Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Itchy Ramblings

There is a kpom in Blogville. She knows herself.

Today I feel extremely well rested. I'm ready to go to work but apparently they will evacuate the building if I show up this week. Bloody wusses. A little Chicken Pox never hurt anybody. I shake my fists at them.

Staying at home is just boring. M-net day time tv is wack, come to think of it M-net is kind of wack overall but anything is better than NTA. Although I do wonder on what channel they show 'The Intern'..something like 'The Apprentice'. I also wonder if its good. I can't wait for West African Idols to start! I'm so excited about it. There's somewhere on my body itching right now but my brain cannot locate it. Oh well.

As you can see I'm rambling..but what can I do. In my whole period of sickness not one dude came to spoil me with Orange Juice or Ice-cream or Chocolate or even Flavours Shawarma. How pathetic is that. What makes your singleness as obvious as when you are really ill? It was there GLARING at me in the face, taunting ne ne ne neeeeeeeeeeeee. Shut UP and get behind me. I had you guys though, my blog pals. Even the Kpom made me laugh. What would I have done if I didn't have blogs to read even though my head was pounding and my eyes were watering. I would have been wallowing in pity but nooo I READ! Thanks guys!

I still have two more dry days to go before the weekend but it will be less dry because I know you will all update your blogs and give me lots to read about. Even the Kpom. The only person she is not fighting for is Babaalaye. Abi you want him? Babaalaye save me from shame and deny her. I'm sure your crush will not mind if you confess our love to the public. Okay there is a retarded kid on tv..I think the movie is called Kicking and screaming.....well the kid is talking way too much but theres something wrong with the transmitter upstairs so the remote control will not work unless I turn off the TV and turn it on again...don't ask me why..only in Nigeria. Okay i'll leave you guys with a poem I wrote.

The Voyage

As a stray leaf,
Torn away from its branch, what grief,
To the tune of autumn’s chime,
We float through time.

Like a droplet,
Within boundless seas, to plummet
Ocean spray after spray
We fade away.

Copyright Taureanminx


Soul said...

Tminx.. pele on the illness.. it will be over soon.

I'm not going to comment on u watching dodgy TV, cos erm.. it's dodgy innit?.

but most importantly, I like these little whispers of words you leave from time to time, gosh the visual of ocean spray after ocean spray is amazing.
Nice one (smile)

London Buki said...

That Blog 'kpom' wants all the men oh! LOL!

Feel better my love!

My TM the blogger, the photographer, the poet, the beaury!!! Only you!

P.S. What is up with this blogger? I can't sign in!!!!

Calabar Gal said...

Chicken Pox!!!! Sorry Babe and Do get well soon!!!

Anonymous said...

blogger is acting up real bad. i can't view most people's blogs...

get well soon TM. I hate being sick and being home alone. Its so boring and TV all around the world is boring times like that. Maybe you should catch up on some movies.

Here's an e-ice cream to chill you out.

Vera Ezimora said...

Come this girl, if you call me a kpom one more time ehn...! lol

I'm glad you're feeling better sha; this way I can really deal with you how I want. I don't want people saying I kicked you while you were down. I want every1 to know that regardless of your condition, i will still kick u down.

even if my feet were chained together, hands tied behind my back and eyes completely blindfolded, i will still kick ur taurean ass down.

I finally saw ur picture today. You're a fine gal o! But please, don't let that make you feel you can still my men from me.

I no fear Baba Alaye oh... but... I'll leave him 4 y'll. Besides, he needs a rebound wifey b4 the real deal.... me!!

This comment is getting as long as the post, so lemme stop here.



Boso said...

Heyn hang in there, get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the chicken pox.Your blog rocks!Keep it up TM.

naijagal said...

sorry to hear about your chicken pox hope you feel better soon

quick question though

what is a kpom?

Parazone Super Bleach said...

Speedy Recovery Minx!

Anonymous said...

Kpom ? and u call ya self Naijagal?

Kpom means Ashawo, Hoochie, skank, lady of the night..hope it helps

azuka said...

That kpom? I'm a celibate monk so she's been very unsuccessful grabbing me ;-).

Tips: put a male version of magun on your man if you want him to be safe.

RJ said...

Get well soon...

Anonymous said...

Get well soon Tminx! No worry I go make sure the "kpom" keeps busy and hin no go near your man...LOL

Nyemoni said...

Oi! So You got next eh? Sawry..... Please, please don't scratch! make sure you take anti-biotics and lotsa fluids and rest well! Dooooo..

Anonymous said...

The intern is so so so gooooood! It's on silverbird tv every fri 8pm, sat and sun 9pm.
the boss and his assistant are wack though. And please watch it with an open mind, don't compare to the intern or else you'll be disappointed.
Idols is going to to fantastic! I had to work at the auditions and i tell you i had a blast watching all sorts of characters performing.
Oh yeah, get well soon.

Anonymous said...

@vera: don't mess with "The Bull" oh... they take you when u least expected... lol... tread her green fields with caution... just an unNaked Warning...

@TM: glad you are better...

Dimples said...

Ok i'm lost oh who is the Blog Kpom...cos i'm seriously speculating here.

Wish u a speedy recovery oh!!

Dimples said...

Opps!! my speculations were correct....Vera abi??

Oh Vera hun...not that I think ur a Kpom oh!!!

Anonymous said...

aww sorry oh bout the pox...get better soon!luvly poem...cant wait 2 see how this thing wiv u & "kpom" guy is safe!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Lolll she's a kpom abi? hahahahah - havent heard that in a while.

Glad you're feeling better. Please stay away from Vera so she doesnt kick your ass!

Nice Poem also ;-)

Anonymous said...

T Minx pele. See the side effect of being single.

No ice-cream, aawgh.
Run after BabaAlaye. He doesnt seem to want me. I hae been dropping subtle hints. And Vera said she doesn't want him.

Anonymous said...

lol@no ice-cream .It is becos valentine's day is around the corner. dont wori immediately after val's day they will all come knocking.
Happy to know u r feeling much better, enjoy the days off while u can.
I watched the intern for the 1st time on sn and it was kool, can' wait for idols too.

Anonymous said...

How did you know????

You're psychic.OMG!!!. lol.

Get well soon Beautiful. My thoughts are with you. And you know i love you right?

Anonymous said...

@ Temmy Tayo You've been dropping hints???

I be serious Egbe. No 1 Slacker. lol

Uzo said...

Oh you poor baby. You are really really bored. LOL. Ehm, who needs a man to shower you with food. I can have flavors shawarma in your house before the day is over. Email me if you are interested. LOL

Loving the whisper on your blog. Also Tminx, i am looking for a blog lover oh.....LOL

Gucci said...

i feel u, i had chicken pox a week b4 valentine's day............ wat could suck more dan being covered in calamine lotion and watching everyone else go out for dinner?

Anonymous said...

It's official! TM is the Kpom in BabaAlaye's heart!

Anonymous said...

pele o!. but u harsh o! how u go expect man to come visit you when you get chicken pox, abi u wan make e follow catch am. The thing seems to be in the air these days lots of people are catching it.

I got mine 2 weeks ago and had to stop work for 1 week. Now am back to work. No scratch am o! make e no leave mark for your bodi. Pele I know how u feel, on the bright side sha u now have immunity for life.

Anonymous said...

get well soon oh!!
and about the kpom i am shocked she hasnt started chasing baba alaye yet. just a matter of time.

azuka said...

I'd have loved to be there. Two things though:

1. I don't/hardly talk
2. I have a personal aversion to calamine lotion. I hope that's not what you're using?

Get well soon, and we're having a discussion over at the Book Club...

TaureanMinx said...

Oh my I've been lax in responding and now thre are 30 comments so thanks those those of you who like my words. I'm flattered. Maybe I'll put more up.

Thanks to all of you who wished me better, i'm feeling like my old self again!

@vera, how did you know it was you. Guilty conscience is worrying you. Oooh where did you see my pic?

@angie, any guy that comes after vals day still has to get me a gift lol.

@babaalaye...know what exactly? that you love me? We established our love a while back...but i'm your crushh???????

@ubong da, pele I hope you had no spots

@azuka, I'm afraid to change to BETA. Tell me its okay to...

azuka said...

It is.

ms. may said...

LMAO!!!!!!!!!! T-Minx, you are too funny. Pele O abt the pox.....sha make sure you don't get any scars on your fine face. I'm sure your blog lovers wouldn't want that...LOL. Have a great weekend