Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sign the BA petition

Heres the link to SIGN THE BA PETITION regarding my earlier post about the treatment of Nigerians. Please post in your blogs too.


Pink-satin said...

ah ha!a petition...good!

Bhookey said...

welCome Back! dat facebook entry had me lawlin tho!!!!


yes Ms. Tminx!!

…Greetingz sista!!...I find it unfathomable that customers on BA’s most profitable route (alleged) are subjected to such contempt…In all sincerity; I am privy to knowledge from workers in the Airline Industry who think “Nigerians” are not the easiest of the lot to work with(condescending and abusive they say)…However, this incident is unpardonable…"Shebi"! One is supposed to have a consulate that handles such diplomatic faux-pas…could there be a better time for them to assert our demand for better respect as opposed to “shakaraing” us (their kinfolk) when we employ their services…

…I will not patronize you with regards the pre-historic ramblings of the “street-level” Romanian’s; far and wide you’ve been but ignorance remains a commonality(abi I lie?)…square your shoulders for your knowledge is POWER sista!!

…New template, old template…never mind as long as T’Minx’s insightful musings(and Gongo Aso) I get to savour…!!

Commendations on another addition to your impressive blog resume…Well done sista…!!...


Simi Speaks said...

what happened to ur template?

on my way to the petition link.. thx!

engee said...

Tminx's back? dats good. howdy?

TaureanMinx said...

@pinksatin, I wonder if it'll work, but hey, at least I tried.
@Bhookey, lol!
@Consciousness, I see you refuse to say if I know you or not lol. I do know Nigerians are difficult and I see it for myself but what happened to the customer is always right?
@Simi speaks, its still there, I just wanted to make a few changes first
@engee, thanks, how have u been?