Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday Blues

I was woken up this morning by a loud BANG. Looking out from the balcony...well the glass door leading to the balcony which has been locked since as far back as I can remember when my younger bro caused commotion by holding on to the railings insisting 'I'm going to jump' after being scolded by my mother. At that that time, seeing his little hand clutching tightly to the railings for his dear life, I thought to myself, 'jump sucker, blackmailer oshi' lol. Till this day my mum says 'that boy has mind'.....anyway I digress. A couple of Nepa workers were on a ladder tweaking the NEPA line in in front of our neighbours house. In this day and age NEPA still sends the boys to cut down lines of customers who may have missed payments or have outstanding issues. Once payment is made, you have to bribe them to come back with their ladder to reconnect the line. Its extremely dangerous because of the high voltage and I almost expected some poor sucker to be convulsing on the ground close to death. It’s also sad cos the lines end up looking so ugly and rough. When are the cables going to go underground?

Low threw a bash on Sunday for her birthday which is today....happy birthday boo, love youuu....I'm proud to say I made carrot cake from scratch and it was finished by the sweet toothed guest on the spot. Thank you, thank you, no pictures please. We had a great time and there’s a trend going on at house parties now...Musical chairs, dancing statue and dancing competitions…you would think we were 10 again but we had so much fun fooling around.

I know I always promise to upload pics but will get these to you pronto. Look out on Wednesday but for now, check out the Photoblog. I'm working on making peeps look the way front page models on a magazine do.

How was your weekend. Did anyone get up to anything interesting?


Mona said...

FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A WHILE I DID ALMOST NOTHING all weekend....can u imagine? I felt a bit useless but drove down the road with my friend on sunday morning to grab some fudge cake n icecream didnt even go to church...well there was no church yesterday was an annual picnic

Think the weather deterred me off theentire weekend, couldnt even do my nails as i planned...BACK TO RAINY DAYZ

So what exactly was the loud bang and i thought they were privatising NEPA? Who bought it?

Happy bday low...

p.s. oh i got my licence this wkend finally, i passed hallelujah, its abt bloody time

Mona said...

i meant i went out sunday evening* btw hehe oops heheh :P not that bad

TaureanMinx said...

Hi Mona! Congrats! You know theres nothing like passing a driving test in this Lagos..sad but funny. The loud bang was some Nepa lines touching or something while the guys were messig with it.

LondonBuki said...

LOL@ the Nepa guys physically cutting the lines!!! Unbelievable!!!

I ate like a pig this weekend.... that's about it.

Congrats Mona, I passed my test after my THIRD attempt.

Biodun said...

I want carrot cake!!, lol its my favorite cake, anyways glad u had fun this weekend, partied a lot this weekend.

TaureanMinx said...

@ Dury, I know right?
@ Biodun, then you would have loooved this. You should try it, the recipes online are quite good.

Onada said...

Please give me that recipie for the carrot cake!! lol

Bella Naija said...

glad u guys had fun....our leo birthday parties r always d best :) cutting the electrical wire everytime someone doesnt pay a bill is simply deep! only in naija o!~

zaiprincesa said... chairs, dancing competition??..reminds me of my 10 year old bday parrryyy!!...but sounds like you had a blast. I miss naija oh...*sniff* that one in yankee and pple will start formin..looking at you like u don lost ur mind...:(....when they know deep inside they want to join in the

Onya Baquebeich said...

so what was the loud bang?

NaijaBloke said...

So NEPA still dey carry ladder abt...I thot they got better after the name changed ... Like I always say ..only God is protecting ppl in Nigeria,cos with all that voltage .. someone will still get electrocuted and still survive sef.

TaureanMinx said...

@onada, try Cia's carrot cake
@bella naija,tell me about it!
@zai, don't mind the posers, trust me its the same here but we seem to have thrown caution to the wind lately
@ai'hammed, probably electric wires touching but no one seemed hurt or even alarmed
@naijabloke, only the name chaged oh

Dimples said...

Peeps have you forgotten that NEPA stands for NEVER EXPECT POWER ALWAYS.....Only God can intercede men

Very weird in God's name can people in Naija be having more fun that those of us in this dry Jand...anyhow my weekend consisted of moving to my new flat and watching the footie on tv...GET IN THERE!!!!...come next week a reason to stay home at the weekend...yes!!!! :)

Mona congrats oh!!!...i take it that means i can park my car at home now and u can drive us up and down??? :)

Dilch said...

Na Wah oh!! How can Nepa be cutting lines because people don't pay their bills, when they only supply light like half the time. I can't believe the hypocricy.

Ms. May said...

Hey girl. Long time. I wasn't sure it was you since na just eye you dey show:). After I read about Low's bday party, I called her and she confirmed. By now, I'm sure you're wondering who da hell is this? Mayowa...we met earlier this year when I came home. We hung out at "the mall" with Lola and my sis Mimi. Love your blog o! Keep it coming.

christabelle said...

NEPA ke, Power Holding abi u remember again?

Well thats Naija 4 u, anything is possible.

TaureanMinx said...

@dimples, Nigeria has its very good days, only if everything else was a sgood as the first world, this country ould be HOT!
@dilch, its so irritating,..the bills are never proportionate to the amount of electricity provided anyways
@Ms May, course I remember hanging out. Great to hear from you. Thanks :)
@Christabelle, its all the same jo! lol

UnNaked Soul said...

after reading this bit, I just remembered that I have my NEPA bill in my bag with the money, and it has been there in the last 5days! How can I forget? Before dem go come do what they know best!

Did the Government privatise the thing to the Government? Cause I can't see the difference. lol

They call them PHCN (Power Holding Somthing Something) They hold the power and you can't do Jack... Talking abot Jack, has anyone got last season of 24?