Monday, April 14, 2008

Letter from Tminx to Oga Heathrow

Dear Oga Heathrow,

Terminal 5…

…Is a nightmare!

Thank you.

That’s the letter I would like to send to them oh. How can a flight be delayed for so long? And why do I need to take a train to my boarding gate only for it to be changed? Why are people scared to check in their luggage which results in a rush to get on the plane (like it’s a danfo) so they can claim the space above MY seat which then results in there being absolutely no space to put away my hand luggage, which by the way should go back to being one piece per person…I now know why that makes a lot of sense.

If any of you know Oga Heathrow (Chameleon, you might be able to help me here…because I know you have connexxions), please let him/her know that I have questions or just warn him/her.


LondonBuki said...

I recall someone(YOU) saying Terminal 5 was a breeze on your way here...they showed you too abi?

Thanks for everything sweetie... I really appreciate you.

Kiss, Kiss... mwahhhh(lol)

Anonymous said...

lmao, i flew out of T5 the day after their disastrous opening. i was so happy that i didnt go on the actual day, all my purchased goods should now go missing ehn?
na so i entered the plane and the pilot said the majority of the checked bags are on the plane. i wanted to die, me that im so unlucky, but God saved me that day. i also got an email from the CEO apologising if i had not yet received my luggage ... like two weeks after i came back! mo da ron! so this is what i could have been suffering ... BA is mind boggling hahah.

Pink-satin said...

yes what BA did to dat 9ja gut was awful...i did a post on it sef!

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

lol... so it wasn't just me. Kai, my stuff is still in the UK, but at least in a familiar place. Thank God.

Chika said...

Lol......I guess this BA drama is endless.really nice to have you back.miss you loads!