Thursday, June 28, 2007

Goodbye Idols

So i've been booted off the Idols show! I'm not mad, as I said in my farewell speesh lawl, the runners up make it further than the actual winner, so I stand a very good chance of becoming the next BIG thing. Watch out guys, enjoy me while you can lol.

I'm not going home this week anymore, I have been asked to work and extra week :(. Well I guess I'll be even more excited next week. It was raining here ALL DAY LONG yesterday. I have never seen anything like it. Not once did the rain stop, not even for 5 seconds for a whole day. Wow

Its my sweeties birthday today. LOVE YOU LondonB! Have a great day and see you next week.

UPDATE: Your request LOVESTONED by JT is playing.


LondonBuki said...

Thank you my sugar, my 'oney, my sweerie!!!!

I would like to make a baiday requessssttt please!

Can you please play "Get me Bodied" by Beyonsssss or "Bootylicious" by D Child or "Lovestoned" by Justin Timberlake on your Boom Box... please now! please!

LOL! I am serious!

Ngozi N said...

Babe babe babe... I saw ur true love feature n might I say u look fab!!! I am almost addicted to ur blog but I refuse... I will pray about it. Do quick and return to Nigeria jare. Take care babe.

Dimples said...

Oh never mind...better things to come(ssh!!!***whispering-I thought u were the best!!
Don’t worry I will buy your album jare.

Oh same about working the extra week…at least u are still going home…unlike some of urs…have loads of fun for me sha.

The weather in Jand hasn’t been any better either..rain-sun—something in between…as in this global warming sef …should decide what she wants to do.

Happy Birthday LondonBuki….can we come round for some cake??

TaureanMinx said...

@LB, Request granted my one and only he heee.
@Nne, thanks, I wanna seeeeee.

Calabar Gal said...

I agree with you. Lemar is a testimony to that. No onw knows where the winner of that telent show - Fame Academy where he came second is now but Lemar is still blazing on. Watching out for your next release on ......... label? LOL!

ECLECTIC said...

Apolgies for this shameless plug:-)

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Allied said...

Eh? they kicked you out? What? how? why? when?

Hissed* - dont mind them o jare. Just tell me, do you want back in? Just say the word!

I know people in high places in blogsville - i can get you back in - all it takes is annoymous harrassment comments

low said...

Thats my msn messenger name....IM LOVING THE SONG, D VIDEO THE EFERRITIN!!!!!!! i think i should be a music video psychic!!! i knewwww they had to make a video for that song
LB..HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIEE...hope u have loads of fun!!!!!!!!!!!

Mari said...

hey TM, just so you know, I voted for you and tried to get as many ppl as possible to vote for you.
You did a great job, too bad you lost already. I thought you'd be one of the last contestants.

BiMbyLaDs** said...

dont mind them jare my dear... those judges are not wise.

TaureanMinx said...

@Calabar girl, do I sense a twinge of humour in that comment, this is no joke oh! You just wait and see
@eclectic, will send to friends but i'm not sure i'll be around.
@allied, lol, no i don't like intimidation, bribery and harrassment, save that thought for later, when I really need it.
@low, yes its really good.
@Mari, you are such a sweetheart, thank so much :). I got far enough
@Bimblylads lol :)

Chameleon said...

what? no way!!!
damn mehn
im hurt
like, deeply.


madam Tmin, ur ass is in this motnhs true love!!!!!!! i want that top u have on!!!!!! bera post it to me now now!!!

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

You will always be a star to me, and sorry about the rain and the delay in your trip home.

Anyways Its only a matter time before you have a record deal. Make sure you have a good weekend.

TaureanMinx said...

@Chameleon, I know right!!! You heard my calabar song, you know I have TALENTTTT. lol
@36, imagine, my mother bought it for me, she so fashionable :). I'll post it to you when i get to Nigeria. :)
@TLOASCM, thank you girl :). Have a great weekend too.

Favoured Girl said...

Awww so your campaign on FB didn't really work after all, LOL. Don't worry at least your voice has been heard in all corners of the globe. My Kenyan friend said she stayed tuned to Blogville Idol. So you are famous girl!
::Insert cheeky laughter::

princess said...

U are in True love?!?!Was it an interview or wat? Am checking this month's issue out rightaway.
Thanks for popping in mine.

temmy tayo said...

They only voted u out cos i was busy with the wedding wahala. I promise to sponsor ur first album.

Omuluzua said...

Tminx, congrats O! Great Job

Please vote for dScribe

Have a wonderful weekend

Anonymous said...

lol @ allied..are u sur u no be one of the anonymous wey dey make us cry on blogville idol

@ tminx abeg scan the photo of you in true love..which edition and who was on d front page of u be lagos biggirl or island big girl ..or what do they call scan it..thats an ur former producer now!muah!

TaureanMinx said...

@FG, shhh lol, no it did not cos there is some mago mago with that voting poll, some ppl must have found a way to hack it!
@Princess, it was an interview, thanks for stopping by
@Temmy, I know right? Thank you and I will give you 10% of the profits. When are you back in London?
@omuluzua, thanks :), I will but those mimi fans are fierce
@Pink-Satin, if you post the mag to me in Sweden, I will def scan the page lol.

Anonymous said...

Saw the True love feature, You, Bimby, Aramide and Adaure. Cooooool

deilah said...

Oh yeah, i thought it was about time people recognised how HOT and relevant our blogging girls are..... and by the way, that same trio has being featured in various other fashions mags, (thisday style, city people monthly etc). You dont have to be a junkie to figure.

boorish male said...

Not to worry, there is always next year!!!!!


chidi said...

you sang well!

deilah said...

@chidi: I think you need to photoshop those eyes...,.. they're more FREAKISH than seductive (or whatever the hell you where striving to achieve)

deilah said...

@chams: I adore that pix, i wish i had an outfit (or could be painted like that). I love visuals that are capable of hacking deep into my imagination,
and that monochrome 'montage' certainly does the trick.

Anonymous said...

let us the feature of u in true love once u get home!

O.šeyï said...

Minxy Minx. Dont mind them jo. Pele. Dont worry, look at Jennifer Hudson! I'm sure Nollywood would have the perfect role for you. Ehn... ndo.

TaureanMinx said...

@Babs, thanks, didn't realise you were in Lagos :)
@deilah, thanks for leaving comments...but some of them are nearly mean...why now?
@boorish, I wil be big before next year oh lol
@anonymous, I will try my best, maybe Bella will have it up soo though
@Oseyi, thanks my sister :)

Confused Naija Girl said...

he yaahh! sorry babes!

BlogVille Idols said...