Monday, July 03, 2006

Monday Excitement

Morning people! So this is going to be an exciting and scary week, but I'm looking forward to it! I'll tell you about it later.

Brazil is out of the world cup. How? I thought I'd watch Adriano go topless after every match!!!! What happened Adriiaanooo? We had a plan, an agreement!

It’s been raining in Lagos but on Saturday I went for an absolutely lovely wedding. I think the best weddings are small weddings and not those carnival type weddings with every Tom, Dick and Harry. We had access to the bride and Groom, the waiters were not stressed, overworked or MIA, and the hall was comfy and cool rather than cramped and hot. The after party was outdoors by the pool, and thankfully it didn't rain.

So I'm waiting to hear about the progress of a job application I made. Things are looking pretty positive so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I'll also just like to slip in a little "God is wonderful :)!" Things seem to be shaping up and falling into place. How about you?


Mona said...

Imagine Brazil are out, is this a joke or a new dawn? Christiano Ronaldo of Portugal is a hottie and I want him in my handbag! :o)

Things r cool for me, certainly looking up this monday...I hopee it stays at the same pace all through this wk...

Have a nice week....

Kush said...

You are such a happy bunny aren't you?

CoolDigest said...

Hi girl, please do you know where and how I can get a copy of Totsi DVD? will really appreciate it.


Kola (From CoolDigest)

Bella Naija said...

good luck girl! i am also in a similar situation with a job app...fingers crossed! God is on the throne...
Thanks for stopping by!

Olowo said...

You are right, small weddings are the way to go but you don't want to step on people's toes by not inviting them and you know naijas, when you invite one person, you are really inviting 3.

I like your blog, tres interesting.

LondonBuki said...

Good Luck with everything dear ;-)

Job-wise I am in a similar situation... Good News is comingm my way, In Jesus' Name (Amen)

In other areas of my life... I keep on praying.

NaijaBloke said...
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NaijaBloke said...

It kinda cloudy out here and they just made my day cloudy by making me come to work 2day with the July 4th Holiday 2moro.They could have just allow man pickin just take the long holiday come back on wednessday for a 3 day work week.

Can't wait to get outta here and the sad thing is this kind of days the clock will be so slow that u just feel like fast forwarding the damn clock.Apart from that and debating what to eat now,God has been good and am also writing list of people's houses that am hitting up 2moro for free barbecue.

Have a nice week

Tutsy said...

Keep ur head up girl friend, don't sweat the job stuff....the right one will come along,just take each day one at a time, things will sort itself out

Kunle.... said...

Good luck babe with the job application.

TaureanMinx said...

Hows the week going now Mona? Hope it got even better!
@Kush, I sure am :)
@cooldigest, I dunno oh, I only realised there was a movie...maybe you can download it?
@bellanaija, thanks girl
@olowoskidile, I know how Nigerians can be lol. Thanks
@london buki..goodluck with your interview as well
@naijabloke, it'll soon be the weekendddd!!
@tutsy, thanks girl
@kunle, thanks