Monday, May 26, 2008

Wedding Websites/ Master Cleanse Detox day 3 update


Day three is not a very good day. I'm not hungry, but i'm empty and a little grumpy. Also the journey to work was very tiring because the walk to the Metro is a little long and then the metro journey itself is about 45 minutes, I have to change twice AND I hardly got seats. I was tempted to take a taxi but the taxi driver didn't get where I wanted to in if someone pronounced an english word wrongly, I'm sure i'd still know what he was talking about...the guy didn't have a clue and I didn't feel like burning up more energy so I continued walking. But I got into work and had my Lemon crack and now I feel much better. My tongue is getting whiter too and you don't want to know about the salt water flush. I have no allergies...and my side is still a little sore, probably on the same level as yesterday.

So as a pick me up I went wedding webbie browsing. I love them, I don't know why! I think its part of my nosey nature. Anyway, I found these on Nigerian Village Square posted by a girl who adores these sites lol. If you get bored at work or need a distraction here are some lovely sites I surfed (he hee) upon...If you have seen them already...keep moving :)!

Mollie and Nemu

Ayo and Oyinda

Sanmi and Tosin

Timi and Alero

Nky and Endy- Cuyute couple!

Grace and Jimmy

Brenda and Emmanuel

Nicola and Ayo

Dami and Lolade

Evana and Chinedu- Can we say awww

Anehita and Rowland

This  lady wanted a life size model of herself as her cake and she got what she wanted....which brings me to question..why don't Nigerians eat the actual wedding cake? Why is it just a prop? And why is it saved for year or more? This won't be happening.

Wedding webbies are fun and can be tastefully done but some are just so funny and some have too much personal info and others are just..blah. Also the proposals these days are getting very creative. This year there was a banner on Eko bridge asking for a girls hand in marriage on Valentines day.

I wonder if guys are you feeling pressured into planning the perfect, elaborate proposal?


OluwaDee said...

I also lv browsing thru wedding websites.
Not eating d actual cake is not a nigerian thing oh. Some pple just like the idea of keeping it 4 their childs 1st bday.
4 others its a money thing, as they would rather have small packed cakes 4 the guests.

Favoured Girl said...

I can imagine both guys and ladies are under some kind of pressure to meet up and exceed the standards set by proposals and weddings on websites. It must be tiring! Interesting detox you are doing. Hope it's going well and you get all the benefits.

Pink-satin said...

wedding websites...oh goody!!i have actually seen some of them b4...will check out the others

mystoriesmytestimonies said...

i love nemu and mollie site...
then chinedu and evanna...

NoLimit said...

Hi Tminx...check this proposal out...very cool and cost effective...i tell ya!

tomi said...

Yeah Mollie and Nemu's website is really really nice, did u check out their wedding pix - its up O