Monday, August 04, 2008


I've seen a few of these shows and I think these guys are defintely getting better and better. I wish them luck. Its a variety entertainment show hosted by two Nigerian guys Toks and Wale and features Nigerian entertainment mostly in the US, with different segments. They are currently in Season 2 and you can catch up on the previous episodes on youtube. Watch out for a friend of mine, Yuwa of Sorrela on 'my diggs'. You can join her facebook group and purchase her lovely affordable purses.

Heres the facebook group description for Your Access

Your Access is a monthly variety show that airs on ToksTv (, focused on Entertainment.

Producer & Creative Director - Toks Akisanya
Co-Producer - Steve Eguasa
Host & Producer - Yemi Akisanya
Host - Wole Odulate
Contributing Writer - Shola Odulate
Contributing Writer - Sade Akisanya
Music provided by - Chyke 'DJ FineBoy' Igwe

Season 2- Episode 2


Afrobabe said...

You didn't tell us what the show is about...

TMinx said...

But Sisi Afrobabe, they described it in the description but i'll add a few more comments.

Naapali said...

looks interesting but I am always concerned when Naija's funkerize the pronunciation of Naija names especially when their audience is other Naijas.

TMinx said...

Lol @ naapali, I'm with you 100%, I'm not sure who their intended audience is but even if they were not Nigerian I agree that there are some things that 'Fone' shouldn't be able to touch. I looked past that though.

Yuwa said...

"Can u take picture" lollllllllllllll!!!!!

Vera Ezimora said...

lol @ ur comment. They described it in te description. hahahaa.
Make I go watch am...

omohemi Benson said...

I love your new template.

Super fab!

kay-shawn said...

My first time here. Read your wonderful comment on Standtall's post on Adam & Eve and thought I should come and pay my respects. My faith has been restored that there are still people out there who know their scriptures.

TMinx said...

@yuwa, yes you caannnnn lol
@vera lol, yes i noticed that too
@Omohemi, thanks to the template designers :)
@kay-shawn, that makes me really happy...and I'm a she :)

Africamars TV said...

It's a very interesting show, plus its funny. you can watch it on my site, I made a page for them Nigerian variety TV show