Monday, August 07, 2006

After the Wedding

The trip to Benin took us 6 hours! A 3 hour trip turned into 6. The roads are so bad because the rain practically washed the shabbily done work on the roads. Those things don't last more than a few months and we don't have the culture of maintenance in Nigeria. Anyways here is the story

The arrival

La familia who don't live here started arriving a week before. 7 aunts 4 cousins and my lil sis all prepared to leave for Benin Wednesday morning. They filled up two buses, 2 aunts in one with the luggage and the others in the second, and left at 9 am.

The accident

At 10 am we received a call from with my cousin screaming accident...down a ditch.....sob sob....and all I could from my mum (she picked up the call) was, 'its a lie!, armed robbers?, accident? Is everyone okay?', they went down a ditch????' The tears had already started flowing rapidly.

Apparently the two buses were driving in a convoy when a few cars in front of them had a terrible accident. The first bus skidded to a halt to avoid the accident while the second swerved off. A Peugeot behind the second bus was not aware of what had just happened and was still speeding so the couple slammed hard into the first bus (with the 2 aunts) and pushed it over the side.

The bus went down the side but was supported by tree branches as my aunts looked down to the river below. They eventually climbed back up the hill unscathed. It was another story for the couple in the 504 who flew out the car and sustained terrible injuries. Apparently the lady’s two legs were shattered and dangling. She and the guy were rushed to the hospital. I pray that they survived.

I thank God that everyone in my family was okay. We were so glad we had prayed before their departure.

The journey

Driving on the highway is very frustrating. There are police checkpoints every mile and they make very dumb requests. One asked for the receipt for the registration of the licence plate. Another group asked for C-caution and fire extinguishers. The most hilarious one was this dude who looked at the car documents and said…’Its expired!’ ‘Your insurance expired in March’. Of course we were quite shocked because knowing the way police like to extort citizens of this dear country, we make sure we don’t give them room to and seeing that it was a company car, we expected all the documents to be okay but apparently not. He opened up another page where a representative attested to the ownership of the car on behalf of the company and asked to see the representative. My mum and I were perplexed. ‘He’s not here’, my mum said. ‘I don’t even know who he is, he’s just a representative not the real owner’. ‘When he signed this, did you read it?’ the police guy asked?. My mum was really tired at this point, she came down to his level,‘You know what, I’m really tired, just tell me what you want and let us go, this journey has taken longer than it should have already and we still have a few hours to go. ‘Ehen mummy, that’s what you should have said since nowwwww. Just drop something for your boys’. We later found out that the insurance expires March 2007 which is why he held onto the document and wouldn’t let us read it.

The wedding

The wedding was fun. I was a hostess and the dress was quite lovely. My cousin and her husband couldn't stop staring at each other and holding hands. They looked so cute together.

Note to self: There will be no kids in my bridal train.

Some of the kids were so moody! Unbelievable. I will download the pics and will post some up on my Photoblog.

Like I said it was a family reunion, I don't think I slept a day without a headache and totally fagged out! So much commotion and noise but it was great! I took a friend along with me and I'm sure she thinks we Benin peeps are loud! I hope you had fun Steph.

All in all, I had a great time and ohhhhh...I caught the Bouquet!


LondonBuki said...

Terrible Accident! Terrible! That's the thing about making long journeys, you never know how the next driver is driving, how tired they are, etc. Thank God you and your family are fine. As for the couple, God be with them.

LOL@ the police in Nig, I can't wait to go and see how they are... lol!

Please send the pics quick quick! No time wasting abeg... LOL!!!

As for catching the bouquet... ummm...

Dimples said...

Thank God for journey mercies..Naija armed only prayer o.

I hear wedding bells!!! least there will be lots of pictures to look at.

Anonymous said...

OMG that was one heck of a rollercoaster! I thank God you and your family were not injured, and I pray that the other couple made it...
Can't wait to see the pictures!!!!!

Onada said...

THANK GOD you and your family are safe!

So you are getting marrried next!! lol definately no kids at my wedding they make too much noise! looking forward to checking out the pictures.

i remember last yr i was going to Ibillio - my mums home town in edo state for a visit and we got pulled over at a police check point. as the police officer questioned the driver i sat staring out of the backseat window with an ice cream thing in my mouth. Perhaps as we were about to drive off the policeman snatched my ice cream and put it in his mouth saying "You no fit offer". i was dumbfounded!

Biodun said...

Wow, glad everything worked out in the end. Lol @ d comment about kids n u caught the bouquet!!! great!!

didi said...

hey,thank God everthing went well.
i pray the couple survived.
so u next?
onada tell me u r joking.

NaijaBloke said...

Thank God that u and ur family r aiight.
I guess there is nuthn that u can say abt Nigerian Police that has not been sd ..and Onada like did said ..thatz a joke right?

DiAmOnD hawk said...

@Onada are you serious?'s some serious stuff right there

Thank God for your family's lives...the power of prayer should never be underestimated no matter how short.

Onada said...

NO joke. i'm serious. i couldnt talk for like a minute and then my mum and i burst out laughing.

Bella Naija said...

Thank God you got back safely. Travelling in Nigeria by road or air requires divine guidiance for real.
wow! u caught the bouquet....hmmmmm

TaureanMinx said...

@londonbuki, the pics are coming!
@dimples, wedding bells? Where? lol
@belle, I hope they did too
@onada, thats freaking hilarious. Ewwwww!
@biodun, im serious oh, no kids
@didi, apparently!
@naijabloke, thanks.
@diamondhawk, thanks oh.
prayer works.
@bella naija, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

christabelle said...

ur such a good story teller, muahhhh! I didnt blink untill I finished reading, thk God u were not hurt, that was a bad accident there. Naija roads r something else and what abt Naija police, abeg cut throat jare. hehehe! thats Naija 4 u, our dear old country, no be so?

Did I hear u say u dnt want kids at ur wedding, aw! thats a pity, me I love kids and would def want them in mine, they hv a way of bringing some measure of colour in it, but I agree with u there, they get tired easily, especially when the initial excitement wears off,

ha u caught the b/q, gr8, so wedding bells soon.

Bent out of shape said...

Wow, I'm so glad that your family is ok!!! Scary, huh? Sheesh.

You had me cracking up with the whole police checkpoint bit... He actually asked for the receipt of the registration of the license plate? WOW! (I don't know why, but that just irritates/shocks/amazes/annoys/scares/amuses the heck out of me...)

Wait, so you caught the bouquet?... lol.. I demand to be invited to your wedding!.:-)

CoolDigest said...

heyaa! Thank Goodness U & Ur familia are ok. Our Niaja roads and their drivers!!!

those police(pesky bunch), it's like they sit everyday and say "how do we come up with new and improve extortion method...?". their drama just never ends, sometimes funny, most times annoying.

lol. so you got the bouquet.

glad u had a nice time...


CoolDigest said...

hi Girl, I just sent you an email. please get back to me on 08027801887 over a secure line please... very important (kiding -lol).. but call, I got someone that requires ur service (a joint on the Island)



Mona said...

How scary...thank God oh just thank God for your family's safety....hmmm all in all...nice to see it was enjoyable :o)


Mona said...

do u hav any recipes btw?

Nirah said...

Oh damn. It's a miracle you guys are okay.

At my country, these kind of accidents are almost normal. Sad thing.

Anonymous said...

ROFLMAO@ Onada! Daaaaaaaaaaang!!

Calabar Gal said...

Thank God u guys were unhurt. I pray the other couple recovered fully. The state of roads in naija is a different story altogether!!!
As for the police, they are unbeliveable and always come up with new surprises daily. They actually stopped the car my man was in on the mainland and asked him to come down and identify himself that they were conducting a stop and search of all cars in lagos. Of course we all know what they want...............

Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaah!!! U caught the bouquet!!! Another wedding website coming up sooner than we think..........!!!!!