Thursday, May 22, 2008

Deos one alawys hvae to hvae a wtity tilte- Sccheewwww!

I had an excellent birthday and thanks to those that left me birthday comments on the blog :). It was great being back home and I'm glad it coincided with my birthday so I was around a lot of friends and family. *Round of applause for fabulous friends*

I'm back in Romania and its growing on me. It helps that my new apartment is gorgeous and opposite one of the biggest parks so I can stroll around and find some good shots because I have been neglecting my photography recently.

Its funny, I used to really enjoy travelling and being on my own but recently things have changed and I would love to be closer to a certain somebody but I guess I'll just have to see how life plays out. I met two giggly Romanian girls in the bathroom the other day and they have promised to show me around a little more. Thank God they didn't say clubbing, I think I'm getting really tired of the whole night scene although its a lot of fun to go once in a while.

Meanwhile my stomach is blocked! Yes blocked! I don't know where the food is going. I have tried everything possible to unblock it but its being stubborn. I need help! Jesus Lord, free me!

I have turned into Miss cupid oh. I intend to hook two people up whether they like it or not. I'll let you know how it turns out lol. This is hook up by force, even if I have to say that I had a revelation about them lol, I wil. They are both such great people but who knows if they will get along? That's up to them I guess. Oya send in your CV to my dating service lol....Tminx Mixer!

We had an all employee meeting and if you see the way Nigeria is always being praised and blasted in the same sentence. At this point I don't even try and defend us anymore. ..but the way the security situation is blown out of proportion...its like Nigeria is Iraq and Lebanon combined! Sometimes I even wonder if its the same Lagos I'm living in that they are talking about!

Anyway back to work, I need to deliver something to the boss so he doesn't add S T U P I D to his list of what he thinks Nigeria and Nigerians are. I leave you with my fav Asa song....Bibanke. Love it!


Afrobabe said...

lol...the Nigerian thing is worse here...My boss told me his wife was escorted by mobile police with guns throughout her stay in lag....Me self come wonder...we are the ones spoiling our own imagine...

The night scene thing me thinks is age related..I used to be able to dance all night, now I feel sleepy in the second for living alone, dont even get me think how much energy I used in rushing out of naija so I could live alone...sometimes I feel like packing all my friends to come live with me..

you'll know u've had it when u start talking to teddies!!!

Anonymous said...

You've finally broken my heart! First I was glad you had returned to blogging, I rushed here only to read you have someone in your life? Where is Toni Braxton when I need her...Unbreak my heartttttttttt!!!

~Mimi~ said...

so i came to check something and found that FavouredGirl still hasnt written the story to Bibanke! LOLLLL!
nah men, your boss can't add stiupid to that list...we r 2

Aijay said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!
Looking forward to the match making gist... my fingers r crossed. lol

Allied said...

Welcome back ...

bumight said...

I'm still trying to wrap my head around the blocked stomach bit.

as for miss cupid, waiting to hear how bad, scratch that, well it goes!


Greetings Miss T-Minx!!

...Chuffed you had a decent Birthday...Especially so as you had your nearest and dearest to share your happiness...I am hoping you have not been desensitized to the issues in Naij...fair enough it is sometimes exaggerated but trusss mi sista the problems are REAL...We need an email/web address for the dating service ASAP...Top top post yet again + the photos on SC get better each time!!...Do keep it up!!


TaureanMinx said...

@Afrobabe, and I'm sure he wasn't exaggerating. I mean I'd understand if shes were the Niger Delta! Yes I'm getting old lol, clubbing is becoming a chore. Don't let that teddy run away!

@Anonymous lol, theres room in my heart for you. Don't worry!

@mimi, I wonder oh! Lol, she is hoarding this jist.

@aijay, I'll let you know how it works out

@allied, thanks!!

@buntight, lol, sorry I had to share. And I'll proove you so wrong on my cupid move.

@C, thanks i'll set up a dating email to make things spicy lol! Or maybe not. Who knows ;)