Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Im baccccckkkk!

I got an email from a friend saying I'm neglecting my blog especially since I started the daily photoblog. So my plan of action will be to update this blog on mondays, wednesdays and fridays. Hope I stick to the plan.

So Ghana was great! I had a good time. The weekend started off in Accra La Palm Royal Beach Hotel. The next day we moved on to Elmina. The hotel organised transport and we stayed at their sister hotel, Elmina Beach Resort. It's about a 3hr drive from Accra to Elmina but if you want to do all the touristy things, its best to go to the smaller cities as Accra is like every other city.

At Elima also known as Cape Coast, we went to the two castles, Elmina Castle and Cape Coast Castle. It was a very saddening experience walking the steps of the 6.3million slaves that where carted away in the 1600's. We toured the dungeons where these slaves were kept in paltry conditions with only one or two little windows through which they received air, light and scraps of food. They stayed there for weeks on end until the ship came and those that survived were stacked like books on a shelf and taken to another world. The female slaves were raped repeatedly even though they were being treated like animals. It must have been a frightening experience.

I thank God for those who sacrificed their time and lives for the abolishment of this babaric act and have dedicated the whole of next week to a series on my photoblog for scenes from the castles and the stories left untold.

Other places of interest include the crocodile farm where live crocs live and dine. The food in Ghana is delicious and the call plantain and beans... Red red. I think thats because they use palm oil. I tried to have Kelewele but could not find it anywhere. We had mostly continental dishes because we stayed at the hotel.

Look out for other pics (before and after the slave trade series) on the photoblog starting tomorrow.

Did I mention I have a phobia for flying? I flew aero to and fro. That plane was unbelievably small with only about 40 people. The flight there was okay but coming back, I think the pilot thot he was a race car driver..he would suddenly slow down and have me eating my fingers then all off a sudden speed up and the angle at which he was descending was like 45 degrees with the nose down, like we were plunging down. I was so mad at him that I didn't say thanks as we stepped off the plane.

How have you guys been?


LondonBuki said...

Thank God!!! She finally blogged.

Sounds like you had an educating and enlightening time. I wonder if Nigeria can have a tourist thing like this... I wonder!

As for fear of flying... I am happy I don't have that cos I wonder how I would have gotten through a flight like yours! Pele.

I am sure you are glad to be back at work!!! LOL!!!

Mari said...

Welcome back. I can't wait to see your pictures.

There are some places worth seeing in Nigeria but I doubt they are as good as Ghana.

Adunni said...

I'm green. It does sound like you had a really nice enlightening time.
@ buki i think Nigeria does but then u know naija now, maintenance is not a real priority so lots of them are falling apart but i think a few are still like ok.

Nkem said...

Ghana used to be like a second home to me. I used to go about twice a year when I was in secondary school. Elmina is quite harrowing when you hear the history, and I guess the same with Cape Coast. Accra is brilliant, like Lagos without the stress. Glad you enjoyed it.

Kunle.... said...

Glad you are back and you had a nice experience.

Can't wait to see the pictures.

Biodun said...

Glad u had fun, I am so scared of being in a small plane, those things shake too much I say, cant wait 2 see the pics!

Nneka's World said...

Welcome back!

you sound like you had a fantastic time!
i thought i was the only one that thought Aero was flipping small oh!

wow the places you describe sound beautiful, please post some.

I love flying actually, love to sit by the window and look out, the only bit i sort of get aprehensive is the take off, apart from that all is well with me.

I would suggest closing your eyes and dreaming of another world....:)

Mona said...

LOLLLLL youre cute...lets see pics...welcome back, goin2 photieblog now xx

Tutsy said...

Omo na u biko! i have always wanted to visit Ghana, maybe i would stop over that area when i visit naija this coming December.

Well i can definately see u are having the time of ur life...keep on keeping on o jare.

TaureanMinx said...

@londonbuki, the tourist sites are really run down...olumo rock, kainji dam, lekki conservation forest, theres somethin gin Jos too, i forget the name. The best we have is the Obudu cattle ranch right now and it was cheaper to go to Ghana and do everything I did and still had change compared to going to the cattle ranch for a weekend too.

TaureanMinx said...

@ mari, thanks...if Nigeria refurbished these places, it would be so much better because of the variety of cultures. Lets hope the minister of tourism is working on something rather than face of Africa. Ah I forgot the place where Mary Slessor stayed in calabar where she elped ban killing of Twin babies in her missionary work.

@adduni, yes I did. Thanks and ur right about the falling apart thing

@nkem, really? Who was there? Your family?

@kunle, thanks!

@biodun, im scared of any plane so you can imagine it intensifies with the size of the plane

@nneka, thanks for the suggestion. I'll try it out next time

@mona, my memory card with the other pic ended up going with my friend to another city. I'm so mad! Before that I have to manage the one I have that has a few good pics.

@tutsy, you should o. Its fun!

Morountodun said...

Welcome back Tminx. Gotta to admit I hate flying myself. I refuse to call it a 'fear of flying' more an actual physical discomfort from the sensations. I took Eurostar on a recent trip to Paris and just started wondering if they could extend the Eurotunnel to Lagos...

Onada said...

looks like you had a swell time. looking forward to seeing your pics on your photo blog!!!

NaijaBloke said...

Welcome back Minx ..can see u had a lovely time over there..I shd be in Ghana by the grace of God in October.Will try and peruse the place like u did.Hope I have enuuf time sha.

The tourist place u r talking abt in Jos is The Yankari games reserve ..the place was the bomb when we were small,but now I heard the only animal they have now are lizards.

Will lokk out for ut pics