Wednesday, July 16, 2008


This is my looks neat right. Well you are in for a rude shock. Every morning I look at my hair an I know I cannot be caught dead in Nigeria walking around with these braids on my head. It costs N1500 near my house to get beautiful braids done by some girls from Benin (not Benin City, Benin the country). My aunt did her hair there once...million braids...for N3000. On a side note, a few words in their language sounds like my mothers mother tongue (Bini, Edo)...anyway, yes N1500 and thats with the hair and all. So there is absolutely no excuse to be carrying two month old (or more) braids in Nigeria.

This is another picture. I carry it around like this on most days. Packed up and out of my face. Braids have been a saving grace because I don't have to worry about my hair in the morning, just shower and dress up, voila, I'm done. So anyway as I was saying, it looks pretty good in this picture too right? I went to dinner with a british lady yesterday who said she ABSOLUTELY ADORES my hair. I was a bit shocked because I'm not sure she was talking about the same hair I was seeing in the mirror. Then I remembered she must be used to seeing old braids in London (no offence london 'pipo' (I hate that word) but some girls can be crowned old braid queens).

Get ready

Get Steady

Look at this

Every morning, I look in the mirror and sigh. Disgraceful. To take it off would be even more of a challenge so I just have to wait till I leave a few weeks so don't be scared.

PS I wash it oh!


The end.


Eniola said...

at least it looks clean lol!!! come home quick!!

LondonBuki said...


Thank God you wash it :-)

Thanks for dissing us in London (me I don't do braids so I don't care, lol) but it costs at least £50 to do braids plus the hair... that's like ummm like N12,000 so sharrap!

Maybe the Brit lady thought the hair showing at the bottom was part of the look? Funny thing is - your hair never looks as bad as you think.


Chika said...

What do u mean...we dey try for london oh.dont try my hair.i mean its only about 6 weeks and its not that wait to take it out tho...I'll b in naija in 2 weeks and the very reason i look forward to it is so i can make proper braids...I feel u jare.naija is the place!

Anonymous said...

LOL you gotta take it out SOON

Lee said...

LOL.. at least it looks clean..I feel that way sometimes..

bumight said...

two months is indeed pushing it!, but at least it looks clean!

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

lol.. funny post. Yeap some people have been known to carry braids for 6months. Some hair salon cost as much as 150pounds. lol.

archiwiz said...

LOL...From the side and back the hair looks very fine ohh... But the front...mmm...I understand well well. In Naija I used to carry hair for 2 weeks... 3 weeks max if I hadn't decided on what to change it to, now in America I'm taking 2 months+ to change braids and 6 weeks to change weaves...Hmm I don suffer.

Uzo said...

In Romania? Madam..Haba oh

Writefreak said...

Thank God you wash it, i hope you have left Romania now! lol

Shubby Doo said...

Live in uk but will only have braids done in 9ja. Got some small braids in now but as usual i left on longer than i should have. You're in romania...the condition of your roots is expected! U should see mine!