Tuesday, March 14, 2006


At work....

Don't take your phone calls in my cubicle, you have yours

Don't pick up things from my desk feigning interest and asking questions especially as you see I am busy

Don't tap on the glass to get my attention to say hi each time you pass by....Yes I was ignoring you

Don't ask for my stapler each time you print, go to your desk and use yours

Don’t bring something to scan with the excuse that I’m already scanning, when I graduate to being secretary you will be the first to know!

Don’t come round and look at my screen to see what I’m concentrating so hard on, for Pete’s sake, I may be blogging about you!

Don't ask a question to which you already have an answer and refuse any contradiction

Don't send stupid forwards

Don't freeze us to death

Don't expect me to stay while you all go on leave

Don’t ask me where I’ve been if you are not paying my salary

Don't audit me, I dislike auditors! Such a pain!



Onada said...

OMG i need to read this ALOUD to the people here at my client site. LOL

Nneka's World said...

Atleast you have a cubicle, mine is an open plan, so anybody can come to your desk and watch you type, drink or do anything

Biodun said...

this should go on my cubicle 4 real...better yet passed around d office