Friday, July 14, 2006


So I started having stomach pangs on Wednesday and wasn't sure exactly what was going on. Thursday it got worse and then the banging headache started and then my mouth got so bitter and finally the fever. It couldn't have been anything but my dreaded friend. I hear we with the AA blood group are susceptible to Malaria. I'm living proof of the theory cos I get it no less that 4 times a year and thats the minimum. This is one time when I wish I was AS but then I wouldn't like to reduce my pool of potential candidates so I'll stick with AA and malaria attacks.

I'm at work right now looking very morose so they can tell me to go home. IF it doesn't work, I'll go home soon.

There are so many drugs for Malaria now, the latest being sounds like food. I took Nivaquine and its been making me feel whoossssssy.

This weekend is full of birthdays so my new camera is ready for pics. Happy Birthday Miss B, we sure will have fun tonight. Its a silver theme so I have my silver accessories ready...You guys are thinking..she has malaria right? Malaria is like having the flu to me. I just have to deal with it. Besides I like to party with my friends.

I will post my Ghana pics as soon as I get the memory card from my friend. I've been looking for it...the one with the nicest pics. The one I have right now has all the abstract shots that may not interest most people.

Have a great weekend.


LondonBuki said...

Hope you feel better soon Lurve.

Enjoy the weekend as much as you can... Monday is just round the corner.

x x x

Amebo said...

Now wa dis your coded "friend" sef! Please collect the pix from him or her so that we can see pictures of you exciting vacance!

Biodun said...

Pele Taurean, hope u feel better n have a nice weekend 2!

NaijaBloke said...

Minx I feel u on that AA and malaria thing o.I stopped believing the AA and malaria friendship cos I still get flu here anyhow,but I just keep going on and it always get tired of staying and leave.

Anyway take care of ur self,drink plenty water and no stress ur self.

Have a nice weekend and like amebo said,quick collect the memory card from ur coded friend.

Anonymous said...

i'm AS, and i can confidently say i've probably only has malaria once or twice...
hope you get well soon!