Friday, July 28, 2006

Week end

Yesterday Lagos was rocked with the news that a viable candidate for the position of Governor was assassinated in his home. HOW for crying out loud! He had security and yet thugs managed to get into his house and strangle him. Politics is not only a dirty game over here but a deadly one. May Funso Williams rest in peace nd my condolences to his family.

So I wonder how many more killings there will be because I read about another one a few weeks back. Wicked things people do for money!

So its the weekend and since I'm feeling great, the girls and I will be going out. Going out in Lagos is pretty unpredictable..there is no need to even make a plan of action cos it'll get messed up! First of all no one will kepp to time, then a venue you thought would be banging, will be dead cos everyone moves in drones. The best thing to do is call people to see where they are, and if you don't get there within an hour of that info, you need an update or you may just meet no one there.

I've started my first Photography gig. Taking pics for a mag that gives listings of whats going on in Lagos..bars, hotels, clubs, events etc.

I'm winding down on the Slave Trade Series on the Photoblog. Last pic will be on Monday! Make sure you check the archives if you missed any.

Have a great weekend!


Dilch said...

I heard that it must be a member of Funsho Williams family that did the deed as no one entered his house. Apparently he hosted a party and everyone left, and sometime after that he was found strangled. Sounds decidedly dodgy.
Anyways, good news about the photo gig. Thats soooooo cool, are they going to pay you??

Mona said...

Congrats on the photo gig.

LondonBuki said...

Hope the photo shoot/gig goes well :-)

Bella Naija said...

the funsho williams thing is sooooo sad....seriously...I pray for Nigeria everyday...that is just sooo senseless...we know they are never going to find the killers...AS USUAL!
Anyway, congrats on ur photo it for what's new? ...good luck...ciao

CoolDigest said...

sad things happen, huh. congrats on your new gig. I'll be needing that service in the future... can we meet and discuss?
mobile: 08027801887