Monday, July 31, 2006

Down down down

This weekend I felt a little bit out of it. You know how you can be surrounded by a whole sea of people and still feel excruciatingly lonely. I get like that once in a while…smiling on the outside but quite worried on the inside. My life has always gone like clockwork. Nursery School at 3, Primary 1 at 5, JS 1 at 9, Pre-degree at 16, University at 17, Masters at 20, NYSC and Work at 22. Great right?

I’m quite confident that I can excel at anything I put my hands to except in one aspect…Relationships. I’m crap at relationships. My track record with guys is abysmal. It’s like when it comes to me, guys have ADD. I can’t seem to hold their interest for too long (they can’t seem to hold mine either), which leads me to ask myself if I’m boring and picky and then I go down a long winding step of self-examination and then I prep myself, climb back up and start all over again. It’s quite disappointing when I have to start all over again and it’s much easier to say I give up cos I don’t want to have to keep on going through the same pattern of events over and over again. It’s just weird that this doesn’t seem to be falling in place like everything else in my life.

Sometimes I watch my friends to see if they interact differently with guys. Maybe I give off that air of nonchalance or something, cos I’m quite easy going and laid back. I dunno but it worries me anyway. When you are single it seems like everyone you meet is in a relationship. This truly amplifies your singleness. You hear about so many fairy tale romance stories and THE WEDDING WEBSITES! What are they trying to do? Drown us with the stories?? It was all planned in my head I was going to be married at 23 and have 7 kids (I dream big) but I’m a year late and each year reduces the number of kids. Okay 7 is too much, 4 sounds good, maybe it’ll even be less later.

I guess all I can do is keep my head up till something happens. I’m usually optimistic but when it comes to this, let’s just say being optimistic is constant hard work.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Week end

Yesterday Lagos was rocked with the news that a viable candidate for the position of Governor was assassinated in his home. HOW for crying out loud! He had security and yet thugs managed to get into his house and strangle him. Politics is not only a dirty game over here but a deadly one. May Funso Williams rest in peace nd my condolences to his family.

So I wonder how many more killings there will be because I read about another one a few weeks back. Wicked things people do for money!

So its the weekend and since I'm feeling great, the girls and I will be going out. Going out in Lagos is pretty unpredictable..there is no need to even make a plan of action cos it'll get messed up! First of all no one will kepp to time, then a venue you thought would be banging, will be dead cos everyone moves in drones. The best thing to do is call people to see where they are, and if you don't get there within an hour of that info, you need an update or you may just meet no one there.

I've started my first Photography gig. Taking pics for a mag that gives listings of whats going on in Lagos..bars, hotels, clubs, events etc.

I'm winding down on the Slave Trade Series on the Photoblog. Last pic will be on Monday! Make sure you check the archives if you missed any.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


All clear! Lol, Im okay now.

I've missed so much in the blog world but it won't take long to catch up. Any gist you can point me to?

I've had a pretty interesting week away. I've been nearly propositioned by a married man, had a chat with Tinubu and John Fashanu, okay not really but i was close enough to them, bungee jumped from the top of Nitel towers...oh alright, its not been that great but I've had fun and feel great.

How was your weekend?

I've resumed the slave trade series. Very haunting pic so check out yesterdays and todays and the rest of the weeeeeek! Ciao

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Who Knew

So Malaria parasites have evolved and have become much stronger and resistant to the usual drugs. So there I was thinking I was well and boy did I get a shock! I was outtie yesterday but feel a lot better today. I'm taking a whole new set of drugs and they are pretty strong. Pity I didn't line up my photo's to continue the photoblog but I will be back tomorrow by Gods grace.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Insight To My Life

So this weekend was really Nice.

Friday was Miss B's birthday. Hope you had a fabulous time girl. We all had to wear something Silver so I'll be putting up the Silver aspects on my photoblog after the Slave Trade Series which started today.

I managed to suppress the Malaria but as I sit here, I feel it may be surfacing with a vengeance. It better not be.

There is a club in Lagos that is extremely annoying. LA CASA. Originally a dead bar, the salsa group started having salsa club nights which was something new, different and interesting. People started flooding the place. It’s also free to get in and was fun to begin with.

All of a sudden the bouncers have elevated in their rank and status since they have the power to choose who goes in and who doesn't.

Typical Scenario

1) FAT old man with a big pot belly dressed in Native....Let him in.
2) Young I feel alright boys who pop champagne and spend stupidly...Let them right in.
3) Older guy with Semi Naked looking prostitutes...Let them in.

Now you have to know where I'm going with this. If you don't come with a guy and if you are not a guy or a skanky looking girl accompanied by a pimpish looking guy, it’s almost impossible to get in. I was extremely irritated. The bouncer told me only people who were willing to buy drinks and champagne could get in...a very out of point statement... I asked him why he thought I couldn't buy any drink I wanted. He said "When there are big men buying champagne for 45k inside, how can a small girl like you come and be buying it in the same place...its not right"

Needless to say, that will be the last time I ever go there not that they need my patronage, they have enough big men.

Friday, July 14, 2006


So I started having stomach pangs on Wednesday and wasn't sure exactly what was going on. Thursday it got worse and then the banging headache started and then my mouth got so bitter and finally the fever. It couldn't have been anything but my dreaded friend. I hear we with the AA blood group are susceptible to Malaria. I'm living proof of the theory cos I get it no less that 4 times a year and thats the minimum. This is one time when I wish I was AS but then I wouldn't like to reduce my pool of potential candidates so I'll stick with AA and malaria attacks.

I'm at work right now looking very morose so they can tell me to go home. IF it doesn't work, I'll go home soon.

There are so many drugs for Malaria now, the latest being sounds like food. I took Nivaquine and its been making me feel whoossssssy.

This weekend is full of birthdays so my new camera is ready for pics. Happy Birthday Miss B, we sure will have fun tonight. Its a silver theme so I have my silver accessories ready...You guys are thinking..she has malaria right? Malaria is like having the flu to me. I just have to deal with it. Besides I like to party with my friends.

I will post my Ghana pics as soon as I get the memory card from my friend. I've been looking for it...the one with the nicest pics. The one I have right now has all the abstract shots that may not interest most people.

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Im baccccckkkk!

I got an email from a friend saying I'm neglecting my blog especially since I started the daily photoblog. So my plan of action will be to update this blog on mondays, wednesdays and fridays. Hope I stick to the plan.

So Ghana was great! I had a good time. The weekend started off in Accra La Palm Royal Beach Hotel. The next day we moved on to Elmina. The hotel organised transport and we stayed at their sister hotel, Elmina Beach Resort. It's about a 3hr drive from Accra to Elmina but if you want to do all the touristy things, its best to go to the smaller cities as Accra is like every other city.

At Elima also known as Cape Coast, we went to the two castles, Elmina Castle and Cape Coast Castle. It was a very saddening experience walking the steps of the 6.3million slaves that where carted away in the 1600's. We toured the dungeons where these slaves were kept in paltry conditions with only one or two little windows through which they received air, light and scraps of food. They stayed there for weeks on end until the ship came and those that survived were stacked like books on a shelf and taken to another world. The female slaves were raped repeatedly even though they were being treated like animals. It must have been a frightening experience.

I thank God for those who sacrificed their time and lives for the abolishment of this babaric act and have dedicated the whole of next week to a series on my photoblog for scenes from the castles and the stories left untold.

Other places of interest include the crocodile farm where live crocs live and dine. The food in Ghana is delicious and the call plantain and beans... Red red. I think thats because they use palm oil. I tried to have Kelewele but could not find it anywhere. We had mostly continental dishes because we stayed at the hotel.

Look out for other pics (before and after the slave trade series) on the photoblog starting tomorrow.

Did I mention I have a phobia for flying? I flew aero to and fro. That plane was unbelievably small with only about 40 people. The flight there was okay but coming back, I think the pilot thot he was a race car driver..he would suddenly slow down and have me eating my fingers then all off a sudden speed up and the angle at which he was descending was like 45 degrees with the nose down, like we were plunging down. I was so mad at him that I didn't say thanks as we stepped off the plane.

How have you guys been?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Insight To My Life

I love my photo of today! You should check it out. ;). It's the bride from the wedding I attended on saturday.

It's Midweek people. Like you guys didn't already know. Isn't this like the July 4th weekend when they do Nigerian reunions and all that. Who went for that (if it was last weekend)? How did it go? Or is is this weekend? I always wanted to go for one, but travelling all the way from the UK to attend a function for one weekend was beyond me.

I'm off to Ghana tomorrow for a long weekend. Staying at the Golden beaches hotels(GBH) in 2 Cities...Accra and Busua. There are all sort of tours and exciting things to do. It should be a fun weekend. Will let you know how it went when I get back.

Have a great weekend! (Early right?)

Monday, July 03, 2006

Monday Excitement

Morning people! So this is going to be an exciting and scary week, but I'm looking forward to it! I'll tell you about it later.

Brazil is out of the world cup. How? I thought I'd watch Adriano go topless after every match!!!! What happened Adriiaanooo? We had a plan, an agreement!

It’s been raining in Lagos but on Saturday I went for an absolutely lovely wedding. I think the best weddings are small weddings and not those carnival type weddings with every Tom, Dick and Harry. We had access to the bride and Groom, the waiters were not stressed, overworked or MIA, and the hall was comfy and cool rather than cramped and hot. The after party was outdoors by the pool, and thankfully it didn't rain.

So I'm waiting to hear about the progress of a job application I made. Things are looking pretty positive so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I'll also just like to slip in a little "God is wonderful :)!" Things seem to be shaping up and falling into place. How about you?