Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Monkey Come Monkey GO

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I began officially driving to work yesterday. I got up at 6.15, showered, got dressed and left the house at 7. I got to Eko Bridge at 7.15, saw the hideous traffic and turned back home, had breakfast watched Big Brother and left the house at 8.30 and got to work at 9.10.

Traffic is crazy in the mornings, it's not even a joke. So today I left the house at 6.30 and got to work at 7.30. There was still traffic but definitely not as bad as the day before and Dan Foster from Cool Fm kept me entertained on the radio.

Getting to work at 7.30 is way too early for me ( I officialy start by 9. My official time that is) but there’s no other choice except I want to sit through traffic for two hours. I guess the good thing is that I can leave before 5 and beat the traffic going back home as well. This is a shout-out to T Abdul who finally taught me the unclutch-accelerate routine when everyone else seemed to be yarning balls.

Four housemates are up for eviction this Sunday..Joe, Ebuka, Ify and Frank!! I’m sure Ebuka can't even believe it. Fine boy of the house who is constantly giving mixed signals to Franca and snuggling up with Helen while my poor baby Franca has to take it like a G. She has tried using all her feminine wiles but Ebuka is not into her, he's into her once best friend Helen who also in into Ebuka but feels guilty cos her once best friend has professed undying love all over the place, virtually making a fool of herself in front of Africa. Boys eh? A few weeks ago he told Franca he couldn't share a bed cos it was too small but he was happy to share it with Helen. Why do they lieeeee? Beware if a guy tells you he doesn't usually do stuff cos he will sure as hell do it with someone he's into. You know why? HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU.


LondonBuki said...

Do I sense some bitterness here? "HE'S NOT THAT INTO YOU!!!" ???

Please TMinx, drive safely. Make sure your doors are locked and secure!!!

U were at work at 7.30??? My dear, I woke up at 7.45 today!!!!

Onada said...

LOL. Boys suck. you got it right girl!!!! Like Londonbuki said drive safely, you know how those psycho molue drivers can be. I'd suggest you carry a koboko in your car for those unexpected days LOL.

Biodun said...

"He's not that into you" I remember that book...d guy came on oprah or somethin but yeah...I totally agree with u on that about guys

Kunle.... said...

Lol, I wish I can get to watch big brother here. It's seems quite entertaining.

Ps- I actually bought that book!