Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sales People

Having a love for taking pictures is not pocket friendly. It starts with the camera then you find out the lens is too slow and you have to get a more expensive one, then you realise there are different lenses with filters for different kinds of pictures so you get more, then you realise the on flash camera isn’t that great so you purchase the big one that makes one look so unsexy, THENNN you have to buy a big memory card to save all the pictures as well as a hard drive to store all of them as they get more and more. Eventually you have to get a printer, studio lights, reflectors, batteries, a tripod and I’m sure there is more I don't know about yet.

Soooo I searched online where I could buy at least some of these equipments. I prioritised which were critical to survival and which weren’t. I opted to get a new lens and of course the unsexy flash. It would not exactly break the bank but it came pretty close cos some of these menses are more expensive than the camera itself.

Anyway I called store. I had a plan of action, I knew what I wanted and I knew the cost. One lens, one of camera flash…Bingo.

Hi this is Mike, can I help you!
Hi, I wanted to find out if you had some items available for next day delivery.
I’m sure we do, what would you like?
Do you have the Sigma 30mm lens and an off camera flash 580 EX for the Canon 350d?
I'll just check that...we sure do, would you like to purchase that?
Yes please.
Okay, can I get you credit card details?
The Sigma is a great lens, what kinds of pictures do you like to take.
Oh well, weddings, portraits and such
You didn't mention filters to protect the lens and to prevent flare from the sun jargon jargon jargon…there are several types; UV filters....very fast camera jargon blah blah
We currently have a promo where you get one lens, one flash, 3 filters, 2 battery packs, a car charger AND a lens cleaning kit all for a $150 more and $34 for next day delivery.
Er Okay.
Alright I’ve put it through and you will be getting your order tomorrow. Thanks for calling and if you have any problems fell free to call back



Well not really but the fact that these people can convince you to purchase stuff you didn’t plan can only be defined by one word.... WOW!


Anonymous said...

olodo, yuo should have told the guy you had all that stuff he claimed you needed.

Anyways, na you now, the ONLY cash madam in Lagos!!!Hailings!!!

How goes it?

LondonBuki said...

LOL @ Anon. 'Olodo' is a name TMinx freely calls people so she deserved that... LOL!!!

TMinx, those people are SHARP, that's why they have those jobs PLUS they probably get commission for recommending in addition to what you initially ordered.

You are the one who has enough money to be swavved. *HISS*, He wouldn't have succeeded with me.

You are a real CASH MADAM!!!


Onada said...

LOL swavved well well. DOnt worry jo it will all pay off!!

Naijadude said...

I could imagine what you are talking about, and they come mostly when you are so vulnerable, where the chances of saying No is so slim. Atleast the guy dey give good offers eh! even though u dont need it, unless credit card comp. agrees with you anyways....

zainab said...

oooh...they gotchu GOOD! ya...u shud know better than to allow them to "persuade" you...but at least, u got stuff that u need.

Biodun said...

Ha ha, I have fallen for their trips too myself, that is their job I guess, but as long as the stuff u got in addition is useful, its all good

NaijaBloke said...

Pele .. I always psyche myself up anytime i know i have to deal with sales ppl ni o.I take like 5mins to shut down my adventurous mind and anything the sales person says is just like "Blah Blah Blah" and I keep telling myself to focus on what I called for only.

@Buki ..I know he wont have succeded with u now,cos if he did self na betrayal of ur Ijebuism be that o.LOL

NaijaBloke said...
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TaureanMinx said...

@anonymous, lemme catch u hotpink
@Buki, loll! whatever
@Onada, I'm sure it will
@Naijadude, im sure he smelt the Juviness
@Zainab, abi oh, thanks
@Biodun, i'll never fall for it again
@Naijabloke, ill try that ou next time.

Anonymous said...

Taurean...its one of those things...the equipment will eventually take your business to new heights so its not like its a waste...anyways...hope u r havin a fab holiday away from the lagos bustle///

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This comment was originally meant for Dilichi's page but I think it applies here too.

This is now extremely irritating. PLEASE CAN WE MOVE ON FROM THE REALGIST NONSENSE!!! No one cares anymore, let's move on. @Taureanminx please remove that post because no one should be encouraging those idiots malice. The people that were discussed must have moved on by now, so should we.

TaureanMinx said...

@anonymous 2, I'm sorry but im not going to delete my post because of a few lines of my thoughts on the site. Seeing as I didn't mention any names and it was only a passing comment, I don't see a problem with it.

I will have to apologise to anonymous 1 though cos of the names mentioned.

Anonymous said...

@taureanminx I meant delete the comment, sorry for the mix up. I can see you have done that already, I just felt that it was becoming much and they should leave the people alone

Anonymous said...

lol.. the guy na real telemarketer jare... I've done that in countless summer jobs... you have to upsell people and get some commision

but @ least you got a good 'deal' n get 2 take great picz

have a great wkend

Lee said...

Lol..Thats why they are Sales Rep, I swear some people are born with the skills.. Chai.
Sometimes Im prepared for them, sometimes not, but I can just imagine

Mari said...

LOL. pele TM, we've all been there and everytime you get swaved, u say to ureself... never again but after a couple of months or so history repeats itself.

Nonny said...

Hey Sista,

Just came across ur post...abt Bermuda
Do u still intend going to carribeen?

I could give u a way out

Holla ma side so i give ya some easy way out....cutetotalk at



nosa101 said...
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naijagal said...

hmm na wah i would have asked what extras are you offering with my purchase for free!

Mona said...

Hah! well you could get a refund hehe unless theyve swerved u out of that too!

nosa101 said...

See my mini madness, I posted rubbish and I did not know. Now i remember why I hate my laptop when i use messenger. On the subject of photography, have you seen "City of God". Some Brasillian movie about this kid that grows up in the favelas(hood) and wants to be a photographer. It was very good, you should see it if you haven't.

TaureanMinx said...

lol, Nosa. I was like what?? But now I know Nefe's story lol. Anyways I'll look for the movie! Thanks