Friday, August 01, 2008

14 days and counting!

I'm so excited, my program is drawing to a close! I'll finally be back in my beautiful country. I'm truly tired of living a nomad life. The funny thing is I know God has lots of plans for me so I'm just going to see where he leads me next.

The business plan is really shaping up. I hope to launch the business in December/January...God willing. I'll let you guys in on the developments once I am done with the plan and have some funding lol. Let’s not jinx it now.

Bella Naija blogged about Dragons Den Nigeria. There is a dedicated blog which highlights the events which occurred during the show. I have not laughed so hard in a long time. Maybe it’s the way the blogger writes or the actual Entrepreneurs themselves. Some pitches were truly not thought out properly or outright senseless. But then I sat back to think about it and I had to give them props for even thinking up an idea and wanting to try to implement it (albeit on national TV). It’s better than not thinking at all. At least they can use the feedback they got to try and improve on the business plan or it might have given them new ideas on another business.

I also found another entrepreneur running, a bookstore for books in the genre of Personal Development. He also has a blog...Nigerian Book Seller. I'm not sure how profitable his business is considering these books are sold on the streets and in many bookstores in Lagos. I do know that Nigerians read more personal development books than any other genre...although the reading culture isn't really great. I would really like to discuss his business with him but he hasn't posted any blogs in a while. Once I get a hold of him, I will let you guys know.

It’s the weekend, and I'm going with my colleague and my camera to the mountains. There are two weekend options in Romania...the mountains or the seaside. I've done the seaside so I'm glad I'm getting to go to the mountains before I leave. Pictures next week.

Have a great weekend.


Tminx signing out.

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LondonBuki said...

Yay for you :-)

(x 1000000 times)

Afrobabe said...

Yipeeeeeeee...this new profile worked...

lol @ the dragons den blog, I watched some the other day and had a good laugh but yes I guess it will prepare them for their next pitch...

Wish you loads of luck on ur biz plan...maybe we will see you in the den????

Writefreak said...

Will be looking out for when you start the business..

ps: i don't seem to understand the comment on my meme...can you expatiate, i think it's my slow day! lol

TMinx said...

@buki, thank ye!
@afrobabe, yayyyy! Lol
@writefreak, thanks...actually ignore my comment. I'm the slow one today

Writefreak said...

Lol TMinx!

OluwaDee said...

Can I have d link 2 d blog on Dragon's den.

All the best in ur business plan n skull.

Awaiting pix 4rm d mountain.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the drive towards entrepreneurship.If you can, get a copy of the business toolkit which was produced by a figment of imagination in conjunction with Alder Consulting.

I bought mine at Nu Metro and its been invaluable and it really helped improve my business plan and secure funding. It is quite expensive though but it really helped me and you can flip through copies of it at Nu Metro to decide if you will invest in it or not.

geishasong said...

i didn't know there was a dragons den nigeria! when did it happen??

good luck with ur business plan. i should jus up and try to write one meself- if only to get a better feel for this thing i dream to do. *sigh*

oh btw, this is me- moved. click to read me :)

TMinx said...

@writefreak, yeah lol
@oluwadee, yiou can see it on my blog, its white but bold..I'll drop the link in your comments
@anonymous, I'll be sure to check it out although I have actually had a business plan project but that was a while back, any information is valuable. Thanks
@geisha, lol all this movement, what are you hiding?

Woomie O! said...

Your page has changed (+) since the last time I was here.

I was upset that BabaAlaye left us...

Congrats minx!!!

Doja said...

I took a look at your pictures, they are really good.

Anonymous said...


Lee said...

Best Wishes and hang in there :) You inspire me :)

Bella Naija said...

I love your new blog template!!
I must have been dullin cause I've just spotted it
All the best wit your biz, am at yje baby stages of mine and am already feeling slightly overwhelmed. God will help us!

TMinx said...

@woomie o, hope you like it!
@doja, thanks for taking time to visit my photoblog and glad you liked it
@anonymous, no lol, signing out of that post
@Lee, thats a very nice thing to say :) thanks
@bella, thanks! Goodluck with yours, I hope I can even get mine off the ground. Gods will abi.