Saturday, May 24, 2008

Homeopath Visit- 10 Day Detox

So from my last post you can tell I have a sluggish stomach. Its lazy I tell you. Anyway for years now, I have had this pain in my side. This annoying niggling pain. Its only on my right side, like i'm bruised, around the ribs in the middle and radiates all the way round and sometimes to my shoulder blah blah, I can't really explain it even though I have tried several times.

When I moved to England to study, I started a love affair with the hospital. I would constantly go in complaining about this pain until one year in uni when my doctor, who had tried everything including an MRI scan, recommended Prozac...I mean I was a happy child, I only had this one complaint. Thank God I knew what Prozac was. Oloriburuku! (Is that how its spelled?). I turned down his nice offer and so he sent me off with a pat on the back to a Physio who I saw once a week and didn't really help much. I pretty much learnt to deal with the pain by ignoring it.

I have diagnosed myself with several 'diseases' and at one point I was even thinking I might have cancer. God forbid it! The point is that medical doctors were unable to help.

Last month my friend suggested I see a homeopath. I made an appointment with one and went down to see her as soon as I could. It was a rather interesting visit. My homeopath was like a shrink lol, we discussed my life and at what point I felt the pain started...which I really can't remember now. Its been a part of me for so long. Then she decided that I see the resident homeopath who can sense things by touching the body. It all started getting a little bit eerie. Imagine if it were Nigeria and a friend took you to a 'doctor' and he started touching all parts of your body to 'feel' the problem???

Anyway so I walked into his office, spoke with him for a few minutes before I was instructed to lie on my back. I was felt up for about 20 minutes. He checked the parts I said were hurting until he was certain he knew what the problem was. Apparently my liver is not a very happy bunny. From my explanations he thought maybe it could have been my ribs but they are fine. He reckoned I must have had a heavy dose of antibiotics or maybe the malaria pills which I take ever so often if I feel the slightest fever! Oh and I found out from my mum that I was given heavy antibiotics at one point when I developed an maybe he was right. He also said it might be the reason for my sluggish stomach.

Anyhoo I was prescribed some homeopathic drugs and given a very strict diet including...

No Dairy

No Meat

No Fat

No alcohol
And a whole lot of veggies, fruits, brown rice, brown everything and all that good stuff! Yuck!

So anyway I have been putting it off and when I returned to Romania I had a huge bowl of cereal with peak milk! I'm really a sucker for punishment. If only I didn't like milk so much. So to frree myself from further distress, I have decided to do a 10 day detox starting today before I go on this strict diet. I'll be drinking only a Diluted organic lemon juice concoction. I'll let you know how it goes and more on the detox tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

OMG! Why does this sound all so familiar? I think I also have the same issue. Pain in my side for years and each and every doctor I've been to prescribed addictive pain killers or just simply down played the pain. Just like u, I have always had this pain in my right side to be precise, for as long as I can remember to the point where I've accepted it as the norm for my poor bod! Except i think it my kidney though. Dont ask why i think that...i just know. Per the diet...its rather interesting. I say that cos i've all of a sudden also become lactose intolerant....for someone who couldnt live a day without her milkshake, strawberries and cream frapp and the likes. Im always bloated even if just snacking on chips.........Ok I should/would stop now and go look for the next avaialable homeopath ASAP. please update on your progress or lack there of.

TaureanMinx said...

Yes, my pain is on the right side too. I didn't bother with pain killers, they only address the symptoms and not the problem. Goodluck with the homeopath and let me know how it goes.