Sunday, June 24, 2007

My weekend

So I had a fantastic weekend. The most eventful I have ever had in Sweden.

Friday was fun, met up with colleagues for drinks. See my colleagues on the same program as me are a group of bright young men and women. While if I met with Nigerian people to wind down, we would probably discuss things as inconsequential as music, fashion or relationships....somehow during the course of the evening we started to discuss........where the moon sets and rises?!?. As in it was a serious debate needing wikipedia and the likes. But for real though, was anyone taught that? Lol as in the more some people got merry, the stranger the conversation became. We were really feeling like philosophers. A bit too on the intense side lol.

We didn't do the whole dancing around the pole thing with people, the weather was miserable. Apparently it’s always miserable during midsummer, why didn't someone tell me that before I got excited. Anyway seeing as all of Stockholm’s inhabitants had left and moved to the surrounding islands, it was a ghost town really. You could shout and almost hear your voice echo. We went for a buffet dinner at Skansen but when I saw the cost my eyes nearly popped out. Do these people know I’m trying to save money? priceeey. Gosh. The food was okay I guess. I grudgingly ate it.

Saturday started out slow. I remembered I was invited for a picnic by my Nigerian colleagues' wife. They had assumed it would be okay weather wise, but again it was dreary, so the picnic had to be indoors. This so called 'picnic' had Semovita, Ogbono, Fried rice, Jollof rice and the works lol. I have never eaten so much in my life...I tried everything, I can't remember the last time I had Nigerian food. It was fantastic. Their son, T, has this cute Swedish friend who loves anything Nigerian lol. He was there grubbing like there was no tomorrow, with his hands. After a while I even forgot he was Swedish. The adults ended up dancing to King Sunny Ade and Ebenezer Obe...we made our escape to the apartment and watched the ever hilarious Little Britain...'but i'm the only gay in the villaaaaage'.

Later that evening T and I decided to go clubbing. This was first time clubbing in Sweden since I came two months ago. Usually, after drinks at some bar or the other, my colleagues are happy to go to a club playing techno music. I decline; the headache is not worth it. Anyway we ended up going to a place called the bedroom. It was off the chain. The Dj was playing old school hip hop from the 80's to the present and the building was packed with kids of immigrants to Stockholm.....Eritreans, Somalis, some black kids I couldn't quite place, a lot of mixed race people and of course Swedish hip hop lovers too. I tell you it was a room of hotness. These people are beautiful! Not only that, there was no posing, the girls really put me to shame lol. Not one of them ever frowned or gave attitude even when a guy sort of pulled them gently to dance. For real though, if all Nigerian men were all as beautiful, I would never have any attitude EVER AGAIN. But the atmosphere was so much more relaxed. The DJ was dropping tracks like what! lol, way, Michael Jackson..Thriller, Billie Jean, Bad, Bobby Brown...Prerogative, LL Cool J...doing it, Foxy Brown..Take you home, Blackstreet...No diggity, Lumi Dee, Toucchhh me teaasee me, Sim sima who gat the keys to the beamerrr lol, Candy rain, Justin…Lovestoned, Neyo...These kids were dancing! Flex, running man, MJ's steps, boggle lol....Then he broke out with Gaou! Wow, lollll, I showed them my Makosa skills! It really was a lot of fun. So when you come see me in Sweden, I'll take you to the bedroom.

Sunday was for church and winding down. Now I'm looking forward to my trip this weekend. I hope the fuel situation has eased up by then.

LB, hope you are much better today. I will keep Mummy in my prayers. Love you to bits :)


Picture from Simon Jobling


LondonBuki said...

Take me to THE BEDROOM!!!! LOL!!!

And to think I was supposed to come over this weekend, I guess I can thank God I didn't for obvious reasons. Thanks for your Words sweetie and I pray the Almighty God answers our prayers o!! AMEN!!!!

When I come there, me too I want to see these hot people, you know how I like to appreciate God's work... ;-)

Tayo said...

Hey TMinx, Interesting Post. You make me feel like visiting Sweden. Discussing about Moon locations? And it was interesting? Wow. BTW, are you affiliated to E/// by any chance?

My 2 cents said...

Look at you having all this fun and dancing to Gaou! lawl!

Be safe and enjoy yourself. I get the attitude thing with babes, check out my blog about women been each other's worst enemy.

Don't even start, Naija men are beautiful, naija babes just have too much "selense".

9ja Opeke said...

Omo! U r havin' so much fun dia in Sweden...I have started packin' my bags and I am heading where the action is...don't forget to leave the key (to ur apt) under the welcome footmat so I can have a place to perch my tent...

Mari said...

Oh thats nice, you finally found a club you enjoyed. I love, love Techno music so I probably wouldn't venture out to The Bedroom.

Sounds like you are beginning to like it out there.

Uzo said...

Take me to the bedroom oh...LOL...sounds like a blast...

Nyemoni said...

Has it really been two months??? Wow, time does fly by... yeah, we should hook up when you come home! lemme know ok? Take care babes :-)

TaureanMinx said...

@LB, anytime babyyy. He surely went crazy with his work over here!
@Tayo, Er it was peculiar...and yes I am.
@my 2 cents, lol, whats selence?
@9ja, space is here for you oh. I will make sure I cut a spare key for you.
@Mari, I can only cope with techno for so long lol..but it can be good
@Uzo, lol, come on over darl *sounding sexy*
@Nyemoni, I def will. I have to get a pressie for my cutie.

My 2 cents said...

Selence is too much and most times unnecessary guy, in broken english."Yanga" in hausa, "ako" in yoruba "nlecha" in igbo.

Chioma said...

Men TMinx, u need to blog on Naija chics Fronting for their fellow Naija chics is becoming too much and I am a victim. 'It is all about networking and being courteous,' I am not trying to be your best friend or whatever it is they think I smile at them for' back and call it a freaking day....TMINX, abeg help out/blog on this issue

zaiprincesa said...

lol @ chioma...i feel u on that.
Tminx...go ahead and party like a rockstar ..its needed sometimes!!..

Anonymous said...

hehehe, u go girl with ur makosa skills, lol. Am feeling the song o no be small(the dynamite 1).
U rily tried today with the lauryn hill tune too, kushe(weldone). Keep doing ur thing o tminx.

Simply Gorgeous said...

You describing your picnic experience made me seriously hungry..... Don't you just love Nigerian picnics....(smile)

My yahoo address is Hope to hear from you...

~Mimi~ said...

lol @ people saying take me to the bedroom :D enough already its starting to sound cheesy! lawlinng

tminx, u really do make me feel like visiting sweden..

ur having fun oh!

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Gosh sounds like the bedroom was packed and serioulsy its good to let your head down once in a while. My weekend here was also pretty spectacular. 7 days of festive celebration. Wow.

When I have some more time maybe will write more about it. Enjoy your time in sweden and in niaja. Pls dont forget to get me grandnuts, we will discuss how to transport it to Trento.


i want to go clubbing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

יש (Yosh) said...

Good u r catching your fun! I'm so slow, din't know u r in Sweden now...good stuff. Make u sure u dye your hair blonde and put up a pic ;)

Be safe!

deilah said...

There you are letting off icey sweats and getting all the jolly the day can bring, and here i am feeding my eyes to the news where sweden is currently being lavishly garnished with titles as 'most refugee-friendly nation' or something realy close.
What a country with such fine blends of thrill, chill and warmth.

yankeenaijachick said...

Seems like u having fun in Sweden. keep on dong ur thingy. Life is too short not to have fun.

Tayo said...

Oh Serious? That was some very wild guess I took ... and I was right! WOW
Ever been in E Lagos?

Anonymous said...

you are a seriously...thos are the types of clubs i am talking abot

TaureanMinx said...

@my2cents, thanks for the education :)
@chioma, girl, I was talking about girls fronting for guys oh, not bitch fights but seriously the ATTITUDE has got to go.
@zai, lol, it is really needed
@chicala, thank you my sister!
@SG, I will send you an email
@mimi, you are wlcome anytime my fellow contestant
@LOAS, I will dhl them directly to you :)
@yosh, I am...thanks :)
@Deilah, its a lovely place
@NYJ, thanks girl
@Tayo, I'm only here for 6 months.. I work in Nigeria
@Pink satin, lol, i'm not a baller like you :)

Idemili said...

Boooohooohoo! I want to have fun too!

Amanda said...

Hi,I love ur blog. Funny, but when I read this post, I just had a feeling you were on about my Auntie K (her husband works in Ericcson) and her son T (not like u said a lot but I just knew). T and Mom were in Naija recently. He's really into techno- He gave me a Techno CD by his Italian friend. Also he told me about his friend who loves Naija food. And my Aunt just loves to cooooooook. She sent me an email last week of how she's put on weight since she returned cos she's been cooking a lot- picnics and all- so I guess you were one of the mouths she just fed. Funny small world. Keep up the good work.

TaureanMinx said...

Yess we are talking about the same people Amanda!!