Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Letter To My Younger Self

Hello You,

Its a strange world isn't it?

You have to remember that you are stronger than you think. You have a will a strong as a rock and it can get you where you want to be so don't shy away from difficulties, use the opportunity to learn and grow.

Draw closer to God, he'll be there when you need him. Just call on him.

There's no need to endlessly do 'nice' things to make your friends like you. They really aren't your friends if they don't like you just as you are. Ditch those types, the earlier the better.

Don't be pressured into being like everyone else. Success should only be measured by your terms and not anyone else's. Not having a boyfriend, sex, or a drama filled life does not mean you are weird. But also give those good guys a chance, at least hear what they have to say.

Don't leave your work till the last minute. Get a diary, get a planner, read your notes every evening and you'll remember during exams.

Don't hesitate to ask advice or to take chances. If you fail, well at least you tried. What's the good of asking 'What if'?

Use your own hair products, Kera Care preferrably, not those mass produced things in the Salon.

Don't be so critical of your younger ones, you were once like them and you were tolorated by the family.

Excersice to keep healthy. This will benefit the older you.

Sometimes you may feel alone but guess what? I love you.



LondonBuki said...

hahahaha!!! Use your own hair products?!?!? I know what you mean!!!!

Nice letter... Yeah, your friends should love you just the way you are.

Loadsa Love

x x x

Nneka's World said...

Nice, very nice.

I wish i knew what i know now back then, maybe i would have turned out different.

Loving your letter

so-obscure said...

...I was made to understand a long time ago that the best advice you can get,is to apply what you tell others to yourself...and it takes alot of exertion to do just that.

2undeh said... is eko ile?

You are right about hi5. Some of the lines we men come up with to step to a girl is hilarious. Some of dem are not repping rara.

Feyikogbon said...

Since I only got one life to live, God forgive me for my sins
Let me make it and I'll never steal again, or deal again
My only friend is my misery
Wantin revenge for the agony they did to me
See my life ain't promised but it'll sure get better
Hope you understand my love letter, to my unborn child
Tupac Shakur (RIP)