up by Dangote for the famine in Niger. They placed an Ad in the paper with this picture as an illustration. Interested people should inquire at Zenith Branches.

The picture won a Pulitzer Prize.

Friday, November 11, 2005


I have a new lover....Bobby Valentino. Is this dude cool or what? I’m talking music wise right now. Okkaayyy. Anyways the tracks are banging and I'm a fan for life. Try 'My Angel'.

Now you may look at this for those who know me and say..'How sad! She has resorted to this..liking all these stars when there are several eligible men in Lagos'. My question to you is 'Where the hell are they'? Like am I blind? Are you talking about the Aristo's? Or maybe the multiple girlfriend guys? Hmm, perhaps the married ones? No? The ones that sit pretty and want you to chase them? Then I think you mean the single one's looking for flings, that tell you during your first converstaion..'I just broke up with my long term girlfriend, now I just want to have fun and chill'. I ask you.. 'who the hell you want to chill with'? lollll. Punk.

Don't get me wrong, I don't write them off at first glance but seriously dude, this is our third 'date' (we will get back to this) and all you want to do is mess around. Fine some use endearing words like baby and honey and beautiful but I know they would actually say anything at that point in time. Some get this glazed look in the eye when you try and have any form of intelligent conversation. Its almost hilarious. So you see I need a guy that has the right mix, and I really wonder if he is out there. I'm tired of having 'the talk' with my mum, does anyone feel me? lol. Nigerian mums can get a bit pushy although at 15 I distinctly remember her telling me to go change my shorts and enter the house when a guy attempted to chat me up in front of the house. She stood upstairs looking through the window like a spy, then shocked the hell out of me by sharply shouting my name. All of a sudden I'm supposed to be superwoman man conqueror.

Back to the topic on dates. Can we be UNORIGINAL in Nigeria? I know there’s not much to do but the reality is that dates consist of the guy dropping by at the girls place or vice versa. . There’s the odd clubbing days but most couples hate going clubbing together. There are the eatery places, but how much can one eat. The beach? It gets tired. What else? I guess it must be the same everywhere though. You really have to enjoy each other's company to be able to take it. I personally think that those kinds of dates should come way later. First dates should be a little more interesting.

Finally all single girls with friends that are hooked can probably attest to this. They try to hook you up in all sorts of ways. 'I have this friend', 'My boyfriends friend', 'I was chatting with this guy and he is looking for someone serious', 'Can I give this guy your number', 'I gave this guy your number', 'I cc'd you on this email to my friend', 'I'm adding you to our convo'. I don't know how effective such introductions are as I haven't carried out a survey but I'm not too sure it would work for me. There is that balance of trying not to be rude to your friends' friend and trying to gently let down a guy you are not feeling that I just don't think I can deal with. Besides when I feel like a pity case, I'll apply.

It’s FRIDAY! Another restful weekend. The girls and I are exercising tomorrow as part of our keep sexy fit plan. Get the sweat pants and trainers out. Here we go!

Monday, November 07, 2005


My blog name is TaureanMinx and I am sensitive!

Sometimes I wonder how much growing up we actually do. I wonder each time a scene from childhood plays out and yet feelings of inadequacy mingled with uncertainty and annoyance with oneself at certain reactions occur. It really does take one back in time to compare with the reactions and responses all those years before. I think these repetitive experiences change us each time. Each one gives us a little free life's lesson as they occur. Well my last lesson learned is being straight forward is more rewarding than trying to be forever the peace-maker. If I was asked in an interview, this would be my biggest flaw...forever trying to keep the peace and be nice, a certain behavioral trait obtained from my father and passed down in various degree's to his children, I probably being hit with the most potent dose.

Old habits die hard, years back I could almost pass out if someone was upset with me or even generally upset around me, the pacifier spirit would just rear its bothersome head and I would go into peace mode. I was finely tuned to the emotions of others knowing wether they were happy, mad, sad, or plain crazy just y being in the same room. Years of working on my pacifist behaviour have brought me to a passable stage but I find that I sometimes regress to those appease/save the world days. I've realised that it's not really worth all the hassle in the end. What really matters is me. So I start tomorrow on different note...let your yea be yea and your nay be nay. Stick to your guns niccu. Life will be tres tres easier.

Now that I've let of steam (somewhat), what kind of country has pot-holes on its runway for crying out loud!!!! You would think that the Bellview disaster (May all the souls rest in peace) would instigate a full scale overhaul of airplanes as well as airports and aviation warning systems and improvements to our lackadaisical disaster response times in various airports. We are too laid back in Nigeriaaaaaaa. Get up people. The funny thing, well not so funny is we the masses can only talk about it. All decisions are left to those in power so complaining is actually a waste of time. How many people carry out protest marches here? A lot of people would probably wonder if the protesters were mad, or conclude that they were wasting their effort and time marching in the hot sun. In Maslow's hierarchy of needs one has to satisfy their psychological needs – hunger, thirst, bodily comforts before one can worry about all the other things such as POTHOLES! A lot of the people here are definitely starving so I guess there will be no protests for now!

Are you self actualised?