Sunday, June 10, 2007


So I have sent in my song for tomorrow. You will just have to wait to find out! All I can tell you is to spice things up a little I decided to......RAP. Please no one abuse my skills oh! The best you can do is close your ears or compare it to overwhelmed's songs lollll. Love you girl.

I pray that this snapvine thing is not expensive seeing as I must have rapped like a hundred times before getting tired. I didn't want to overdisgrace myself and all the other contestants don't lie jo, I know you did the same. Now I will shamelessly beg for you to vote for me on BLOGVILLE IDOLS. I'll be the cute smurfette..who rapped WITH THE FLU I MIGHT ADD....runny nose and sore throat and s**t. Seriously, what I do for blogland.

Its 10.41pm here and still bright outside. Sometimes this is not fun especially when you need a good nights sleep. But its a good thing to experience, now I understand what Mr. Gbenga, my geography teacher, who slapped K, very hard, for not sweeping her class since she was on the rota, was talking about when he mentioned the summer solstice and 24 hours of daylight on the 22nd of June. I could not just get my head around it back in the day. Why didn't the just take us on a school trip to Sweden????? Like Duh!

See me see trouble oh. I went with this really nice Nigerian couple to a 'beach' somewhere in Stockholm. I am afraid to call it a beach cos in Nigeria we would probably call it a river. Anyway we met up with like three older Nigerian men and one was there with his Swedish girlfriend and later, his 18 yr old daughter joined us. Guys, by the way, this girl is gorgeous. Apparently he was divorced from his Swedish wife.

After a relaxing day by the river, we stopped by his house on our way home and had dinner and before I knew it, this guy was asking for my number. HAAAAAAA. *Imagine me saying that with the semovita still in my mouth*. I had eaten in his house now and he was saying how his daughter was going to come and visit Nigeria next year, so I hoped that was why he wanted my number. As I got home I realised I had left my phone in his place. CALAMITY! As in..why??. So I had to call him and he 'kindly' offered to come drop it today.

This morning he called (on my Nigerian Phone) , "I'm on my way whats your door code?". My code ke? What stops you from calling me to come down to get it. What do you want to enter the house for? MODARANNNNN OH. I told him I couldn't remember where I wrote it and it was still pretty new to me. I told him to call when he got to my appartment.

Anyway when he got here, I ran downstairs "Goodafternooooon SIRRRRR". He was dressed up to the T ready for some outing with who I don't know......sigh.....He asked if I wanted to go out, I said I had made alternate plans with colleagues, NO SHAKING he said we should meet after work tomorrow. I made a small grunt and a quick getaway. My phone will be mysteriously out of service tomorrow.

I fear these old men oh!


TaureanMinx said...

SORRY OVERWHELMED DELTED THI BY MISTAKE. I think the crack is working.

Nosa why do i have to be the one on crack ehn?!?! Please talk to LB... abeg talk to her.. did you see the rendition she did on my blog.. when you listen to that one.. you will never again think that i am on drugs oh!!! TMINX GAAN is on drugs... she's trying to get frisky with me!!! lol

TaureanMinx said...

That was overwhelmeds comment above...not mine

Anonymous said...

lol...tis old men sa! i can imagine u sayin "sirrrrr" so that he will know u regard him as a n agalagba

azuka said...

All these old, old men sef. Any way we can download all the songs the contestants sing? I'm building a froggy tunes collection.

psykotikdiva said...

nawa for all these naij old men sha,i always emphasize the sir thing when they get like that with me, i hope he doesn't start stalking you, now that he knows your house n all.

BlogVille Idols said...

we got ur song..........twill be released tuesday morning!good luck

SapphireAster said...

LOl I just saw a vision of the semovita incident...buhahaha Damn blogville idols is about to be onnnn! Goodluck!

Favoured Girl said...

LOL! We could have all done with a trip anywhere in the world when we were kids learning geography! Anyway I'm laughing @ your encounter with the old man. You said "Good afternoon sirrr" so he would remember you are young eh? Well wait and see. He has your number and address! Tee hee. Keep us posted.
Have a good week!

mochafella said...

Looks like there'll be no free dinners in Sweden.

diary of a G said...

remember the first contestants to go will forever hold their head in shame
and lucky if they don't tarnish
their name
if you can't sang best stick to blogging
its not too late to drop off the contest
good luck

Rinsola said...

I loved the sir part, let him know that's where he's been placed. Be careful hon, wihs u the best on blogville idols, hope the song is tantalizing.

BabaAlaye said...

Warning to Agbaaya.
Fall back!!! "Nuff said.

boorish male said...

Lol, lol lol
Tminx has found herself an aristo in Sweden.......

BiMbyLaDs** said...

lol @ babaalaye.. u wan claim ur princess from 5,000 miles away, siddon dey look.. na for ur front them go carry tminx pass.
this yeye dairy of a G is here, wo tminx, i came to ask u to bribe me so that i can vote for u.. lol..

lol@ ur semovita.. lol.. clown

TaureanMinx said...

@pink-satin, its needed. You need to let these peeps know!
@Azuka, if you can, I want copies lol
@psykiticdiva, Well he doesnt know the code, or the floor, or the door. So he has a lot of quests to go through to find me.
@blogville idons, TUESDAY! lol, thats long oh.
@sapphire, lol, thanks :)
@FG, never, there will be nothing to be kept posted about!
@mochafella, well I guess not! lol
@diary of a G...Huh, please we need a translator
@rinsola, thanks for leaving a voice comment :)
@babaalaye TELL HIM BABY
@BM, let me catch you..
@Bimby, lol, TELL HIM BIMBY lolll

Chameleon said...

OMG my goodness, ur msg on ONB's page made me cry with laughter... that calabar song! this babe ur hilarious.
cant wait to hear the singing!

My 2 cents said...

My dear fear old men, they are even more fresh than the young ones. Have nothing to offer but old blood and jists from the 50s. Agbaya oshi...

Nyemoni said...

madame Idol....Good luck eh!!!

nosa101 said...

Can I download these songs...I'm in dire need of something to laugh at during my boring ass Poli Sci class

UnNaked Soul said...

this should inspire you to write a song oh.. title suggestion includes:

Agbaya in Sweden
Aristo take to your toes
Papa don't toast
Age killed the dinosaur
Not for rent
Sail Away
Am running Away

well I have got so many juicy titles for your delight, just dial toll free 0800 u.n.N.a.k.e.d


em, I can co-produce too if am not too busy flirting with you know who


iwo yi laro babaalyae (after rubbing cream on my chest for how many days na) lol.

Uzo said...

Ehn.....this is some serious stuff oh...That old man is really just nasty

Ugo Daniels said...

Wat was dat calabar rendition you gave on ONB's page. Chineke nna, save me. Do you people wanna kill me here with heart attack from TOO much laughter. Chei, In fact you have my unalloyed support!!!

Sparkle said...

hiya fellow contestant
just droping by to show some love
I'll leave u a voice comment

TaureanMinx said...

@chameleon, why are you LAWLing, its a serious matter
@my two cents, you know right? lol
@nyemoni, thanks jo
@nosa 101, you tell me, i would really like to know too
@unnaked, you are a clown lol, we can make serious money oh
@36 inches, lolll
@Uzo, naassstyyy
@Ugo, nmore yo come if you vote for me lol
@Sparkle, hi girl! Thanks for stopping by

temmy tayo said...

If only i was a u suppose win. U know say I lurve u now, wlda rigged for you.

Run from old men o...........

Cheetarah said...

Ur rapping,lol! Must contact Snoop and Dre!U guys cant kill me joh! Goodluck girl am sure its gonna be mad fun!

Diamond said...

mmmeeeennnnnnn dont try these older men o... they can get a bit overwhelming... i think there might be more to come with this one...

Anonymous said...

lol.. i just read your first comment and was like huh? then i gorrit! like a lightbulb moment.. you deleted me by mistake!!!(i feel like einsten when he discovered america.. oh that wasn't einstein? sorry oh brainiacs!)

lol@sir.. he wants to be ur boyfie not your 'sir'.. lol... that song you did on my page.. is the bomb.. in fact i can almost guarantee that you will make it to the top... as in that song had all the elements the competition is all aout.. it had vernacular... nonsense... integrity and musickshianship!!! keep it up baby.. and we're going all the way.. babaalaye... remember i'm only doing this for the okada you promised to buy tminx if she wins.. i want to go to barbeach on a motorcycle!!!

diary of a G said...

I guess some people find it hard to type D-I-A-R-Y-O-F-A-G on their keyboard

you feel me?
oyou probably wouldn't

Mr.Fineboy said...

Haha..Old paps is feeling ur P!

Chameleon said...

well done TMINX... great stuff.
lauryn hill stuff abi?

Tayo said...

TMinx, you were calling from Sweden? I think it's free. Men, I no wan look my bill for month end o! I no know who send me message. Doing judge from Nigeria? God go help me! Anyway, I've left my judgment! Don't worry, I wan't too harsh.

jadedjune said...

LOL.....naija men!!! why does one get surprised when they act up?

Calabar Gal said...

The guy is probably trying to be friendly and show you around Sweden. LOL!!

We both know thats not true!! He's trying to hit on you! LOL!!

Nanya said...

lol @ old guy accosted me when I was leaving the african store last weekend. My first (most likely also last) time going there; I hate that stuff. Another one told my friend he wanted to hook me up with 'someone' but wouldnt say about I suspect he is the 'someone'; its bad enuff theyre old but then they have wives and kidlets..ilk!