Sunday, September 17, 2006


Hi all,

I've been MIA right? Well Its been a hectic week globetrotting and now im finally jetlagged in Philly.

(Onada we should definitely hook up if you are free. I will email you through shutterchance.)

The interview in Sweden was good, it wasn't the usual tests as I had feared. They broke us into groups and gave us case studies to solve and watched how we interacted. We were basically lab rats. I feel confident that I did well, but then I didn't see how the other Nigerian girl performed as she was in another group. I'll hear from the company soon enough! By Gods grace it will be good news.

Sweden is definitely a lovely country to visit AND ARE THE DUDES FOIIINE OR WHATTT? Its a country of beautiful eye candy. I was thankful to Baba God for the lovely art work he had going on there...We all know its not so easy in Nigeria, eye candy is scarce.

Now I'm on my real holiday and going for an MBA course mates’ wedding tomorrow. My first real oyinbo wedding. lol

Oh I'd like to let you all know that North American airlines direct flight to New York is not such a great idea if you are basically works if they take off on time but they never do and I got stranded in New York till 3am the next morning waiting for the Amtrak because connecting shuttles and trains had all closed by the time we landed at 9.30pm before going through immigration and customs instead of the scheduled 6pm. The most annoying thing about the airline is that you have to check in 5 hours before departure from Africa! So I got there 7 am, the flight was scheduled to leave at 11.55am but there were fueling issues so we finally took off around 2.30pm and got to New York at 9.30 which is 2.30am Nigerian time. Then I had to wait to get the 3am Amtrak and got to Philly at 4.30am. At that point all I could think was America SUCKS! But now I’m fine :)

NOW HOLD UP!! I was gone for only a few days and a new blog opened and shut down before I could even have a chance to read it. Where’s all the respect for taureanminx, the revolutionary gister, gone???? I mean, couldn't they have waited till I got back? But you know me, gist does not just pass me by, I got to read the blog all the same from enthusiastic copy and paste people! Where would we be without them eh? It was terrible though, not so diff from the Nonso incident. What could these people have done to upset this female cos you all know it’s a female. Anyway bridge over the water.

Now there are some porn videos the likes of Paris Hiltons sex tapes, roaming around on the internet. A 16 year old Nigerian girl (in Nigeria) and her equally young lover filmed themselves having sex. Now it’s out on the internet for the world and her family to see. What’s happening to the moral fabric of our country? My sis will soon be 15 and such a baby, I can't imagine her even kissing a boy yet!!! 16 is so young! And she consented to filming it? What happened to all the smart Nigerian Girls? I’m shocked beyond belief.


Boso said...

Hey, nice one !! All the best in your MBA

bellanaija said...

hope u get the job!
what!!! a nigerian teenager did tht? I've heard of something lke tht floating around phones and I was sooo disheartened but now on the internet! very disturbing! God help us!

ToyinE said...

Taurean, u know we were just talking about it on Friday abeg email me shey u have my email address??

Nneka's world said...

Nice to hear from you!
Wow that was quite a trip, pele my dear.
Goodluck and all the best in your MBA!
Good luck with your interview results

You are not in the same boat here for the giste, i did not even know about what was goin on, anyway if you have any remnants of the giste,;-) abeg pass my side oh!
Let me see what the fuss is all about! Apparently it was BAD.

Anonymous said...

okay where is the sex tape? Is it on you tube?

TaureanMinx said...

@boso, I actually have an MBA, I'm just going for one of my then coursemates wedding.
@bellanaija, yes oh, it was very graphic
@toyine, I've got you :)
@nneka lol, I have done my time and don't plan to read any serious book again! but thanks anyway and goodluck with yours! tube surely doesnt have such graphic videos? I don't think so anyways.

LondonBuki said...

Hey. I'm happy your interview went well and I know the job is already yours, in Jesus' Name (AMEN!!!).

These kids of nowadays!!! SPOILT beyond comprehension!!!

Email me the number dear.

P.S. If you and Onada hang out, you guys have FUN!!!

Anonymous said...

lol @ "...We all know its not so easy in Nigeria, eye candy is scarce" ..... dang! Surely it can't be true?
Great to hear the interview went well... you might be moving to sweden eh? NICE!

Lee said...

Sweden eh.. Nice Place I heard.
Hope you get the job..

Lol @ filming,its a pity that people try to conform to the norms of this immoral soceity. here even with cellphones, the record such videos and pass them around..SAD

obifromsouthlondon said...

Sweden is good. worked there for a few months. Must say I found the people predictable (almost boring). well i say almost. some immigrant kids tried to knife my ass a week into the stay lol!!

enjoy the MBA

DiAmOnD hawk said...

I was thinking the other day that Nigeria is becoming TOO all for progress but the things i hear that are happening...

you're seriously globetrotting...from sweden to philly...girl tap me on the shoulder to come along next time.
have fun at the wedding..will be looking forward to seeing some pictures :-)

if you feel you nailed ur interview then you get ready to start packing

Anonymous said...

The people that the wrote the blog are not the problem, it is the people that passed it on and made the stupid site popular.As in people actually saved it? What the hell is going on here? Did the blog contain the cure to some disease that you just had to read it? We shouldn't encourage such stupidity. @ nneka's world, if you didn't get to see it thank your lucky stars. It was trash!!!

Uzo said...

Da Minx.....Have tons of fun and take loads of pictures.

Mona said...

I havent read ur whole post gonna read again abt this naija teenager thing but glad to know u like the country, hope you get it and yea enjoy Philly, p.s. Onada will show you a good time :o)

Enjoy xxx

p.s. Have you done an MBA yet?

Anonymous said...

Hey, you are surely having fun. Sweden is a lovely country, was there in June and i did not feel like coming back to London. God is on the throne,if that job is yours,ye shall surely gerrit!
16 year old naija girl filming her self having sex?!!! I am just not so current. Another point to add to my cycle of prayers.

laide said...

hope u snag the job,seems like ur having a ball over there..

16yr old naija girls havin sex and taping it isnt new to me...i see it everyday....on fones...internet..i think they've all just gone crazy....

Anonymous said...

I wanna see dis vid now..where di link dey naa

Baba Alaye said...

OMG I can't beleive you still haven't posted the link to this video.I need to see for myself

Anonymous said...

Chill, r u desperate to see the video or what, thats kiddie porn u know it illegal.

zaiprincesa said...

Glad to have u back in blogworld...was wondering wot happnd!...also,hope ur interview went well.
Pple will not kill each other with gossip oh...i missed the realgist blog but heard about it...was a very foul thing ..And the sex tape?..someone emailed it to me..Gross...i just kept thinkin wot i would do if that were my child....what is this world turning to?...and the sad part is guyz r gettin off on that ish!!! wa oh!

Anonymous said...

oh whao.. thats just sickening to hear about this kiddie porn stuff.. i think datz one of the problemz we have as naija ppl.. we wanna b westernized soo much.. rather than copy the betta betta thingz.. we go copy the rubbish self join am... its the paris hilton epidemic

hope ur interview went well sha... i think most european men r fine.. n even those that arent just have this class and elegance about them dat is just too hot

i enjoyed reading ur blog sha... keep it up and thanx 4 stoppin by my blog

Anonymous said...

theres a reason why we're the most populous african country. we can continue to pretend like we dont know what its all about...alas.
But for people so young though, thats quite unforgivable.

ms. may said...

Hey girl. Just stopped by to say hi. Shame you got here just after Low left. Start calling the job yours and IT IS! Have a fabulous time in Philly.

UnNaked Soul said...

happy ur interview went well... goodluck sunshine...

Anonymous said...

Okay stop talking about the video if you can tpost a link!

Calabar Gal said...

We all missed u!! Keeping our fingers crossed for ur interview reaults. Its definetely good news!!

I'm stale. What site opened and shut down? What was written in the blog and why was it shut down? You are really a current and happening babe oh!! pls put us all in the know!

As for the naija girl, good for her!! If she was foolish enough to allow herself to be filmed with her boyfriend then she deserves all she got!! There were some nude pictures some years ago of a camerounian girl who sent the pics to her 'intended' abroad and he passed them around the internet. They got round to her uni in cameroun and she committed suicide when she couldnt stand the shame.
I would love to see the sex tapes please!! give us the address!!

Onada said...

I hope you get the job!! you missed the real gist website? LOL was quite scandalous and that person had a lot of time for rubbish!
what sixteen year old coconut heads are this? wonders shall never 16 making a sex tape lol

Anonymous said...

KAAAAAAAAAI lol amebo wnats to kill me...maybe thats why i read blogs...send a sister the real gist nooooooooooow :)
Hope u get the job too ma

Biodun said...

Glad to know ur interview went well, you will get the gig in Jesus name. Tell me about WorldAirlines or wotever they call themselves, my mom n brother had 2 deal with that same crap. Have fun in philly n yeah wassup with this crazy child having a porn video @ 16!!! Ok I also missed that blog that open n closed o, dang someone pls update us men

Nyemoni said...

As always, I'm the last to know! Good to read from you. I hope you're havin lotsa fun. All the best!

Anonymous said...

I hear the contents of the blog are now making the rounds in forwarded emails so maybe you can get a hold of that.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Its terrible to hear about whats happening to some of the youths of nigeria. The Lord help us.

Sounds like you are having jolly good fun.

ABBEY said...

hmm smart naija girls in this coming generation are become extinct oh!

Don Chi as Blog Marley a.k.a. El Senor Supremo said...


i told u english was never ya strong point. now everyone believing you're there for an MBA ;)

seriously, from your 'graphic' comment, i'm guessing u have seen it so u should share.

and now, i hearby hand all ladies the noose:
on the question of smart Nigerian girls, been asking that since i could talk :p

and how typical. she consented. how d'you know she didn't direct and script the damn thing? girls, on average, start having sex before boys o! It is older man that usually pop the cherry. Guys just choke the chicken till an aunt, older cousin, mommy's randy friend or abusive teacher murder their ignorance. Or they summon up the courage to pay a prossie or coax/moleste the house girl.

Me? Still waiting to lose my ignorance... :p

Chichi's clearly bored, so I'ma pimp my blog


nosa101 said...

Come o, it's like me making a porn vid. FREAKY!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

ah nosa who taught you how to make sex tape.

for those of us who are still young, can we see the link. yes im a gist aggregator like that. it wouldnt be illegal for me.

dont be shy, paste the link

as for that realgist blog, the characters in the story, the writers of the blog and the very avid readers of the blog are equally to blame.

why r ppl acting holy than thou. it is because you do it on the phone and in your room and not over the internet, or is it because when you blog about it you dont mention names.

for example this pornstar naija girl. lol what if she (full name included) appeared on realgist but nobody saw the vid which out of thirty six comments like two ppl have seen, we would have said ah they are spoiling her name, what if its not true. of course we know this one is true cos tminx don eyeball the tape or was it sumnone else sef. wont you have said ah what is naija turning into, sluts and weedheads and so and so forth. there are also ppl who will assure you that the realgist is true. so y is the realgist case different? because we dont knw her name? abi because na tminx dey tell tory? if you do a sex tape, that one nah your own. if you sleep around and tell ppl or if those ppl tell, that one nah your own. dont be surprised if it ends up on the internet. it can also be said that this blog is promoting that pornstar cos many ppl still dont know about it.

(tminx i no get beef with you oh)

all im saying is that we all gossip, small or big, we all do. so let us reconsider and either stop doing it or stop pointing fingers of morality when another realgist comes along. the only finger you can point is the legal one.

that being said, let me return to my hypocritical state and ask for the link again. cos you know when i was small i thot only white ppl kiss

Anonymous said...

i realise a portion of my last comment is dangling. i was trying to say--

if tminx or another reputable blogger had blogged the realgist stuff in an anonymous manner, we would have said ah what is naija turning into, weedheads and sluts etc etc.
(tminx, i know you will never do such oh)

so is realgist different cos they put the name?

Anonymous said...

cos we all know its a female?

that i disagree with completely. its probably a group of young individuals with an investigative streak or love of gist gone twisted.

the editors, wording, language used and ppl discussed is very suggestive of a set of both sexes. of course the editors obviously dislike their characters, but eh i dont think its a retaliatory thing.

Tope said...

Na wah o, your inbox must be on fire with all these comments...

Ify said...

A nigerian did that, oh my God, ppl in naija are going way too fast, we got to stop acting like this american ppl cuz they destroying us, they already destroyed there's, we shouldn't let them destroy ours. it such a shame what happen to all the good girls in naija, oh my god it's so painfult to hear that. ppl in naija are chaning big time. GOD PLEASE HELP US.