Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Facebook aka Amebo Central

Facebook came into my life very randomly. I received an email from my sister inviting me to join and when I asked her, she said 'Its like hi5 with a lot of young people in uni and stuff.' I think she was trying to say I was old. Silly Billy. But then I got more and more invites so I decided to see what it was all about. First off, It was better than Hi5, only because I could control who viewed my profile . I joined, didn't think anything about it then one day, I poked a few people, wrote on a few walls, uploaded a few pictures, added a few applications etc etc. That was it. But as with all online communities I started to get sucked in slowly but surely. What's a work day without FB? It keeps me entertained.

But now I'm starting to notice a trend. Facebook isn't just a place to connect with friends, its AMEBO CENTRAL. As in, imagine little old me in my own world, working very hard trying to earn my keep. I get a little tired of being serious and decide to check my FB account. Maybe someone loves me and has sent me a message. Innocently I sign on and Woaaaaahhhh, different kinds of info start hitting me from every direction.

Fancyfeet added new photos "My Gucci World"

Okay so I haven't seen such an album, but I have seen close. LOL. And the comments amuse me so!

'Looking good girl' - It doesn't matter if its true or not.

'I like your Gucci bag, mine doesn't look so good on me'

'I'm not really a Gucci person, all my bags are Ferragamo'


Kekere went from 'being in a relationship' to 'single'

No way!! This is just raises all sorts of questions. It really shouldn't be anyone's business but then its on FB for all to see. What can one do?

Lepa wrote on Shandy's wall "Congratulatioooonnssss"

Congrats for what? This facebook! How can I be left hanging... I can't resist..I have to check...

Its like a puzzle, check this wall out, then the response on the other wall. I tell you facebook uses quite a lot of brain cells. Its not as easy as you think.

And tagged pictures are just the worst. I mean, how else would I have been able to view pictures that I wouldn't have necessarily known existed. All the various weddings, random vacations, and momentous occasions and those who even wish to put detailed info like pictures of giving birth and brand new rides with the owner looking chuffed in the car...Sigh. I don't ask for it but FB freely gives it to me.

Now I would like to conclude with a disclaimer: I am not jobless...but in this country, I have a lot of time on my a lot.

So facebook, thanks. Many thanks for turning me into an Amebo!

Can I sue??


Nwanyi Ocha said...

lolololololol - u cant sue


technically your not an amebo, ur just checking on your friends, making sure they ok? - keeping in touch...

nahhhh, definitely not an amebo....


TaureanMinx said...

@NwanyiOcha, thank you jo! You understand me. Lol

Moody Crab said...

I'm thinking of suing as My ALMOST none-existent social skills are NOW NONE EXISTENT. And don't even get me started on my amebo skills.... that wall to wall stuffs gives 'three is a crowd' a whole new meaning!

I retreat into my room and facebook well into the wee hours of morning. I think that site is one of the greatest invention of century...yet.

Anonymous said...

lmao... i thought i was the only one... omooooo... i RESISTEd joining facebook.. but i LOVe it now.. cos b4 facebook i NEVER ever saw pictures i took in multitudes of places... the other day i was going through my over 400 tagged pictures(lol).. i have 26 albums too.. haha... and checking my physique to see the difference and some of the outfits.. lol... i been fine before oh.. lmao.. i kid.. how u doing mama?

Ms. Catwalq said...

U r back?


Men, facebook is the bane of online social networking...all sorts

but it has been good for me, cos I used to reconnect with cousins I had not seen in almost ten years...

Anonymous said...

It can be dangerous and has led to many dramatic episodes in people's relationships. I know people that have gotten in trouble because of tagged pictures and because of the boys/girls they've added.

I remember facebook from 4 years ago, when it was a yankee college thing strictly. They eventually allowed the masses(sorry if you're included in the description) and then through the main/mini feed allowed everyone know everyone else's business. I guess that's why it's addictive

Boso said...

lol......I agree, I spend WAY TOO MUCH time on facebook myself.

Vera Ezimora said...

My love, are you back??? I don miss you gan.

You know I was just talking about Facebook with my friends the other day. One can never resist it jo. I think I should write an article about Facebook... just like I did about Blogging.

Bluntremi said...

Hello sweetie!!
I see your page has changed seriously!
FB is ooooooh so addictive.
I dont agree with the Amebo title ...youre not that!


lol! Facebook scares me. And it is that amebo-ism that really puts the fear of God in me. I try to avoid that thing like the plague!

Good luck sha!

TaureanMinx said...

@Moody crab lol, lets sue together
@ONB, don't I know it LOL.
@Ms Catwalq,lol, it has its positive sides for sure.
@anonymouus, thank God I was too busy to join fb in uni, it would have been a disaster.
@Boso, hows your little girl??
@Vera, looking forward to reading it. How have you been?:)
@bluntremi, its a thin line lol and im treading it. I'm not sure I'll stick with this template yet.
@Solomonsydelle, you are a better man than I am!

Chxta said...

I can say (and with pride too) that I'm one of the few people on the planet with access to an internet connection with no Facebook account. My paranoia when it comes to profiling ensures that. :)

Lee said...

I visited your page yesterday but was lazy to post a comment.
Just like every other networking site, it has privacy options where you can actually control what is beign displayed and what not.
I think the whole fad will die down after a bit unless they come up with new and exciting ideas.

Welcome back.. great to have you around again.

Eniola said...

YAY for facebook lol!!!

Onada said...

yayayayyay you are back!!!!!

Nonesuch said...

welcome back. Looking forward to more post. Finally joined Facebook o and I have found long lost friends. Still hoping to find more and I couldnt agree more It is Amebo central.

AlooFar said...

In a matter of years (or months), I see a new addition to our lexicon, Faceboolaria - an incurable addiction to facebook!

Na wa o. And na dis amebo thing turn one person to a billionaire.


consciousness said...

…yes Ms. Tmix,

Salutations sista!!...Extreme adoration for your new template… complementary colours, well-placed hyperlinks…all very nice…shame about loosing the embedded player reeling off Gongo Aso though, you seem to have had me addicted to that tune only to take my supply away :(…

…extremely witty post as well…thought the personification of all the characters you used was side-splitting-ly hilarious and all very relatable…”Lepa wrote on Shandy’s wall”…tew mad, tew true!!...FB does bring out that overt analytical and “research-driven“ side (my posh words for Amebo) out of many…it serves its purpose WELL in some ways though!!

… Commendations again on a brilliant post (and a wicked template )!!


uNWrItten* said...


NigerianDramaQueen said...

hmmm let me just confess, i used facebook for serious amaebo today, as in, the jist i got was sooo sweet. what would a day be like without facebook fa

Anonymous said...

tell me abt it!!!!!facebook na reak amebo central...tminx i no enjoy dis ya new template o

BabaAlaye said...

Whoa!!! You came back.

I'm almost tempted...oh well

Welcome back beautiful.

Chika said...

LOL.........this so true,so so true!

TaureanMinx said...

@chxta, I am proud of you too! You are a better man than me.
@Lee, thanks :) for fb, time will tell..
@Eniola, lol!
@Onada, YAY! Lol.
@nonesuch, thanks :).
@aloofar, it was a great idea though, and they were rewarded.
@C, aww thanks for the compliments, I'm still working on the template. Gongo Aso will be back!
@unwritten, it sure is.
@naijeriandramaqueen, lol!
@pink satin, it can't please everyone ohhhh! But I like it so it will grow on you.
@Babaalaye, wow, you are still alive!! Good to know you haven't abandoned us completely
@Chika, it is lol.

Foluso said...

FB is like crack!! I am currently in rehab. I am on a 24 hour hiatus from it. Then I will increase the hours as the days go by. It’s utterly ridiculous…. Access to random information @ all times… goshhh… even the strong fall!

Vox said...

Welcome back tot you will neveer come back.Well thk God you did....some one walked up to me days ago. called my name introducing her self..Saying we met of fb. it was quite embarrassing. Its quite addictive and am hooked

Anonymous said...

Tminx please beg baba alaye to come back now. thanks in advanace. as for facebook, Jesus, plus the one i know and the one i dont want to know ... na wah. the wall to wall can cause wahala sha hmm

The Life of a Stranger called me said...


1stpet2v9 said...

I DIDN'T KNOW U WERE BACK!!! yeeeaaaahhhhh!
I'll be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

omolabake said...

It's definately an Amebo Central!!!
I just saw the wedding pics of a friend's wedding that just took place this past weekend.By the way the couple have not even posted the pics up yet ooo.......and I can't remember how I got access to the pics on FB....
friend's'friend's friend....I
Good to have u back.......

AJIKE said...

Lol..this is so true ooo, i agree with you on every juicy detail u can get them on facebook..when u can even tell where someone is at a particular time by just looking at thier status..and those friends that want to feel coded by writing inbox!, inbox!...jist!.. on another person's wall instead of sending the stupid jist to thier inbox straight

as in yes o, the amebo is in one can spend the whole day on facebook if you are not careful, wasting precious time that could have been spent on something very productive

i am addicted as exams coming up soon, and i have made up my mind to get off the voodoo until i finish my exams..becasue hmm!..i spk no more!

nice post!

omohemi Benson said...

lol! I agree with nwanyi,
you are not an amebo you are just keeping up to date with your friends.
I try to stay out facebook while am at work, but it has become a bad addiction. lol