Saturday, June 02, 2007

Update on the Lactose

Thanks for letting me know I was not the only little thief lol and for all for your suggestions for the Lactose intolerance issue. I decided that the best solution would be to find a drug to help digest the milk so I got Lactrase!

The Pharmacy Lady must think I'm some sort of drug junkie. I like going into pharmacies just to see what they have available. Everything is just so colourful and they might have a solution to a problem I never knew I had. Same as the isle in supermarkets where they have all the grooming stuff like lotions etc. Its like curiosity heaven. Only problem here is that all the information is written in Swedish. So I have to play a guessing game with the pictures on the box.

Anyway so the first time I had to ask her for a laxative of some sort. Sorry for TMI but I got to Sweden and suddenly my digestive system shut down. I was giving it time to resolve itself but I got tired of waiting...I mean it was getting to like 3 weeks. Jeez, that’s a serious backlog. I didn't want cancer of the intestines! So anyway she brought it out all the while looking at me suspiciously. I was wondering what she was not saying...she went to get it, she stole a glance at me, then she took it to the machine, glanced again, then keyed it in, and finally glared at me....YOU SHOULDN'T USE THIS ALL THE TIME!

WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT? She thinks i'm some bulimic person or what. Eat then drink a couple of ducolaxes. Ducolax cocktails....hmm. I assured her that I would use the drugs sparingly.

Day 2: Ducolax worked but I had milk and developed yet another bad case of uncomfortable bloatedness. I had nothing else but cereal and came to accept that my body doesn't really like milk because I get the same reaction on milk days. So I walk into the pharmacy. I mean does it really have to be the same lady at the counter? I walk up to her after looking around the place for a second time looking for Tums or something. I realise all the drugs, even panadol are behind the counter. Damn. So I walk up to her and ask for something for bloatedness and she's better this time. Maybe you can't do much damage with that. She got me something called Miniform. I can't read the box so I have no idea.

Day 3: Forgot about the Lactose issue so stroll into the pharmacy...AND ITS MY LONG LOST FRIEND at the counter again. I grin at her and walk straight up to her. Afterall I'm paying. "What do you want today". Chei, I have suffered. Anyway I ask for something to digest lactose and voila, I get Lactrase. So that’s the whole story.

Today, I am bloat free.

To some of the questions from the last post....Idemili and other Soya milk lovers, I will still try it one more time. Soul, I have many Swedish guys for you oh. Just take a short trip down. Niajaboke I have watched the end of Pirates on youtube, thanks! Tayo, thanks, I'll look keep and eye out for TAYO Milk lol.


LondonBuki said...

I just had my breakfast - Cheerios with PEAK milk... YUMMMM... no LACTRASE :-)


All you people with your special intolerances, WHATEVER! I eat everything!!! LOL! Yeah right!

low said...


i couldnt even read ur blog.. i just had to watch GURDDY!!!

Anonymous said...

lol @ the woman thinking you are bullimic...

monie said...

lol @ londonbuki. Peak milk... I'm SOOO jealous! Way back in the day, I used to feel like I was 'buta' because I was using Peak milk instead of Three Crowns... I think it was called

Yeah, I have to say I feel bad for all the 'intolerants' out there... My sister blows up like a balloon every time she eats anything with the slightest bit of dairy in it... Are you like that with Cheese too..? Eya.. Pele.

So thus far, still loving Sweden though? Are most people blond like they show on TV? (I've always wondered that). lol.

TaureanMinx said...

@LB, well I can do that too! Just drink Lactrase right after lol.
@pink satin, I know right. Too wierd.
@Monie, most of the are. Blond hair blue eyes and goodlooking girls and pretty boys. The skinny jeans is a problen though i mean , common Swedish guys!

Simply Gorgeous said...

T-minx, Wow you have not went to the bathroom in 3 weeks? I thought people would have been in the hospital for that.

The lady probably thought that you were bulimic, for real. You are not that heavy just a stone's throw so I can imagine why she would reach that conclusion.

I have my own special concoction to alleviate all your gastro- intestinal wahalas. Some call it bitters, senapod , some call it mauby. ( made up of tree barks, herbs and other tasty ingredients.

If you can stomach it, then I will give you the ingredients. But you will not be able to leave the house for a couple of days.

Also you can try enemas or getting your colon cleansed. I hope this helps you.

Maybe I was a fulani in my last life I can drink gallons of milk with no problems.

Chika said...

London buki i just love wat u had for breakfast,its my personal favourite and its just have you have described it.....YUMMMMM....
Hey tminx,just realized you stopped by my page.thanks babes it feels good to know that the celeb of blogland herself popped in while i was away.

Calabar Gal said...

Some people are lucky - like me. Extremely tolerant to all sorts!! LOL!! Glad you're better now.

Nigerian Woman in Norway said...

have you seen these blogs?

that's swedish style.

i had the same problem with always seeing the same faces in shops when i came to norway. in england you never get the chance to get that familiar with the shop assistants. here everyone knows your face.

Chika said...

l.buki i love wat u had for breakfast its the perfect combo.hi tminx just realized you came by my page while i was sure feels good that the celeb of blogland herself stopped by my blog.thanks.

Vera Ezimora said...

S'up bestfriend. I'm probably late on this (4got to check the date you posted it). But instead of taking meds after taking milk, why don't you just drink lactose-free milk??

Since I came 2 the States, I have suddenly become lactose intolerant, so now, I do not drink regular milk. I drink lactose-free milk. Works like a charm!

Jeremy said...

lactose intolerance is more common among black people than is widely known. Many skin problems (such as eczema) and sinus problems for black people are a result of an undiagnosed lactose intolerance.

If you live in the UK or the US there are many brands of soya ('soy' in the US) milk that are really tasty, have added calcium, vitamins etc. In the UK, the nicest soya milk is called So Good - sold at Sainsburys. Alpro is also ok.

Unfortunately, in Nigeria, the range of soya milk available is limited. The soya milk sold in bottles is awful. The stuff that is ok (in tetrapak) is expensive.

The solution if you want to drink good soya milk in Nigeria? Get yourself a soya milk maker. This is where I got mine:

(from the US)

The milk it makes is lovely for hot chocolate, cereals etc. It also means cheap cheap - you are paying just for the soya beans.

Linda Ikeji said...

I eat anything and everything...still cant add weight.cry...

BabaAlaye said...

Lucky you. Finally got around the Lactose problem.

Going to the Drug store and looking around for what to buy ...hmm that's major.

Tayo said...

Linda, Sorry o!!! Don't worry, it'll come in time.
TMinx, how come babies don't have lactose problems? Maybe you should start all over again. Try taking Cerelac and all that stuff! But seriously, the only food babies take is milk, yet they never have problems. How come?

Vickii said...

Lollll, what are the chances that it's the same woman in the chemist everytime?? (I guess if she's the only one that works there then it's pretty high)...

Pele on the lactose intolerant thing, I love milk products way too much to even consider giving them up. Saying that I had tofu icecream yesterday and it really wasn't bad, no where near as good as ben and jerry's though!

Olawunmi said...

i feel your pain. i love milk, but i'm lactose intolerant as well. its hell, and those non-lactose "alternatives" like soy milk are absolutely criminal!

these days i avoid milk completely, so that i can eat ice-cream with less complications. its one or the other.

sucks. i should try some medicine like lactrase soon.

hope you're cool, but where is the reply to my email? i fit vex o.