Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Random Ramblings and a meme

I'm at a wierd stage in my life. I don't exactly know where I'm headed and its kind of strange not to know exactly what steps I will be taking in the next few months. I guess its all part of letting God order my steps. Why can't we all see the blueprints so we can work with it?

Its funny how we and especially my Nigerians 'Judge'. Why does anyone feel better than anyone else? Its a mystery to me.

Its a pity we don't support our own. Try doing something for a change rather than criticising those who try. You'll feel much better.

A small word of encouragement goes a long way... so does a smile. Try a few each day.

Infact I challenge Londonbuki, Bellanaija, 36inches, Pinksatin and Vera to compliment everyone they meet for 24 hours after reading this and report back on their next posts. You can tag anyone you like after that! There haven't beeen many memes going around.


The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Miss T, I want you to know that reagrdless of what point you are in your life now, trust me it does get better. I have gone down many roads and lanes, but if I was told I would get to this point where I am right now then I would have laughed at them. So babe, hand it all to the Lord and you'll see, soon will come.

How have you been?

Vera Ezimora said...

Chei! To compliment EVERYONE?? Okay, I shall try, and when I do, I will blog about it.

Pink-satin said...

to compliment everyone go hard o..will try sa then get back to you

Bella Naija said...

i couldnt do it!
i will try again tomorrow.