Tuesday, July 25, 2006


All clear! Lol, Im okay now.

I've missed so much in the blog world but it won't take long to catch up. Any gist you can point me to?

I've had a pretty interesting week away. I've been nearly propositioned by a married man, had a chat with Tinubu and John Fashanu, okay not really but i was close enough to them, bungee jumped from the top of Nitel towers...oh alright, its not been that great but I've had fun and feel great.

How was your weekend?

I've resumed the slave trade series. Very haunting pic so check out yesterdays and todays and the rest of the weeeeeek! Ciao


LondonBuki said...

Next time, sort out your immune system so we won't have to hear dry excuses about "Malaria"... LOL!!!

I see you've visited Onada's site with the Soukous dancer... Bella Naija is still doing her thing... Aramide has a couple of new entries... Kunle saw John Legend in London... Biodun's been keeping herself busy from Entertaining Friends, to preparing to be a bridesmaid to reading... Adaure's blog has some interesting new posts too... And so many more.

Oh yeah, I have this scary post with pics of babies' dummies, a new entry about Archie Comics and checkout my Journey Out of the Red blog...

You're welcome ;-)

Belle said...

Glad you are in the clear now..

Bungee jump from the top of Nitel towers ke?!!!

teatylawla said...

good to know u doing better..welcome back!

Mona said...

Thank God you are okay now xxxx

Dimples said...

Bungee jumped from where??? Please tell me it was for charity???Or you just got tired of the hussle and bussle of Naija life???

Onada said...

I'm glad you are better!! i have been enjoying your photoblog..and i'm so jealous of ur new camera! i'm saving up for mine as we speak. Dont worry i'll be on you level soon!!