Thursday, October 19, 2006

I got the job

...God willing.

So I got a call from the Agency Dude

'Hi Tminx, sorry it's taken so long for us to decide, please bring your passport and 2 passport photographs and drop by my office tomorrow'

See rejoicing.

'I got the job, praise God! I knew he would do it. Thank you Lord. '

I proceeded to inform my family and friends. All were happy. I called my mother who went to see my youngest sister for midterm (in a boarding school in cool is that. The girl has had it good), and she nearly burst my eardrum with her shouts of praise. You would think I was suffering at my current job.

So the next day, I pack up my passport and the pics and proceed to the agency that the recruiting was outsourced to.

'Hi K'
'Hello Tminx'

I sit waiting to hear the full details of the contract as I hand over the paspport.

'Theres just a little problem'
'You see, H was actually selected with you as the follow-up incase she refused or we had problems with her being able to join etc'

Background info: Its a global program and they wanted only one person from Nigeria. Three of us were selected for the final interview.

'We would have informed you since but then a problem came up. She hasn't done NYSC and the policy is for Nigerians to have the certificate before they are employed. I have tried everything but the company is adamant. They don't want to break any rules '

I'm thinking to myslef, 'I know several peeps who did NYSC with them, WTF?'

'She is trying one last get an exempt certificate since she is older than 30. I'm not sure if she will get it because there is a technicality seeing as she was younger when she gradated but only just moved back.

'Oh I see' this point i'm thinking 'but it supposed to be a GRADUATE management trainee program. GRADUATE'. Besides I kept calling her to see if she got any update and she kept on saying she hadn't heard a word from them. Liar Liar, pants on fire. Half of me wants her to get it and half of me doesn't. The half that does is the half that hates flying and the half thats really nice and thinks she deserves it since she was chosen fair and square. The other half says 'SHIT HAPPENS'.

'We gave her till tomorrow to make sure. Its not looking so good for her and so I've been asked to take your passport and apply for the Visa so you can join the course at the headquarters at the end of the month'

Oh well YABADABADOOOOO. I've been chosen because you can't get who you really want and you have the audacity to tell me she may even still be chosen but im STANDBY. Sorry if I don't jump unto the table a do a strip tease...Sorry if I don't perform DUMB DOG, WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING MEEEEE, Sorry if I don't off pant and tear braaaaaa

Men this working thingy shreads your dignity into bits and pieces.

So I guess I'll know pretty soon but men my ego don take some knacking.


LondonBuki said...



LondonBuki said...
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LondonBuki said...

Ok... I just read the post! The above was my reaction to the Title of the post.

Babe, it's spelt audacity... LOL!

Seriously though... are they serious? Why are they telling you all that? they should have foud a better way to tell you, that is so unprofessional.

Sweetie, the job is yours... Amen!


TaureanMinx said...

@ Buki, this is Naija oh. Lets wait and see.

Dimples said...

Not quite sure if congratulations are in order!!!! did u get the job?Or they are still posting you ni??

Anonymous said...

it doesn't matter how you get it-- as long as you get it.
That actually happens alot-- you're just privy to that information this time.. thats all.

If it is his will, then that job is yours in Jesus name!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord all the same ooo!

I have read your post and I'm very irritated with the attitude of the recruiting firm but we still have to praise God because the job is yours...I have to tell you that this is very common practice in HR/ belle said, people are usually not given the details.

Nigeria will never cease to amaze me...over 30 going for a graduate program? na wa!
Anyway, TMinx dont worry....

Let us know when the final result comes out o!

Cherub (former Bijouxoxo) said...

If it is his will, the job will be yours- Amen. But it still sucks, knowing u're on standby, in other words, they really don't want u. All the best sha, and do keep us informed.

ms. may said...

Na real wa o but if the gig is meant to be yours, it will be. Definitely keep us posted.

Vera Ezimora said...

Nawa o. TaureanMinx, I hope you get the job sha. If you don't, I'm sure something better wuld come up.

Thanx 4 stoppin by

Boso said...

Hey, that's very unprofessional of the recruiters. They should have called you to tell you that you were on standby from the beginning. It's really unfair.

Howevr, I can tell you that I was in the same situation as the other person. I didn't do NYSC, and got some solid offers from multinationals, only to have the offers rescinded because of NYSC. That exmption thing, if you have leg, you can get it, otherwise it's mission impossible if you graduated when you weren't yet 30. I had to go to camp sef, but I couldn't stick with spending one year of my life teaching in a school in a village in Cross River, so I came over to Jand. Don't worry. I'm sure you'll get the job. If the other girl hasn't gotten her exemption certificate before now, she probably won't be able to get it.

teekay said...

Im sure u'll get it. Just keep praying. "off pant and tear bra" hehehe funny.

Mari said...

According to what boso has said am pretty sure the job is yours. I can imagine how irriated you must be right now but stay positive. God has a plan for u dear.

Mari said...

ahha TM , na wa ooo:0 . Am looking at ure list of blogs and it seems u have everyone on it but me. *sniffs*
I feel left out :)

Calabar Gal said...

I pray you get it Tminx. You deserve it. Ohhhhhh Swweden here we commmeeee!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

eiya.. Pele. I pray you get the job.. It's quite annoying to hear you're the second best.

off pant and tear bra.... Nice one!

Red Indian said...

don't worry u will get the job in Jesus' name ooo.

Lee said...

First why are they telling you all of this? ha? really unprofessional,Can you imagine.. so if things were looking good, they would have taken the other gurl .. na wah oh .
But looks like you are just a line away from fully securing the job. Its yours by God's Grace and all is well.

erring said...

Whoever the messenger was is a HATER. Believe, I 'think' Ive encountered this with my so called boss. HIS boss wanted me for the position but this guy has been blockading me from jump.... to the point during my follow up phone interview he called right before HIS BOSS was meant to interview me to (LIE) tell me that HIS BOSS was tied up and wont be calling (??) hmmph.
Anyway the job is yours jare! nonsaynse. that stupid bychh. the nerve!

TaureanMinx said...

@buki, why don't u ever read the post first girl loll. Praise the lord still.
@dimples, I should know soon
@belle, Amen oh.
@bella, I know right.. I guess there was no age restriction.
@bijouxoxo, I'll let you know
@ms.may, thanks
@vera, I'm sure it will... I made
other applications
@boso, wow thats tough, but you could have gotten rejected from the school and then suggested your own place to work or have been redeployed somehow...Do you plan to ever move back? Even at that, I guess you could start your own thing
@teekay, lol, I will keep praying
@mari, really?!! girl i'm putting you up first on the list.
@Calabar girl..thanks!:)
@smoothvibes, thanks, I pray so too
@erring, wow I guess its a dog eat dog world. Thaks you oh, Amen

Nyemoni said...

Congrats o!!! I claim it on your behalf... lol. Not to worry, the gal wont get anything from NYSC that easy.... The job is yours berra believe it!

9ja employers just suck! Love em or hate em, we gotta live with em..

LondonBuki said...

Whatever! I was excited when I read the title and I wanted to be FIRST to leave a comment! LOL!!!

Enjoy your weekend boo x

Uzo said...

LOL. The bottom line is that you get tha job. Okay, what job is this and what country will you be moving to? A little slow here, so some help

Mona said...

all the best mami, may God's will be done, it is well...worry not. Have a great weekend. p.s. your pics of your friends in grad sch in the states, did you go to grad sch there?

Dont forget to send us ur ofoto pics, aramide at gmail dot com hehe

Boso said...

I don't know if I'll come back, not in the near future anyway. Who knows what the future holds?

Biodun said...

Congrats girl, dunno why they told u that, but everythin happens for a reson, u got the job, dont sweat it!

PSB said...

Wishing you the best. We can only leave it in Gods hands. You deserve a pat on the back f or even being considered..Tkae care

PSB said...

Wishing you the best. We can only leave it in Gods hands. You deserve a pat on the back f or even being considered..Tkae care

Luminus said...

Sweetheart, seeing as you want it bad enuff, I know it's urs already. Plus you are qualified, that's why you were even considered init.

The guy you met at the agency should be shot in the foot and have his mouth sealed with Duct Tape. What a crass I just had to sneak that in somehow.

NaijaBloke said...

LoL@off pant and tear braaa!!!

Why do they have to get ur hopes up that high.Thatz wrong though,but hope u get the job sha,cos some ppl dan dey burst champagne out here o..

Have a nice weekend

Nneka's World said...

Read the first part and was about to post my congrats, then i read the rest, are they serious?
Na wa oh!
Well just wait and see-- but anyway congrats for being selected and will pray for you

DiAmOnD hawk said...

it was soooooo unnecessary to inform you of such. H probably didnt say nothing cuz u know how superstitious we nigerians are..

i hope you get it

Anonymous said...

Dont worry ya preety head o. If it is yours they will grovel at your feet and you go take dem do shakara b4 u agree. On a serious note it aint funny o to be honest. God dey.

He willmake the lines to fall upon you in pleasant places.

Adaure said...

Babes when you get the job you can do VOLTRON and write the recruiter up.... all that info he gave you is confidential now. Anyways believe and have faith that the job is yours.

Onada said...

How did it go? any news yet?

the_mix_3 said...

congratulations gal!

Anonymous said...

It shall be yours in JESUS NAME!!!

Anonymous said...

Haven't you heard the saying "Loose lips sink ships". Hopefully not in your case. Good luck

somborri said...

Ahh! & Its true o! Ive learned to keep my goodies on the low till its passed (blogwise) and its always worked so far.
People who 'appear' arent what they really seem.......

TaureanMinx said...

Errrmmm, I'm not superstitious. Whatever God has planned for me will come to fruition. All that hiding info so that no 'voodoo' or 'juju' will happen is not my style. Thats why we have faith.

Luminus said...

Feeling you on that one sis. Good to know you're ok. Got me a li'l worried.

How was the extended weekend. Hope you had fun, I know I did.

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