Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Its on!

Lol, guys the voting has begun. Vote for your minxy HERE. How did you like the rap. Don't mess with Lauryn Hill’s double oh. I'm so glad I have a day job though. Phew. Anyway I love the 7 things you don't know about me meme going around in blogville

1) Okay so I don't do all that touching of intimate areas lol, that some people have said they do for comfort lol, but I do tuck my left hand, palm down, into the band of my trousers/skirt) around the pelvic bone, a lot. Don't know when or why but I find myself doing it especially when curled up and watching TV

2) I used to cry like an evil child. My aunts didn't like babysitting me. They said I'd probably annoy them in one way or the other so they would give me some minor punishment and I would cry and cry then they would tell me I was free but I would keep crying and crying till they gave in and shouted "SORRY". Would I stop? No instead I'd go hysterical with the crying saying "AUNTY YOU SHOUTED SOREEE-EE-EEE-EEE- hiccup".

3) I have some intuitive capabilities. My mother said I woke up and asked her if my baby brother had come right before she went into labour. I still somehow know some things before I'm told.

4) I daydream a lot. At meetings, lectures, we could even be having a conversation and I wouldn't be there. One time while driving, there was this hot guy driving in front of me. As in…butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth HOT. I went into daydream mode (lagos traffic, no movement). I dreamt I 'accidentally' hit his car and he came out cursing, then saw my angelic face. I insisted I would pay, all I needed were his details.....HAHA!

5) I have a problem when people say would instead of will. Call me tomorrow.....'I would do that'. Make sure you say hello to her...'I would'. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Please people. If you have not done it yet..it can't be would. Lets practise. Please say hello to Fineface for me....together, come on all of you...."I WILL". That’s not the only grammatical pet peeve but its the most peeevissh one.

6) Can't sleep on the same bed as anyone who tosses and turns a lot or snores. I sleep in the same position all night and disturb no one, I feel its only fair if I require the same treatment. I wonder how in Gods name I plan to cohabitate.

7) 7 things I have said often in the past few days
LAWL- Fineboy lemme catch you
Vote for me TMINX- I'm stopping today...till Wednesday
As in....?- e.g, when I read diary of a G's comments
k- I shorten okay to k especially when chatting
Really?- Usually comes after...as in
Shoot me!- after receiving calls from Mr. Agbaya
Umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh- Can't get the damn song out of my mind.


jadedjune said...


LondonBuki said...

I cannot stand that I'd see you next week nonsense either! LOL!!!

You are a clown you know?

Please no more rapping! No more!

jadedjune said...

ok, i guess im not first! Damn comment moderation!!!

Yes, I've been inflicted with lawl as well.....and I hate when people say "would" as well....is that past tense abi na future tense? just wrong...!

Inuke Omotola Davis said...

I havent listened to your audition piece yet but dont worrry you have my vote .

I cant get lawl out of my head too.

JJ said...

So i guess i'm not the only toucher, lol. Do so when i'm in a relaxed mood...eg. sleeping, watching TV, reading, hehe. It has to be a woman thing...since it's so common.

Lol, @ your crying..."AUNTY YOU SHOUTED SOREEE-EE-EEE-EEE- hiccup".
I will pull out my hair if i have to babysit such a child.

I believe this is the first time i've posted a comment on here...love your blog!

LondonBuki said...

And that song... under my umbErella ella ella ey ey ey.... gosh!

Why umbErella???

My 2 cents said...

I hate that Umbrella song, love rih though, but she stepped outta line with that one.
I hardly cried as a child, says my babysitter, even when I cut a large gash on my left foot with a razor at 7 months, They called me "Ogbanje" and all sorts.
Who's to say, different strokes for different Folks I guess.
I would have taken you all the way to the finals on the blogville idols if only they'll make me a judge, there's still some "Ojoro" going on with that selection process. Still investigatinsg sha!

BlogVille Idols said...


@ 2cent ...there is no ojoro o...at least on the producers part sa...tanx for sticking around...

Dimples said...

LOL....Good luck with blogville Idol o...don't worry u have my vote...as in after that Calabar song u left on Overwhelmed's page...lol..TIMI for WA Idol aint got nothing on u.

zaiprincesa said...

lol..u sleep/chill like my brothers and most guys i know...i cant understand why they'll be chilling or crashing with their hands in their pants...

lol..@ umbrella...abeg make una free rihanna oh...lol..i culdnt stand that song b4..all of a sudden, the foolish thing grew on me...

And good luck with the blogsvilleidol!

BiMbyLaDs** said...

LOL.clown.. tminx, meen, i tried to vote for u o but the voter thing did not accept my url. my dear, ma worry, ur voice is awesome..

Ugo Daniels said...

Are you still campaigning?lol!

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

lol... i have finally met someone who craze pass me.. hehe..

My 2 cents said...

@Blogville Idol,
Make me a judge and I'll decide about the "ojoro" part. Love the concept though. I think tminx should make it to the finals. But who am I to say,I'm not a judge( still whining)...

psykotikdiva said...

umbrella ella ella eh eh eh is stuck in my head too for some unknown reason, i dont even like rihanna.

Cheetarah said...

tryna get round to all ur pages b4 daybreak, I dont think I can make...*******gasping for air**
Nice1 Miss Hill, and goodluck

im a babe said...

lol gurl ur funny

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

thatn umbrella song, when I heard it, I didnt think it was a hit, like it was so repeticious (if thats a word - before Tmix kill me for error), but for some reason every where I go, it on the blower, even at airports, like is it that good?

Dont worry Im looking out for you.

teekay said...

just heard ur calabar song on overwhelmeds page, and the song on bellas page....as in i couldnt stop "lawling"

o.šeyï said...

lol. you used to cry like a witch? thats hilarious.

Umberella... dont get me started. I hated the song but now... even my mom sings the damn thing. EH EH EH... SIGH.

Uzo said...

The rapping was okay jare...You are better than i am...I chickened out completely

Simply Gorgeous said...

T- minx. Love your #6. For that reason is why I have my own bed now. Sleeping next to S.O. he sounds like a grizzly bear. I swear... between that and his 100 bathroom trips a night I was looking like a zombie. I thought I had some peace until my little one has taken over where her father has stopped.

Umbrella- it is a stupid song but catchy.....

Allied said...

lol.. U cried like an evil child? I hate babysitting kids that do that.

Why is the song you hate most is the one you can't get out of your head?

Umbrella ko, Raincoat ni

Idemili said...

I hate almost all of Rihanna's songs. The Umbrella and the one about not wanting to be a murderer...sucks.

Bella Naija said...

Lawl lawl lawl!
All I have to say is Diary of a G should take it easy on us biko!

U...ur rapping was like WHOA!!!1


princess said...

Nice one.

nadine said...

i feel ya on no6(lol)

nadine said...


I LOVE P SQUARE(op master)

Tminx pls no kill me o(lol)

i can't help it...i have to spread d news around!!!

TaureanMinx said...

er nadine can you tell what you are on about before you spread it around pretty please?

TaureanMinx said...

@jadedjune, CONGRATS lol
@LB, I will rap again!
@inuke,thank you jo
@jj, yayyy, thanks for stopping by,
@my 2cents, maybe you have a high threshold for pain. Thank you for supporting oh!
@dimples, thanks and thanks for the voice comments
@zai, lol, not in my pants oh!! in the waistband
@bimby, LAIR you voted for someone else first. This is what is called SILENT TREATMENT....
@Ugo, yes ke
@ONB, I haven't reached your level

TaureanMinx said...

@my 2cent, my no1 FAN. bisous
@psy, me neither
@Cheteerah, thanks..ur a great host
@im a babe, LAWL
@Life, lol, im not that bad..I am lol
@Teekay, lol, its a serious matter oh
@Oseyi,I'm guessing you are not my sister then..
@Uzo, thanks :)
@SG, I think I will do the same
@allied, lol
@Idemili, they sure do
@Bella, lol, hey at least you had fun listening to it
@Princess, thanks

adumaadan - Blacktinkerbell said...

Tminxy, I thot I was the only one that the 'would' thing drove crazy. of course, LB makes me feel better about all my grammar and spelling peeves. she's just plain nuts.

Your rapping...erm, can I just say you are very brave? lawl! You this girl sef, you strange small o. I might consider doing this 7things meme after all. Here's wishing you the very best in the competition.

Vickii said...

Lol @ hating it when people say would instead of will ... honestly, that bugs me too but bad grammar in general really gets to me! Crybaby!

lost-not yet found said...

English verbs conjugated with the auxiliary would are used in a variety of ways.

1. For instance, the auxiliary would is often used in polite requests and suggestions. In the following examples, the verbs conjugated with would are underlined.
e.g. Would you please tell me the time?
Perhaps it would be a good idea to call the office.

2. The auxiliary would can also express a future in the past, and is used in reporting statements and questions which pertained to the future at the time they were made.
e.g. She asked if we would help her the next day.
They said they would arrange to meet us the following week.

3. The auxiliary would can also be used in wishes pertaining to the future, and in the main clauses of sentences containing false or improbable conditions. These two uses of the auxiliary would will be discussed in the next chapter.
e.g. I wish they would help us.
It would have saved time if I had known what to do.

ITK..I know..I know. I just cldnt resist..

BlogVille Idols said...

since we have less comtestants now maximum song length has been increased to 1min 30 sec

nadine said...

I can't believe u r asking me dat question...haven't u heard dat i am getting married to Peter eh...or u just want 2 hear it from my mouth.LOL

nadine said...

Goodluck babes in d next round....show them wat u r working with.

Nigerican said...

goodluck, mehn ever since u raped sef u've had my... can't say the word or others will think i have a favorite.

omohemi Benson said...

Enjoyed reading this meme.