Friday, January 26, 2007

Blogville Gist Edition 3

So back again with another HOT edition of Blogville Gist. Lets see whats been happening this week in our virtual town. I'll start with Romance.


Love is in the air oh!

Yankee Naija Babe tells us all about her new romance and how she's loving it. Isn't she just cute?

TP continues her story about how she and her husband got hitched.

Mena is having issues with her current boo.

Uzo Tells the guys what can put a woman off on a date. PS She is looking for a blogger lover since Vera seems to have bagged half the male population. Does anyone volunteer?

NaijaVixen tells us about a ball happening in Lagos for Valentines day. Who is going?

Babaalaye is mising in action..has he confessed his blog crush or not..I'm not sure and if he has..what does he want to do abourrrit? Update your blog my friend!

There are some new bloggers who are rated 21R by my humble self. Proceed with caution. Excessve Diva, Ubong Da, Guy Horny.

The Kpom has a dilenma. She cannot choose. Please help her plight.

Temmy has some terrible romance gone wrong stories.

On to other news

Naija Dude reveals his fine self HERE

Naijabloke needs some help wth SAP. All techies should holla at him.

Molara Wood talks about the BBhouse racism fiasco.

The cranberry lasses talk about what it takes to be a front row girl. Not so sure the darkest one of the three qualifies.

Funmi isn't feeling so good. Show some love.

Miguel tells us to release and let God.


Unaked has a meme that is fun. I should be doing it soon. Try it.


Gbeborun of Lagos- has advertised some job openings in Lagos.


Just Me

I don't have to remind you to look out for Bukis mummy mondays next monday.

Have a great weekend!


LondonBuki said...

I AM FIRST!!!! 2 episodes in a week???

Lemme go read :-)

LondonBuki said...

I should try out the Meme too... Next week.

Nice roundup, I will check them out.

So you're back to work next week then?

Dimples said...

Very informative...thanks hun.

Have a FAB weekend!!

Naijadude said...

TMinx....thanks for showcasing my so-fabulous face eh! LOL....
Have fun this valentine oh, heck! go to the ball and have a blast..

Have a good weekend, thanks!

Vera Ezimora said...

TP's name is no longer TP. She is no Favored Girl....although I think she just changed it 2 stress my life up... cause now I have 2 rearrange her name.

Ehen, back 2 da gist.

So you wanna act oblivious 2 who BabaAlaye's crush is ehn? My friend, no make me blast you 2 Venus o. In short, I will be puttin you on high blast once I update in a few days.

So the fact that I have 3 husbands means that I have bagged half of the Blogville men ehn? You see as una dey do? What about all the other bloggers?

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Great update as usual. Hope you have a good weekend.

Bella Naija said...

Thanks for the update T-Minx.
I will go and explore asap!
LOL....what exactly is a 'kpom' ? I swear I had never heard that word before!
Anyways, get better.


londonnaijachic said...
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londonnaijachic said...

This idea is really good. Your one stop for knowing whats going on in blogsville.Keep em coming

Calabar Gal said...
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Calabar Gal said...

Thanks Girl!! This will keep me busy this weekend.

How are you feeling now? Have ur spots cleared out? Which full blooded male voluntered to help u rub the calamine lotion? Baba Alaaye or Guy Horny? LOL!!!

Have a lovely weekend and make sure the volunteer rubs the lotion generously. LOL!!!

UnNaked Soul said...

Nice one TM... at least I can get to act busy at the office... lol

and NaijaDude is a fine dude sha...

still reading the others...

yankeenaijachick said...

@taurenx minx......sup girl, how are u doing? Thanks for spotlighting my blog. I must confess you should be a journalist. Girl reports the latest for everyone in the naija blog Girl keep it up. Stay blessed.