Thursday, August 10, 2006


Wonders shall never cease! I have stumbled unto so many blogs and blogs of people I thought would never blog. We are more than we think.

So about the wedding pics..I shall put up a link very soon but for now you can check-out the Photoblog. It features to couple today. If you are not reading this today, you need to go to the photo archives for previous pics.

I'm getting so many calls for Photoshoots that I'm starting to get cold feet. What if they don't like the pics. What if something goes horribly wrong and all the pics come out blurry and they take them , roll them up and stone me to death with them. Whoooosaaaaaaaaaaaaa

My mum and her sisters love each other but when they meet up, the inevitable always happens...they quarrel!. Having 9 sisters is no small feat but where woman are gathered, hormones are present. They bicker then laugh then quarrel then laugh then shoot each other with automatic weapons. This 'love' is also extended to the rest of the nieces and nephews. Don't make a mistake or it will be remembered for years to come.

'TMinxs, pass me N2000, I will give you back when we get upstairs'
'Sorry aunty, I don't have cash on me'
'You never have cash, are you forgetting you are a grown up now. Don't be stingy with money. You have been working for a year now and I didn't even get the first salary you were meant to share. You are turning out to be tight fisted'
'Aunty it isn't my fault that this is a cash country, im not used to not being able to withdraw money when I need it. I hate carrying wads of money around..and about sharing the first salary, you were in Philadelphia!'.
'So what? Its just a token fee. Aunty Evelyn said she had to ask you before you gave her. As for the cash flow, well, this is Nigeria so get used to it'.

I forget about the episode and a few day later, I get a lecture from my mum.

'The aunties complained that you are selfish with money but its not difficult for you to ask for money from us'.

What theeeeee????? When did it get to that. After the story has been passed down a long line of people, it changes completely like chinese whispers. So you have to watch your every step, every move, every word.

At the wedding, the lady catering was in a mighty dark mood and looked extremely unapproachable. My mum was organising the servers at the food area so I told her to pass me a plate of food. Later that day KATA KATA BUST

'You treat her like a child. Sister Helen said you got up from your seat to go get food for her. How will she grow up and get married like Isi when she is always being babied'

I have learnt to sort of remove myself when these kinds of conversations are going on, sort of like elevating myself to the spirit realm. They sure can get on one's nerves but its still all love.


LondonBuki said...

Family, you just gotta love 'em!

christabelle said...

my dear, u just enjoy them now, u see we r 6 of us girls at home, I remember when we were growing up,it was always like that, laugh this minute, quarell the next, now all my big sis are married and I MISS them like hell, infact sometimes I cry out of loneliness and the worst part is I cant get close to them like b/4, damn it their husbands r always first.poor me.

tell u what, ur family sounds sooo interesting! LOL!!

Mari said...

thank you. i now know am not alone. there's just no pleasing them.

Anonymous said...

lol .... that's what aunties do.

CoolDigest said...

lol... families, can't live with them, and can't live without them! one of the many dramas of life... lol

you never respond to my email oh! Bambuddha Lounge Bar & Restaurant needs your service. Holla so I can hook you up sharp-sharp. don't get cold feet on me now :-D

no sells you better than confidence.

give me a buzz before Saturday. holla!! and blog on!!!

CoolDigest said...

I actually meant "Nothing Sells you better than Confidence"... damn keyboard!!!


Dimples said...

Thank God i use to think it was a Yoruba thing...quite encouraging to know that it's a Naija thing...Phew!!!

zaiprincesa said...

lol.i feel didnt pick em' though, God you have no choice but to love em....even with all their extra we re..(madness)

Onada said...

i think you should definately do the photo shoot thing. as in in you have cold feet charge them a random fee and if the pictures arent great at least they wont have too much to complain about. After all, practice makes perfect.

tell me about those aunties. hilarious. you cant live with family and you cant live without them!!!

Oz said...

LOL...but of course...those your viprous aunties..i dont know why u stil lhavent learnt to stand up to them...i give them as GOOD as they

Belle said...

wowwow..those pics are BEAUTIFUL-- good job!

I sooo feel you on the cash tip.. i harldly ever carry cash either, and trust me my mother never lets me hear the end of it..

NaijaBloke said...

Tell me abt those families o.U think it is only u women that they pick on.Omo it has gotten to a stage that I dnot even pickup my phone again when I see their calls,if they have anything tangible to say they will leave a message,but some of them still get u sha.They will leave a message saying u shd call them back ASAP and by the time u call back thinking it is smth urgent,the story starts.

Like this weekend am going for my cousin's wedding in MD and I know am in for it,cos all my aunties and uncles will be there,even from Naija and those r the worse ones sef and am sure my mum would have arned them with enuff armoury to bombard me since she is not coming.

Nneka's world said...

Oh well that's family for you!
Yeah there are a lot of blogs out there and i going dizzy trying to keep up with them!

Have a nice weekend!

Mona said...

im telling u, u just gotta love em but yea that spiritual realm thing works or ull just be frustrated with life

Calabar Gal said...

yeah my dear, thats family for u!! love them or hate them!! either way, u still cant do without them!!! mine's the same mix of love, smiles, hugs and snide comments all in one dose!

Anonymous said...

Bloggers are really lonely.... Let me Taurus the earth god spice it up, where do you get the time to update all this stuff.