Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Detox Master Cleanse- Day 5

I cannot really believe I have made it 5 days without eating. Today I'm not as buzzed as I was yesterday but I'm stil good to go. Yesterday I reduced the amount of sugar as well as the amount of cups of Lemonade I was drinking from 6 down to 4 cups and increased my intake of water. By evening I was feeling a little hungry so you know what I did? I took a spoon, measured out some maple syrup and drank it lol!! Cheating, yes but I needed the enery.

I found maple syrup by the way. I went to a health food shop because its important to come off the detox in a certain way. More about it on Sunday. Basically I needed good bacteria because the salt water washes away good and bad bacteria from your system and so you need to populate your digestive track with Probiotics. It took me ages to explain what I wanted at the health shop but we were finally able to find 7 Bacterii Lactise. Basically, Romanias version of Probiotic tablets. While searching anyway, I found maple syrup which was a bonus so I have gone back to the original recipe.

I also went grocery shopping. I love grocery shopping even if I have nothing to buy lol. Its so weird, I even prefer it to clothes shopping. Anyway you can take a wild guess at what I bought at the grocery store....LEMONS. Yum! Lol.

Still no allergies, my right eye was a bit itchy for a little while yesterday but is fine today.

My right side was a little more tender last night than the previous day so I was kind of dissapointed but its fine this morning. Lets see what tonight brings.

I'm cold! My body is not doing much work internally so not generating heat..

My tongue is not as white as yesterday..apparently it becomes pink once all the toxins are out, indicating the end of the detox period. Some people don't get a pink tongue though.

The salt water flush this morning was still eventful...after 5 days! Thats crazy!

I'm am happy there are only two more days left in the week because I am not sure how long I will have all this energy for. I am trying not to do too much so I don't get too tired.

Oh another thing is that I am sleeping less and not waking up groggy at all. Infact I wake up at 4.30 to do the Salt water flush becuase you need to give yourself a few hours after the flush before you go to work or you might just regret it. Google it, and u'll know why. Sometimes I go back to 'sleep', well I lay on the bed and read and other times I tidy up the flat or surf online.

One thing with this detox is that a lot of people will convince you to get off it.I haven't told many people here but the one or two people that know are now showing concern because they do not believe one can survive without food and really dont get why the detox lasts 10 days. On your weak days, you need to aviod these people like the plague lol. One of the guys came to me today to tell me he really thinks that I should eat today because it cannot be healthy to be starving. Well I'm not starving, if I was I would be eating. I think he thought I'd have given up by now. But I started it..I will finish it!


LondonBuki said...

Lol... but you know if I called and told you I wasn't eating for 7-10 days, just drinking lemonade and water, you'd have something to say.

As long as you get off it on time...

LOL @ the concerned chap at work.

Eniola said...

Hmmm, well its good for you to stick to the plan, but i really dont know about this not eating for ten days, that can't be good can it? No matter what any homeopath says

TaureanMinx said...

@LB, lol no I wouldn't! Lol, maybe before I saw the light.
@Eni, get theeeeeeeee behind! Lol I've read extensively and its not detrimental to the health. Many ppl have good things to say.

Chika said...

Tminx abeg o!Easy on yourself.I'm counting the days for u,can't wait till its!

Pink-satin said...

take it easy o!!!!

J.F. said...

My love!! You are strong ooo. God's bid on your detox journey. I don't know if I can do it. Really!!

Zena said...

I'm not the one doing the fast and I'm counting, like I said yesterday, you have tried BIG TIME!!!
Your really firing me up to try it. Here it can help clear asthma,

so do u use normal salt or a different kinds salt, must taste horrible...

Your Hot jare, you'll be fine...5 more days to go

TaureanMinx said...

@chika, thanks for counting with me.
@pink satin, I will thanks!
@J.F, thanks :). I'm sure you can. I think its all in the mind.
@Zena, its sea salt uniodised. Make sure u read up on it before doing it oh.

Allied said...

Wow... more power to you. I am intrigued to try it out but i am already Skinny... i really don’t want to lose more weight...

Is your weight loss significant?

Calabar Gal said...

Gosh, it takes a lot to will & courage to try out what you're doing.

Zephi Fahrenheit said...

hmm interesting..applaud you for going with out food...its like me and food have this strong relationship..I cant do without it..

Vera Ezimora said...

R u sure this is safe? Babe, be careful abeg. The body was not designed to not eat for so long.

Goodluck babes. I don't wanna sound too negative. Don't wanna sound like "one of them"

TaureanMinx said...

@allied, well I have lost weight but I don't know how significant. You gain most of it back once you start eating again. My clothes still fit, just a little loser
@calabar girl, the truth is that you aren't really hungry on this detox, the Lemonande takes care of that. You only feel like you want to eat because we are programmed to eat.
@zephi, lol, I love food too and can't wait to get back to eating but healthier food.
@Vera, I feel great and would have stopped in a heartbeat if any issue came up. :)