Monday, July 17, 2006

Insight To My Life

So this weekend was really Nice.

Friday was Miss B's birthday. Hope you had a fabulous time girl. We all had to wear something Silver so I'll be putting up the Silver aspects on my photoblog after the Slave Trade Series which started today.

I managed to suppress the Malaria but as I sit here, I feel it may be surfacing with a vengeance. It better not be.

There is a club in Lagos that is extremely annoying. LA CASA. Originally a dead bar, the salsa group started having salsa club nights which was something new, different and interesting. People started flooding the place. It’s also free to get in and was fun to begin with.

All of a sudden the bouncers have elevated in their rank and status since they have the power to choose who goes in and who doesn't.

Typical Scenario

1) FAT old man with a big pot belly dressed in Native....Let him in.
2) Young I feel alright boys who pop champagne and spend stupidly...Let them right in.
3) Older guy with Semi Naked looking prostitutes...Let them in.

Now you have to know where I'm going with this. If you don't come with a guy and if you are not a guy or a skanky looking girl accompanied by a pimpish looking guy, it’s almost impossible to get in. I was extremely irritated. The bouncer told me only people who were willing to buy drinks and champagne could get in...a very out of point statement... I asked him why he thought I couldn't buy any drink I wanted. He said "When there are big men buying champagne for 45k inside, how can a small girl like you come and be buying it in the same place...its not right"

Needless to say, that will be the last time I ever go there not that they need my patronage, they have enough big men.


LondonBuki said...

Let a bouncer try that one here... He'll be out on his A**!!!

Stupid A** bouncers who feel like they own the place. It reminds me of when a bouncer in London, threw someone out of the club and caused serious Damage to the person... I think the person died...

My dear, you are too good for that place! Forget them!

Feel Better x

didi said...


Mimi said...

Excuse me while I pick my jaw off the floor!! Are you serious? Visiting home soon...And guess who's not going to LA CASA?

Mari said...

thats crazy. who needs places like that abeg...heading for ure pictures now.

NaijaBloke said...

Minx that is a trip...LOL .I actually thot they only do it to us ..young guys that don't have a pot belly,did not know they do it to chics to.

Last december when I went to naija,we actually wanted to have a bachelor's party for one of my friends that stays in London who went to naija to marry o,so we went to this club on Allen,it was just freshly opened then and the guy look @ me and my other friend like how much do we have,just cos we were wearing a T_shirt and jeans o and the funniest thing was I was almost walking around naked as of that time cos of the heat.

After he gave us the price and we actually rented the whole club and gave him money,that was when he started almost calling us oga o.I was just laffing.I guess thatz a naija mentality for u o.If u r not big or with 2 or more babes hanging on ur arms like a pimp,U don't have enuff money be that o.

Pele Minx

Onada said...

LOL. i would have told you to slap that bouncer but.... u might not have gone home the same. talk about a prejudiced goat. Glad u are feeling better.

Mona said...

are u serious? menn they are mad ooo..yea i heard they werent letting ppl in on saturday...hmmmm

Happy bday MISS B...and taureanminx hope u feel better o xxx

Dilch said...

Wow, Everyone is feeling. Although I haven't been home much, from the stories I hear, I feel these clubs or venues just come and go incredibly quickly, there's always a new one just popping up that's cool for a while until the next big thing. In six months either they all will be doing salsa or there will be a new joint doing something different.
Like 8 years ago (I know, ages ago) I went home for christmas and went to A bar, which was the cool one there with four of my girl friends and the bouncer made 2 of us pay and 2 of us not pay... for no reason at all, completley arbitrary. But, hey why am I complaining I didn't have to pay (hee hee)

Nneka's World said...

Na wa oh!
These people need a good slap, is it only champange they sell there?

Kunle.... said...

Hey, hope you are feeling much better now?
Lol at the bouncers cant believe the statement they made

dating-man said...

Well thats it!

Belle said...


Anonymous said...

I love La Casa and can honestly say i have never had this experience - or any with the bouncers for that matter. The salsa nights are way hot and am considering enrolling in the classes they offer. Work might not let me though.....

Mola said...

LMAO @ "When there are big men buying champagne for 45k inside, how can a small girl like you come and be buying it in the same place...its not right"


bibi said...

thats so cuz had a similar experience...thats real bad tho...the bouncers in lagos over do it return they lose money...wat if one of the big men wanted to buy u a drink...needless to say u have ur own money..

reminds me of clubbing in NY..well not actually clubs but some upscale lounges...I went to one of these ritzy expensive lounges in NY..i dont know if its ur money that gets ur in or ur skin color..