Thursday, April 06, 2006

Twice As Nice

I've missed blogging so much that I'm going to blog twice today! Woo hooo.

So I was gone to sunny, warm, extremely exciting (now use what you learned in primary 1, words and opposite, thin..fat....big..small..etc and apply that to the past words) London. I was happy to see all my friends but boy did I long to return to Nigeria! Who would have thought that I would miss this hot, frustrating and totally unsafe country?

I had a few surprises on my return.

On the way back home on Eko bridge, I noticed the top eight floors of the Nigerian Industrial Development Bank building in the Marina had collapsed! I was too shocked. Apparently the floors had been burnt down before and the place was just a disaster waiting to happen but people still went to work there...There was a stay home order during the Census period, but a few people still went to work and apparently 24 of the 25 trapped were rescued. I don't know how people can be made to take such risks. The day before yesterday there was a burst fuel pipeline and you should have seen the masses of people running with their kegs to get some. The Po Po were there with their guns but really u don't want to spark the place up. They probably told someone to get some for them. Is it that bad??

YES I WASN'T COUNTED...moving on

Big brother is HEATING up!! People are coupling and kissing everywhere, Chinedu and Joan (Chinedu was evicted last week), Maureen and Gideon, Ebuka and Fransica, Frank seems to be 'toasting' Helen even though he proposed to his girlfriend on air. Its mad.

Gideon feels like a casanova....Yesterday he told Maureen after starring into her eyes for about 5 mins (she was lying on the sofa and he sat looking down at her), stop breathing fast and kiss me. Just like those romance novels i used to read, sigh. Then they started a snogging fest. My mum said 'Ibiekana sakan gbe' translated as kids of nowadays are spoilt. Hmmmmmm, I wonder where I came from...

Checkout Big Brother Nigeria

What else happened while I was away......oh, I missed the total eclipse of the sun darnitttt but I got to see the video footage.

The office thought I had gone MIA because I had not notified them although the necessary people (i.e my boss) were told and could have informed them, but why not just make life difficult for little old me. I had to come and answer to distress emails needing my attention. How can I be the only one in my department!!!!!! I have asked for assistance to no avail. Maybe this will teach them.

Okay thats it....I'll be back.


Onada said...

Men..this big brother sounds juicy! tape it for me now :)