Thursday, June 28, 2007

Goodbye Idols

So i've been booted off the Idols show! I'm not mad, as I said in my farewell speesh lawl, the runners up make it further than the actual winner, so I stand a very good chance of becoming the next BIG thing. Watch out guys, enjoy me while you can lol.

I'm not going home this week anymore, I have been asked to work and extra week :(. Well I guess I'll be even more excited next week. It was raining here ALL DAY LONG yesterday. I have never seen anything like it. Not once did the rain stop, not even for 5 seconds for a whole day. Wow

Its my sweeties birthday today. LOVE YOU LondonB! Have a great day and see you next week.

UPDATE: Your request LOVESTONED by JT is playing.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

My weekend

So I had a fantastic weekend. The most eventful I have ever had in Sweden.

Friday was fun, met up with colleagues for drinks. See my colleagues on the same program as me are a group of bright young men and women. While if I met with Nigerian people to wind down, we would probably discuss things as inconsequential as music, fashion or relationships....somehow during the course of the evening we started to discuss........where the moon sets and rises?!?. As in it was a serious debate needing wikipedia and the likes. But for real though, was anyone taught that? Lol as in the more some people got merry, the stranger the conversation became. We were really feeling like philosophers. A bit too on the intense side lol.

We didn't do the whole dancing around the pole thing with people, the weather was miserable. Apparently it’s always miserable during midsummer, why didn't someone tell me that before I got excited. Anyway seeing as all of Stockholm’s inhabitants had left and moved to the surrounding islands, it was a ghost town really. You could shout and almost hear your voice echo. We went for a buffet dinner at Skansen but when I saw the cost my eyes nearly popped out. Do these people know I’m trying to save money? priceeey. Gosh. The food was okay I guess. I grudgingly ate it.

Saturday started out slow. I remembered I was invited for a picnic by my Nigerian colleagues' wife. They had assumed it would be okay weather wise, but again it was dreary, so the picnic had to be indoors. This so called 'picnic' had Semovita, Ogbono, Fried rice, Jollof rice and the works lol. I have never eaten so much in my life...I tried everything, I can't remember the last time I had Nigerian food. It was fantastic. Their son, T, has this cute Swedish friend who loves anything Nigerian lol. He was there grubbing like there was no tomorrow, with his hands. After a while I even forgot he was Swedish. The adults ended up dancing to King Sunny Ade and Ebenezer Obe...we made our escape to the apartment and watched the ever hilarious Little Britain...'but i'm the only gay in the villaaaaage'.

Later that evening T and I decided to go clubbing. This was first time clubbing in Sweden since I came two months ago. Usually, after drinks at some bar or the other, my colleagues are happy to go to a club playing techno music. I decline; the headache is not worth it. Anyway we ended up going to a place called the bedroom. It was off the chain. The Dj was playing old school hip hop from the 80's to the present and the building was packed with kids of immigrants to Stockholm.....Eritreans, Somalis, some black kids I couldn't quite place, a lot of mixed race people and of course Swedish hip hop lovers too. I tell you it was a room of hotness. These people are beautiful! Not only that, there was no posing, the girls really put me to shame lol. Not one of them ever frowned or gave attitude even when a guy sort of pulled them gently to dance. For real though, if all Nigerian men were all as beautiful, I would never have any attitude EVER AGAIN. But the atmosphere was so much more relaxed. The DJ was dropping tracks like what! lol, way, Michael Jackson..Thriller, Billie Jean, Bad, Bobby Brown...Prerogative, LL Cool J...doing it, Foxy Brown..Take you home, Blackstreet...No diggity, Lumi Dee, Toucchhh me teaasee me, Sim sima who gat the keys to the beamerrr lol, Candy rain, Justin…Lovestoned, Neyo...These kids were dancing! Flex, running man, MJ's steps, boggle lol....Then he broke out with Gaou! Wow, lollll, I showed them my Makosa skills! It really was a lot of fun. So when you come see me in Sweden, I'll take you to the bedroom.

Sunday was for church and winding down. Now I'm looking forward to my trip this weekend. I hope the fuel situation has eased up by then.

LB, hope you are much better today. I will keep Mummy in my prayers. Love you to bits :)


Picture from Simon Jobling

Friday, June 22, 2007


Trying to sing a rock song is draining oh. Wow that took some time to get right but if you like it pls VOTE FOR TMINX HERE. I respect musicians and all the work they have to do repeating a damn line for a song.

Being the oldest child is not easy, I'm forever trying to make sure the others are okay. Sometimes they listen, sometimes they don't but I thought at least I would be a point of contact if they ever got into problems since, obvously, I may have gone through the same situation. I guess I am officially old, or maybe too hard cos one of them had a serious issue and didn't bother to let me know about it and just sat there suffering and smiling. Suffering, sweating and smiling. Anyway a very smart friend came to me with the problem and of course a problem shared is a problem solved. So I beg you E, O and O, know you can tell me anything in confidence. I know I can be tough, but to me, there is nothing like family. And if you don't, watch me beat it out of your friends. Love you guys with all my being.

Its midsummer today. June 22...summer solstice.....yah. So i'm on a holiday. YAY. My trip to Nigeria is fast approaching everyday, and i'm still getting ludicrously excited like i have been away for a hundred years intstead of only 2 months. Simply G, make sure you get in touch. Temmy, maybe we will see and Uzo, we have to try and catch up :).

So my plans for today? To go and watch Swedes get drunk, wear flower rings on their heads and jump around like frogs singing and dancing round a huge maypole. I'll probably join in the fun too seeing all I need is air, to act a fool. The song is

"Helan går"
Helan går
sjung hoppfaderallanlallanlej
Helan går
sjung hoppfaderallanlej.
Och den som inte Helan tar
han heller inte Halvan får.
Helan gårsjung hoppfaderallanlej.

"Helan går" in English
Hell and gore
Chank happ fallerallan-lay
Hell and gore
Chank happ fallerallan-lay
Oh handsome in the hell and tar
and hell are in the half and four
Hell and gore
Chank happ fallerallan-lay


Apparently on wikipedia

"Traditionally, young people pick bouquets of seven or nine different flowers and put them under their pillow in the hope of dreaming about their future spouse."

Dammmmmnnnnn, no wonder!!! I need to resolve that problem and go and find me some flowers so I can ddreeeaaaam a good dream lol! Who needs some of these flowers? Don't front now oh. I can fedex it.

Song playing: Tease Me by Chaka demus and Pliers. Who remembers flexing to this song?

Happy birthday in arrears to all the June babies.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I need you


Hi guys, I heard this song this morning and cried. I love it. I added it to my boom box, enjoy.

Good morning dear Jesus
This day is for you
I ask you to bless me
In all I think say or do.

May he bless your day too :)

Saturday, June 16, 2007



Its my 200th post guys! Wow I've been blogging for a while now. I'm glad I started because I wouldn't have met so many great people. Anyway I've said all that many times before, you know I lurve you guys. I wanted to mark my 200th blog post birthday with something I wrote. You know how once in while I just throw a poem in here and there. Well I'm in the moooodddd. Enjoy

I’m lost

In you

Captivated by your essence
Enamored of your song
Thirsty for your passion


In you

Like pearls beneath the sea
Lost in the echo of your words
Drowned in the melody of you


Want to



In you

In the sigh after your kiss
The satin of your skin
The drumming of your heart




I’m lost.


Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday => Yayday


Here is a cookie each for everyone who voted for me. Thank you so much. I'm going to need your services this weekend again which is why I'm feeding you so you can be STWWWONG! Remember to exercise that voting finger :)...I recommend stand ups..just bend the finger slightly thennnn STAND. Start with ten then increase as you get comfortable lol.

So I did a sort of hard song, cos the voice is unique to the artist but I had to do it because I love the song so much, I don't sound like the original so please don't judge based on that oh lol. Its all about how I 'tried' to sing not about if I sounded like the people on the cd. UPDATE: I CHANGED MY MIND ABOUT THE SONG..Chinwe Ike. The pressure for this Idol thing has become too much even, where is the fun, I ask, wherrrreee?. Now someone is sweating to hear what the others will sing and if you will be voted out next time around. Gosh. Keep Tminx in if you want to hear a jamming song next week, as in loud and full of passion and soul.

Anyway so Mr A (Agbaya) tried to invite me to his friends sons birthday. I should have said no but I felt it was rude so instead I switched off my phone. I just turned it back on to record my song. Fingers crossed it wil remain silent.

Its weekend, was supposed to go to Helsinki on a party ferry boat thingy, but the weather is not so great so the group has postponed it. I'm also getting ready to go on holiday to Nigeria in July..I can't wait. I'm, so excited.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Its on!

Lol, guys the voting has begun. Vote for your minxy HERE. How did you like the rap. Don't mess with Lauryn Hill’s double oh. I'm so glad I have a day job though. Phew. Anyway I love the 7 things you don't know about me meme going around in blogville

1) Okay so I don't do all that touching of intimate areas lol, that some people have said they do for comfort lol, but I do tuck my left hand, palm down, into the band of my trousers/skirt) around the pelvic bone, a lot. Don't know when or why but I find myself doing it especially when curled up and watching TV

2) I used to cry like an evil child. My aunts didn't like babysitting me. They said I'd probably annoy them in one way or the other so they would give me some minor punishment and I would cry and cry then they would tell me I was free but I would keep crying and crying till they gave in and shouted "SORRY". Would I stop? No instead I'd go hysterical with the crying saying "AUNTY YOU SHOUTED SOREEE-EE-EEE-EEE- hiccup".

3) I have some intuitive capabilities. My mother said I woke up and asked her if my baby brother had come right before she went into labour. I still somehow know some things before I'm told.

4) I daydream a lot. At meetings, lectures, we could even be having a conversation and I wouldn't be there. One time while driving, there was this hot guy driving in front of me. As in…butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth HOT. I went into daydream mode (lagos traffic, no movement). I dreamt I 'accidentally' hit his car and he came out cursing, then saw my angelic face. I insisted I would pay, all I needed were his details.....HAHA!

5) I have a problem when people say would instead of will. Call me tomorrow.....'I would do that'. Make sure you say hello to her...'I would'. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Please people. If you have not done it can't be would. Lets practise. Please say hello to Fineface for me....together, come on all of you...."I WILL". That’s not the only grammatical pet peeve but its the most peeevissh one.

6) Can't sleep on the same bed as anyone who tosses and turns a lot or snores. I sleep in the same position all night and disturb no one, I feel its only fair if I require the same treatment. I wonder how in Gods name I plan to cohabitate.

7) 7 things I have said often in the past few days
LAWL- Fineboy lemme catch you
Vote for me TMINX- I'm stopping today...till Wednesday
As in....?- e.g, when I read diary of a G's comments
k- I shorten okay to k especially when chatting
Really?- Usually comes in
Shoot me!- after receiving calls from Mr. Agbaya
Umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh- Can't get the damn song out of my mind.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


So I have sent in my song for tomorrow. You will just have to wait to find out! All I can tell you is to spice things up a little I decided to......RAP. Please no one abuse my skills oh! The best you can do is close your ears or compare it to overwhelmed's songs lollll. Love you girl.

I pray that this snapvine thing is not expensive seeing as I must have rapped like a hundred times before getting tired. I didn't want to overdisgrace myself and all the other contestants don't lie jo, I know you did the same. Now I will shamelessly beg for you to vote for me on BLOGVILLE IDOLS. I'll be the cute smurfette..who rapped WITH THE FLU I MIGHT ADD....runny nose and sore throat and s**t. Seriously, what I do for blogland.

Its 10.41pm here and still bright outside. Sometimes this is not fun especially when you need a good nights sleep. But its a good thing to experience, now I understand what Mr. Gbenga, my geography teacher, who slapped K, very hard, for not sweeping her class since she was on the rota, was talking about when he mentioned the summer solstice and 24 hours of daylight on the 22nd of June. I could not just get my head around it back in the day. Why didn't the just take us on a school trip to Sweden????? Like Duh!

See me see trouble oh. I went with this really nice Nigerian couple to a 'beach' somewhere in Stockholm. I am afraid to call it a beach cos in Nigeria we would probably call it a river. Anyway we met up with like three older Nigerian men and one was there with his Swedish girlfriend and later, his 18 yr old daughter joined us. Guys, by the way, this girl is gorgeous. Apparently he was divorced from his Swedish wife.

After a relaxing day by the river, we stopped by his house on our way home and had dinner and before I knew it, this guy was asking for my number. HAAAAAAA. *Imagine me saying that with the semovita still in my mouth*. I had eaten in his house now and he was saying how his daughter was going to come and visit Nigeria next year, so I hoped that was why he wanted my number. As I got home I realised I had left my phone in his place. CALAMITY! As in..why??. So I had to call him and he 'kindly' offered to come drop it today.

This morning he called (on my Nigerian Phone) , "I'm on my way whats your door code?". My code ke? What stops you from calling me to come down to get it. What do you want to enter the house for? MODARANNNNN OH. I told him I couldn't remember where I wrote it and it was still pretty new to me. I told him to call when he got to my appartment.

Anyway when he got here, I ran downstairs "Goodafternooooon SIRRRRR". He was dressed up to the T ready for some outing with who I don't know......sigh.....He asked if I wanted to go out, I said I had made alternate plans with colleagues, NO SHAKING he said we should meet after work tomorrow. I made a small grunt and a quick getaway. My phone will be mysteriously out of service tomorrow.

I fear these old men oh!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Blogville Idol

Hiya guys,

As you know blogville idol will be starting soon and I volunteered to participate. LOL, I'm laughing at myself now. Please who else is participating and who are the jugdes. I don't want harsh peeps oh! I think we need some entertainment in Blogville, don't you agree.

I have waited in vain to hear from pilgrimage, i'm sure she has a lot to do..or doesn't want an online shower lol. If I was Ugo, I would probably have shot myself by now. LAWL. Ugo its all love.

I had a great time on wednesday as it was the Swedish National day. I even got to wave my blue and yellow flag at the King and Queen who were in a horse drawn carriage like out of some fairytale. (Singing Tminx, tminx, where have you been? I've been to Sweden to see the Queen...).

Have you left a voice message? Feel free to share your voice, I'd love to hear it and its quite easy. LOL @ LB, Overwhelmed and Diamond. You guys are crazy.

Please go here: THE BLOGVILLE IDOLS PAGE for more information

Have a great weekend all.

Monday, June 04, 2007

What would you do

A group of 45 Catholics and Protestants where murdered by King Mwanga between 1885-1887 in Buganda (know known as Uganda). Their crime was having faith. 22 were canonized in 1964.

As I sat in church yesterday while the African population took over the choir in remembrance of these people, I thought about my life and how easy it was to become lukewarm. Easy to sit on the fence and never let your beliefs be tested. Take the easy route out, keep shut, close your eyes, and turn your back.

I thought about Christians who preached love but were quick to condemn and accuse others of being evil. I remembered a program where some Christians refused to shake the hands of an HIV positive lady. I thought about integrity and how difficult it was to maintain yours in this day and age. Would you be able to stand up for your faith with a burning furnace waiting for you, the heat already burning the little hairs on you arms? Would you be able to stand up for what is right irrespective of the consequences? When faced with such a situation, would you stand up or would you run.

Thank God that most of us are not faced with such ghastly choices. These men were dismembered, beheaded, castrated, speared or burnt. In our daily lives we are faced with smaller choices that shouldn't be hard but they seem to be. It’s sometimes difficult to be honest…a white lie here or there seems easier. It’s difficult to have convictions that are different from others...its easier to laugh when a blasphemous joke is made or to join in on the gossip rather than walk away. It’s easier to turn a blind eye to injustice and a deaf ear to the cries of the helpless. Many think poverty is sad, not many try to help or make any contributions for the poor. Many pity orphans, not many would adopt. Some go as far as saying that the kids may have inherited evil blood. Of course I do not mean for everybody to adopt but if we any have convictions, then we should try and see that we do something, anything about them. Lets not sit and talk, and talk and talk...including me. Nigerians, we have the sit and talk syndrome.

Life is tough and is never black or white. Everyone is human. Not everyone can constantly abide by their convictions but a constant struggle to maintain your integrity is better than remaining lukewarm.

So I made a promise to myself to continue the struggle and to abide by my convictions. Lets not always take the easy way out.

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Update on the Lactose

Thanks for letting me know I was not the only little thief lol and for all for your suggestions for the Lactose intolerance issue. I decided that the best solution would be to find a drug to help digest the milk so I got Lactrase!

The Pharmacy Lady must think I'm some sort of drug junkie. I like going into pharmacies just to see what they have available. Everything is just so colourful and they might have a solution to a problem I never knew I had. Same as the isle in supermarkets where they have all the grooming stuff like lotions etc. Its like curiosity heaven. Only problem here is that all the information is written in Swedish. So I have to play a guessing game with the pictures on the box.

Anyway so the first time I had to ask her for a laxative of some sort. Sorry for TMI but I got to Sweden and suddenly my digestive system shut down. I was giving it time to resolve itself but I got tired of waiting...I mean it was getting to like 3 weeks. Jeez, that’s a serious backlog. I didn't want cancer of the intestines! So anyway she brought it out all the while looking at me suspiciously. I was wondering what she was not saying...she went to get it, she stole a glance at me, then she took it to the machine, glanced again, then keyed it in, and finally glared at me....YOU SHOULDN'T USE THIS ALL THE TIME!

WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT? She thinks i'm some bulimic person or what. Eat then drink a couple of ducolaxes. Ducolax cocktails....hmm. I assured her that I would use the drugs sparingly.

Day 2: Ducolax worked but I had milk and developed yet another bad case of uncomfortable bloatedness. I had nothing else but cereal and came to accept that my body doesn't really like milk because I get the same reaction on milk days. So I walk into the pharmacy. I mean does it really have to be the same lady at the counter? I walk up to her after looking around the place for a second time looking for Tums or something. I realise all the drugs, even panadol are behind the counter. Damn. So I walk up to her and ask for something for bloatedness and she's better this time. Maybe you can't do much damage with that. She got me something called Miniform. I can't read the box so I have no idea.

Day 3: Forgot about the Lactose issue so stroll into the pharmacy...AND ITS MY LONG LOST FRIEND at the counter again. I grin at her and walk straight up to her. Afterall I'm paying. "What do you want today". Chei, I have suffered. Anyway I ask for something to digest lactose and voila, I get Lactrase. So that’s the whole story.

Today, I am bloat free.

To some of the questions from the last post....Idemili and other Soya milk lovers, I will still try it one more time. Soul, I have many Swedish guys for you oh. Just take a short trip down. Niajaboke I have watched the end of Pirates on youtube, thanks! Tayo, thanks, I'll look keep and eye out for TAYO Milk lol.