Wednesday, February 14, 2007


To my blog hubby. I wasn't sure what to get you so I decided to let you feast your eyes on this baby right here and its all for you. Maybe we will elope on the Lear together. Have a lovely day! I have more treats for you when we get home.


LondonBuki said...

What kinda treats do you have? Nonsense! LOL!

temmy tayo said...


Buki where are you? lol.

Well Babaalaye is lucky to have you jare.

That lear on its own is sexy.
What do u plan doing when u get home?

temmy tayo said...


She posted before me!

angie said...

hmm nice gift.
pls wat eva u plan wen u get home do it with lights not dont think the fire service in naija is effective.

Jaycee said...

lolll....lovely gift Tee...only that he can only look and not touch...he he he...

(thanks for playing my song on the radio...he he...I'm listening to "I do" right per the question...sssshhh!)

Vera Ezimora said...

LOL. That's a funny gift. What will you give him next - the sky to fly in? LOL.

TMINX, my one and only blogger bestfriend, Happy Valentine's Day! I wish you the best of everything, and if indeed there is no man tickling your nipples .. *clears throat* I meant 2 say, fancy, then I pray that on this Valentine's Day you meet and fall in love with the man who adores you more than you could ever dream of, Amen. *KISSES*

Anonymous said...

lol... treat ehn! Alaye is sha a lucky man to have such a wife.. like Vera said.. i think ur next gift for him will be the sky itself... happy valentines day to you and your boo sha

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Babalaye is indeed a blessed man to have you as his valentine. What a gift.

I wonder what he got for you. Happy Valentines again.

Bella Naija said...

Y'all are crazy! You and that your BabaAlaye!
Meanwhile, Buki what sort of jazzz did u use on T-Minx's blog or does she call u when she posts! ah ah..Morning, Noon or Nite u r always first. I'm soo jealous!

Happy Vals Day!
Make sure u give us the gist o

confusednaijagirl said...

happy val day! baba alaye is lucky oh.

Favoured Girl said...

Happy Valentine's day T-Minx! I hope Babaalaye is getting you something equally exciting o.

Naija Jinx said...

Oppressor! When others are busy thinking about how they would put together their pocket money to buy some nice boxers, you come with a whole plane! LOL, Congrats!!

Sye said...

TM, sorry but did Babaalaye show up at all yesterday? I doubt it, he is such a sneaky man ... he must have gone to a new bird round the block.

How bad was that after the open proposal and high profile moves he made initially. Poor man.

Do you mind another proposal?

TaureanMinx said...

@LB, amebo whats ya business,
@temmy, LB and I have some EP thing going on. You can't beat it lol.
@angie lol, we have fore proof candles
@jaycee, pleased to be of service
@Vera, I have always known that you love me....always
@ONB, yes oh, how many women give Learjets to their hubbys?
@Life of a stranger, I really wonder too lollll
@bella lol, its called ESP. I have absolutely no jist. Tis sad
@CNG, hope you had a lovely day
@favored girl, hope you have jist for us on your blog
@naija jinx, I have to represent now. I'm a Big girl you don't know?
@Sye, don't talk about my man like that oh. Hmm another proposal...

BabaAlaye said...

Thnks so much Sweetie.
You're the best thing that's ever happened to me.
You're my Joy,
My light,
My Diamond,
My Flower,
You play in my head when there's no song to listen to.
I see your beautiful eyes on every Billboard in Lagos.
You're my Cheesecake
You get me higher than my Hennesy
You balance me so well
You're the Lady to my Thug ways
You make me wanna give up my Agbero ways.
I'm the Bee with a Nasty sting and
You're my Butterfly.
You're the Mild Rose while i'm the
Stubborn Elephant Grass.
And that's why i love you so much.
Let's fly away togethre
Far away, in that grown ass Aeroplane.
I'll put a Queen sized bed in there
So we can get up to no good,
High up in the Sky
Lookin' down on the haters below.
Seeing us Soarin' and hatin'
Hoping to catch us Flying dirty.

Happy Valentine's Baby Boo.

Uzo said...

Ehn...Na wah oh. Lucky man

TaureanMinx said...

You guys, I knew my hubby would come through...thanks for the poem boo.

zaiprincesa said...

This is tewww cuteee cute cute!

UnNaked Soul said...

babaalaye babaalaye!!! I hail thee!!! TMinx ain't this just cute? LOL

Sye said...

TM, I respect your faith in Babaalaye - your psychology of endurance yesterday was good, he truly showed up even though it was clearly NOT on the day everyone was expecting him to celebrate you.

Best wishes to both of you ... hope he is more prompt in future. You can forget the said-proposal in the time being.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

gosh...its tooooooooooo much o... okay this is it...after Bachelorette i have to go find my own Blog Stalker... i mean Love